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  1. I have tried several times, including using Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge to use the resync email address link on the portal. I have also tried it using different ISPs. As far as I can tell, it does not work. If you cannot see all (or none) of your avatars at the left (avatar list), make sure you are using the correct forum account to login hereand that you have created a game account already. If you changed your forum mail-address lately you must resync your mail address here. Please click here(click) When I click on the link, the screen simply refreshes back to where it was, not opening a new dialogue or screen. Due to this, I am unable to use my game account vaults on the portal as I must resync them. Thanks for the help. Iacobus/Buranka
  2. Trying to get used to this new forum software. Using latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 but do not see file attached to original post. All I see is " [attachment=824:EnBTravelMate.ini" not the actual downloadable file. Am I missing something? I am logged in by the way . . .
  3. I have to agree with Stevinium.  I have little to no lag ever when I am playing.  I haven't cleaned my fans in awhile, though.  Hmmm....
  4. Do not know what priority this would be in the huge list you must already have, but, YES, please!   :w00t:
  5. We already have "off topic" channels available.   Please use the Out of Context channel for that.  Why do we need to redefine the purpose of the New Player chat channel when we already have General, Guild, Market, New Player, OOC (as above), and several role-playing specific channels?  I am not sure I see the point other than as a convenience for people unwilling to use the current channels properly.   Just my opinion....
  6. Wow!  Thanks loads for the walkthrough!
  7. Found Liu Leung's gold signet ring from the CL 20 RDs (ceremonial guards) at the end of the northern path in Tarsis.
  8. Thanks for checking Zackman.   :D   Yes, it says ceremonial guards and those along with the CL 16s are the ones that are not spawning at that nav.
  9. I did not see any CL 16 or CL 20 RDs spawn in the neighborhood of Slayton nav 6.  These are the ones that are "supposed" to drop the rings.  I am speaking about spawn rate.   I did mention getting one drop of Bai Leung's gold signet ring, but that came from a CL 23 RD, if I recall correctly, and not from any CL 16 or 20 as I did not see any of them spawn at all.
  10. Well, after spending about an hour warping around Slayton nav 6 area, killing every level RD i saw, and spawning no CL 16 or CL 20s, I gave up for the time being.  I did get one of the gold rings from a CL 23 but none of the other gold rings.  My experience agrees with Strettch's and I DID shoot everything in sight within a 20k radius around that nav, never seeing a single CL 16 or 20.   I am switching my search to the Tarsis area where I remember seeing these very RDs in the past.  I'll let you know if the rings drop there.   :P
  11. There is no accounting for some people.  I say put on ignore list.   ;)  
  12. Congratulations, Gramps!  I have two children who are old enough to help me with 'grampiness," but so far they don't seem interested.   :unsure:
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