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  1. Well did the install in the following order. I think I updated the patch twice because I just hit return to every guestion asked by the game install..I did read them but had no better ideas then yes for most. So again did the following and all went well. I even used Searing an account I thought lost for 10 years and it pop'd up. It was lost in a crash but somehow after I left and was not around for those years...some DEV must have found/fixed it ...that was kinda nice. Anyway the steps below on full and 'fresh' install on an Alienware R14 Laptop with all the bells and whistles and Windows !0 with current patches. Steps again were: 1) Run the old original file eandb_demo.exe (let it chug awhile) 2) Then you install the file enb_up.exe (the upgrade patch) 3) Then the Net-7_Install.exe A 4) Then run the puppy and it will update itself. So it was pretty painless. My only suggestion is in the actual area on www.net-7.org where you downlooad this a 'brief' text file for newbies (I knew this) that (1) you can create characters in game as an option also you don't need to run character creator addon. (2) The proper order on above. I suspect I did NOT need to run (2) then enb_up.exe upgrade patch. It seems to me that running Net-7_install.exe did that as well. Worked fine but did not likely need that duplication of effort. Anyway a suggestion. Other than above review on an install after frigging what at least 7 years or so. All is well with EnB emulator on the new 1 year old Alienware Laptop. By the By the reason for the move: I got tired of Windows 10 on 3 machines so on a one a desktop and the old enb win 10 Toshiba p500 (10 years old) I put on Lubuntu 19.04 and will use them as a 5 min install to just run them for web pages for gmail etc. I got tired of all the anti-spyware and advanced system care and the croaks on 2x a year windows 10 updates (especially the 10 year old toshiba machine) Thus when I really need a windows 10 machine (like for enb) I will simply use the standing desk one of the Alienware laptop. Still a pain sometimes but hell, better than keeping 3 of these up..when the other 2 I mostly use for web based action anyway. As an FYI. later Brad
  2. Well found my old account. Seems I've been slapped down to 'member'...serves me right for not following the 'way' of EnB and its Zen like Project. Anyway, let me know how this Windows 10 thing works out, if as in above message. And I'll see if I can install it without blowing up my laptop nor the Server. (you laugh, ask some of the oldtimers of my antics) good to be back have time now 'retired' and bored out of my gord The game Server Avatar is fine an hunky dory..just been away from the forms. Folk can PM me on here if they wish and or post here on how the project is going...looks fine from my end of the forum later brad
  3. Had a guy on with a yahoo account could not get into net-7.org ...could not get a registragion email     had others try in game with new gmail account also had no luck with verification email   informed hgm and dgm and posted it here hopefully it is a quick tweak   this was 11pm 11/23/2013   Searing  
  4. er......different EA maybe       here is a link http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/electronic-arts-named-worst-company-america-again-170932002.html     anyhoo...consistency the hall mark of greatness     Searing
  5. Just fo a bit of context....I found the project in Spring of 1987 I think it was ..Evermore I think found the project around the same time. I (not being a programmer and not knowing any better) had saved all my files from beta test EnB original to the last nite in 2004 when orig EnB shut down....it was my hope that someday somehow somebody ..would program some small APP that I hoped would allow me to at least fly around in game on my own computer and reminisce at least about the 'lost' game Earth and Beyond   So doing a google search I found the EnB emulator project and "gasp" they had ...dare I dream...a "SINGLE PLAYER VERSION OF THE ACTUAL GAME' you could fly around in and use commands and actually do stuff....I was in heaven....   Then reading further on I saw they actually we're working on a SERVER......I was dumb founded...   So Jan 1st of 2008 I think it was the first Stress Test was up for the server and lots of folks tried it (it promptly died) but fun was had by all ....my computer tried to kill me (you can ask others about this they were in TS at the time ...a/c brick kept heating up and shorting out)...   So keep in mind we have gone from ST1 to LIVE in 5yrs almost exactly....the project in background mode was probably 2 or 3 years before that..there are inactive DEV's on this game who all they ever did was type stuff from prima guide and other sources into EXCEL spreadsheets...shudder     anyway consider the distance traveled and also the fact to the best of my knowledge this is by far the largest working MMORPG Free emulator project that has ever managed to actually hang together and work to get a a LIVE version....   most of these kinda pie in the sky naïve (sorry who ever thought we could do this was deluded ...I mean it worked but back in the day you the founders of this were deluded..no hard feelings but..really)   so play the game and to the best of my knowledge all the  people involved donating time and effort will try to keep it afloat....and free and the server up etc   but in case you have not figured it out yet ......THIS IS HARD......   i'll end it on that note   Searing
  6. naw i flushed everything i will revisit my skill re-installing the game.....er that always works well for me an the server right?   searing
  7. In case anyone is looking for me on nites for a bit...had  an issue with the last patch and have to do a re-install for the game and tools and what  not...i'll try to get it done sometime this weekend...if i can't get the modern win7 machine back to spec..i'll dig out the evil laptop from the attic and get on with that...   anyway at least i'm not Sick again.....anyway just so folks no if late nite is light on game masters this weekend that is whats up   my 2c worth   Searing      
