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  1. Cant log in

    Went to log in and it gave me the NV300, tried again and it let me in...... Wish everything fixed its self like that ......
  2. Cant log in

    "Server failed to respond to log in attempt" Havent changed anything in awhile, got the message yesterday and again today
  3. post is a month old and Im still gettin neg ratings wow
  4. Is there a cap to credits?

    There really isnt a need for credits, so I can see how they can pile up Myself I dont think I have more than 20 mill on any of my toons, most have less The only reason I have that is for gate fee to the PRS, and I think I have only done that once in the past year I miss those Sundays BL would run 3-4 of them
  5. Seems every time I make a post my neg number goes up one, at -3 for the week so far Doesnt bother me much but Ive noticed others getting the same thing The red neg's arent common here, and the recent wave caught my eye is all
  6. Is there one upset person or is something going on I haven't noticed? Usually that box is full of greens, now its all but one red
  7. Sorry, I forget my sarcasm isn't on par with the rest of the world My point was that none of the horrors foretold have come to the game
  8. Solo players are taking down the raids by multiboxing 7 Different guilds are fighting all the time over the triggers The game is no longer fun, all the chat is nothing but complaining about the triggers I haven't been able to get in a raid for months All these things and more were tossed around like rice at a Catholic wedding, they SWORE we would hate it if it happened The rotation is history, so where is all the doom and gloom ????? Sorry, it is time for the bi-monthly raid rant ......
  9. Registraion code problems

    Go to this thead It will show ya where to go and how to install There is no Reg Code =)
  10. Rebooting the economy

    There is no economy in this version of the game, nor do I see there ever being one. I do truly miss the market chat in live, it evolved into its own little aspect of the game. Now, however, there aren't only 3 with the print for that elusive item, everyone has it. Most people have their own builder, miner and fighter, if not several of each. If you want an economy, you would need to wipe the slate clean (loose half the player base due to it happening) Increase the rarity of non vender items, bump up the difficulty on mining, combat and trade runs, and limit players to 1 toon so they are in need of the economy. The economy is driven by wants and needs, If someone can do it all for themselves why wouldnt they? People here now with many toons did so cause they like the game and want to try each one out, max them out so to say In the process, they kill the economy
  11. PRS Time , Maker , cost

    Its been awhile since Ive been on in that time frame, but Woody was always willing if you had the numbers Just be set and ready with your choice so as to not take up to much of his time
  12. TT Raid Setup/Gear

    ANY Progen that cries about his shield needs to run over to team Jennie Wow 3 years old sry lol
  13. Dev interfering on raids

    Getting off topic guys...........
  14. Dev interfering on raids

    The Devs and other Staff have always been able to play in "The normal way" And I wouldn't have it any other way They are very aware of what is right and what is wrong and I have every confidence that all will be handled in the best way It has happened before, many years ago, and it was delt with
  15. Wasted Triggers !

    Why is everyone saying remove the rotation? Just get a group together and take down a trigger if it pops up Will a few yell and scream about it? Yep Are people yelling and screaming about the way it is now? Yep The ONE reason for keeping the rotation, that they bring up over and over and over is it will start a "war" But I ask to you all, who will fight in this war? There arent many of us left Lets play the game WITH EACH OTHER before there isnt anyone left to play with