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  1. Registraion code problems

    Go to this thead It will show ya where to go and how to install There is no Reg Code =)
  2. Rebooting the economy

    There is no economy in this version of the game, nor do I see there ever being one. I do truly miss the market chat in live, it evolved into its own little aspect of the game. Now, however, there aren't only 3 with the print for that elusive item, everyone has it. Most people have their own builder, miner and fighter, if not several of each. If you want an economy, you would need to wipe the slate clean (loose half the player base due to it happening) Increase the rarity of non vender items, bump up the difficulty on mining, combat and trade runs, and limit players to 1 toon so they are in need of the economy. The economy is driven by wants and needs, If someone can do it all for themselves why wouldnt they? People here now with many toons did so cause they like the game and want to try each one out, max them out so to say In the process, they kill the economy
  3. PRS Time , Maker , cost

    Its been awhile since Ive been on in that time frame, but Woody was always willing if you had the numbers Just be set and ready with your choice so as to not take up to much of his time
  4. TT Raid Setup/Gear

    ANY Progen that cries about his shield needs to run over to team Jennie Wow 3 years old sry lol
  5. Dev interfering on raids

    Getting off topic guys...........
  6. Dev interfering on raids

    The Devs and other Staff have always been able to play in "The normal way" And I wouldn't have it any other way They are very aware of what is right and what is wrong and I have every confidence that all will be handled in the best way It has happened before, many years ago, and it was delt with
  7. Wasted Triggers !

    Why is everyone saying remove the rotation? Just get a group together and take down a trigger if it pops up Will a few yell and scream about it? Yep Are people yelling and screaming about the way it is now? Yep The ONE reason for keeping the rotation, that they bring up over and over and over is it will start a "war" But I ask to you all, who will fight in this war? There arent many of us left Lets play the game WITH EACH OTHER before there isnt anyone left to play with
  8. Players Advocate Role

    Mouli, As a player, I 100% support his opinion Mouli, As a member of his guild, if he has been chosen to speak for them I 100% support that also On the matter of the rotation however, the Devs have stated many many times, they will have nothing to do with it, it is a player matter. No Dev involvement, the Adv has no place in the discussion If he changes to his login name that does not have the "ADV" logo on it 100% accept HIS point of view on the rotation Its a matter of Church and State
  9. Wasted Triggers !

    Why do you keep asking for the thread to be closed? Dont your powers extend to this area? We are having a discussion, join in and discuss, dont dictate, or dont reply
  10. Wasted Triggers !

    After some quick rethinking I have something else to add, but Im leaving my above rant up cause I do feel strongly about it At the time the rotation was put in place it was a good thing, and here is why I feel that way The server population was higher then and the Raids were NEW Everyone wanted the fancy new gear so they could feel good about themselves So like children they/we fought over the new toys Things are different now, there arent as many people, and those of us who are still here have those toys Granted only one of my toons has a skull shield, and Id like one for my other toons, But its not as important now as it was then Its not the same as it was then, we cannot set rules based on things that are no longer an issue If a trigger is due to spawn, odds are someone will be watching, if a group of Bob1-Bob2-Bob3-Bob4-Bob5-Bob6 takes down a trigger, odds are it will be mentioned, and delt with
  11. Wasted Triggers !

    Would it be possible to set the triggers to spawn at certain times, and change them weekly for each time zone? I know nothing of coding, so forgive me if this is an issue
  12. Wasted Triggers !

    You are correct, At that point in time, there was an issue, that was what, 3 years ago? How many of those players are still here? How does the current active server population compare to what it was then? At this point in time, If/When a trigger spawns,(Out of its predicted spawn time), there probably wouldn't be enough players in game to take it down. The Guilds plan a time of day when they have enough online to do the raid. Public does the raid when those on the US East coast have finished their dinner. Raids are a matter of convince and ownership They should be events that draw what is left of the community together As for my experience? 1 Year in live getting leveled up in Griss by Zach and company A few years in and out of the EMU as they tried to get it going, Several Char wipes I have been around, I have seen this place go thru several changes The rotation is an issue, its keeping the community apart when what we need is something to keep us together
  13. Wasted Triggers !

    Anyone else uneasy with those two statements?
  14. Wasted Triggers !

    Advocate is Player - Dev buffer nothing more
  15. As Advocate, your position is between Players and Devs Devs have made it 100% clear they have no involvement in the matter I see no reason for the ADV to have a place in the issue except as an individual player And Please do not delete my post as you have in the past