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  1. Darkk we do not know each other , but your right this game has became a game of cry babies. I wish you would stay just to prove a fact that they cant run you off, your better than that and the immature ones dont deserve the right to win, all they will do is cry more.   So darkk please stay your needed here. i promise you all your hard work is not for nothing....   Too all that cry i would love to see you leave and never come back!!!!!!   Tazduro
  2. i enter my login and password and select toon then get to galaxy screen and it just stays there. any idea why it will not load??? thanks
  3. I know you have a lot going on, but any idea when this will be fixed?
  4. 18:50:50: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org) 18:50:50: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org) 18:50:51: Could not send HTTP request. Last Error : 12029 Description : Error Description Not Found 18:50:51: GetTicketSync(1) failed with IAUTHORIZE_BAD_CONNECTION. User : Tazduro Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org Code : INV-300 Text : EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300)
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