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  1. I have asked for my montecarlo account to be deleted, I have played this game as the number 6 Beta Tester since before live till sunset and now to EMU live, (and without offending anyone it's getting boring to me) so I'm moving on to other games. I know some of you will be very glad to see me go, and I can't blame you. To my friends It's been a real pleasure knowing you. I would like to say I'k sorry for anyone I have offended. So (GOOD BYE) Earth and Beyond and one other thing knock em dead out their guys. When ya see a lvl 60 drone in BBW kill one for me please.. I'll be one Sokti Pleasure Moon !!
  2. hamsters will be back soon. ( I Hope )
  3. I would like to report that I to crash when entering or leaving a station , here are some Earth station, Ymir, Joves and also at some gates like akron's either end, just to name a few and like the post above me i do wait a few seconds. And have a nice Thanksgiving.
  4. Was a Beta tester before live, and played in live also on Orion server. Played a JE named MeepMeep. played till sunset.
  5. Going live on my B-day ( sniff-sniff ) Thank You guys what a present, couldn't ask for better.
  6. That was a good show tonight at F 7 , I really liked that. The planet eater's we're something I didn't expect and the art work was very nice. Good work Dev's .
  7. Sorry will never post another thing again.
  8. About this holloween party on server, I have thought long and hard about it and this is what I have concluded : 1. It was diff and cool 2. the sad part is everyone didn't get an equal chance. 3. to the Dev's and others you do fantastic work 4. I will not quit the game i been at it since 1999 as a beta tester Now for the good part your going to hate: No one will infringe on my freedom of speech ! anywhere in this world. period And if i have an opinion you should not jump on me about it but in a calm matter ask why I have that opinion and I will explain, I have done many things for my country and am proud to live free in it. And Terrell I forgive you and apollgy excepted, And I to am sorry. I was a beta tester for this game in 99 and also have a single player version hehe didn't know about that did you guys ? Say what you will about this but in my heart I know i'm right. And please have a pleasent day or night.
  9. I give up people just cant read I guess, I'm done hope this turns in to a good game.
  10. Guys I'm not putting anyone down, and I applaud the effort these guys are doing, It just seems that the mission would have been a lot simpler to code, than have a Dev sitting doing this stuff for all of us. But who ever did do this I raise my shield to you !!
  11. Would you like me to stop playing the game ? I meant no offence It was just sad to me. those that didnt get a chunker will be pumbled by those who did hehe I was a beta tester before live beta #6
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