  8. In case anyone is looking for me on nites for a bit...had  an issue with the last patch and have to do a re-install for the game and tools and what  not...i'll try to get it done sometime this weekend...if i can't get the modern win7 machine back to spec..i'll dig out the evil laptop from the attic and get on with that...   anyway at least i'm not Sick again.....anyway just so folks no if late nite is light on game masters this weekend that is whats up   my 2c worth   Searing      
  9.     yeah i had this happen 1 month or so ago...i was looking at some "artful pictures of the female body unclad" ..and FBI warning went up from the Monrypak  virus and I "swear" i dang near had a heart attack..in about 2 secs i recovered but it basically shouts "you are in violation etc" ...anyway this newer version of the monypak virus Avast could not clean it up ( even the newest version) it basically took down my Malywarebytes product (i had to reinstall)..spyware blaster it sailed on by.... I then did finally do a system restore and it worked ok...it was plenty evil little beasty...blasted thru all my anit-virus stuff i even downloaded AVG it also did not work..only thing that worked was the system restore...i'd just do that if practical and don't bother with wasting a day on the rest.....   my 2c worth Searing
  10. I have a 15 percent loss on 1500 hits...not sure what this node is 15 963 828 23 27 267 24 this was at around 11:45pm 2/15/2013       ok ...did a global trace via a map function it is ...........drum roll please...... Wichita Kansas   (we have found the problem it is Kansas.........)   anyway complete report below WinMTR statistics Host % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last 0 1501 1501 0 0 227 0 0 1501 1501 5 8 113 8 dtr01mnktmn-tge-0-0-1-2.mnkt.mn.charter.com 0 1501 1501 5 9 109 6 dtr01owtnmn-tge-0-1-1-0.owtn.mn.charter.com 1 1497 1496 6 9 100 8 crr01owtnmn-tge-0-0-0-10.owtn.mn.charter.com 0 1501 1501 6 10 109 10 crr01stcdmn-tge-0-3-0-3.stcd.mn.charter.com 0 1501 1501 13 22 118 25 bbr01stcdmn-bue-2.stcd.mn.charter.com 1 1497 1496 14 22 128 15 ip65-46-47-77.z47-46-65.customer.algx.net 0 1501 1501 14 19 119 16 vb1710.rar3.chicago-il.us.xo.net 1 1497 1496 24 31 254 28 15 963 828 23 27 267 24 1 1493 1491 24 30 225 25 te-2-4.bb-d.ws.mkc.us.oneandone.net 0 1501 1501 35 39 143 40 ae-105.bb-c.ws.mkc.us.oneandone.net 1 1497 1496 35 39 256 38 ae-11.bb-c.ms.mkc.us.oneandone.net 0 1501 1501 35 39 137 38 ae-10.bb-c.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net 1 1497 1496 35 39 259 38 ae-11.gw-distp-a.slr.lxa.oneandone.net 1 1497 1496 35 44 343 210 ae-1.gw-prtr-r4-1a.slr.lxa.oneandone.net 1 1497 1496 35 43 377 38 u15438806.onlinehome-server.com 5 1267 1208 35 43 312 39 anyway Searing
  11. you now have a goal...............get more........start a guild................   searing
  12. don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.....and I  assume when we do the content push which is on hold due to our server devs efforts to re-write code for the load problems you will do what all a***holes do after such rant filled posts ..go ....gee..its not set in stone and they tweaked/fixed stuff and limp into this FREE ....reincarnated game... with another toon name and play anyway....but i suspect you don't remember the 2002 games from the past ..they had a different play feel then you rember... imho .....perhaps you should move on to more 'modern flashy" games something to match your attention span.....and obvious egomania issues       Searing
  13.           unquote:     i played from work on a 56k modem till around Nov of 2012...then the place got broadband...(i had a free dial up account from when i was a tech for the place way back in 1996 or so....so the place got bought out by numerous corporations from a small town ISP to across the USA ..i had a friend Don Guse (Qazz) who has since passed away ..but he worked for Unisys/nNasa and said i was so buried in the "beast of the machine" thru the many mergers they'd never figure it out...they did kinda when i told them Nov 2012..that funny the dial up did not work ..er they had gotten rid of dial up network that month...(heh silly me thought it was broke did my duty as a tech and told them)  and they were by the by  wayt "who the heck are you and why do you have a tech service account on our corp/isp?)...anyway it went no farther then that...... i still have web email access to the place ...the dialup went away. they have no broadband in this area ......i assume the low level manager  types went ..heck he called in with what he thought was a legit tech problem ....(kinda the dialup network was shut down) ...so he thinks he is a tech for us for the free account since the birth of the web......er..do we really wanna tell the higher ups that he has had tech access to the network for the last 16yrs and we did not know about it ...thus said i think the little email web access i have with my tech tag is probably gonna be ok...heh   anyway back in the early ISP days everything was on a handsake i have  a large corp/phone co. Inet box line to my house cause on a handshake the guy who owned the ISP at the time had all his equip for his area in my house and my game/server bbs had ..i don't know T3 access back in the day when it was $2k a month not to mention his equip..things moved fast then..of course that was probably 15 corp sales ago and this guy is probably retired in Bermuda (after the sale to the big guys ..he seems to have had better places to go then southern minnesota)   so ...needless to say i still have the web part of my service account access....what the heck it is an email....( i imagine it would be hard for the corp minions in chicago to explain to the higher ups in new york ...er me....   anyway i digress   56k works really good on those days that anonymous is trying to hack google or large blizzards etc ...so when i had a lot of lag in game and everyone was yelling how much it sucks (usually no more then 2x a year this kinda thing) i'd log on the game with the dialup at 56k viola...no lag ..the modem was to slow to know...so no hic-ups at all ..i'd get on an tell everyone that i was playing lag free on my 56k modem and people generally were not amusused...alas my 16yr free dialup account is gone (er they were charging 26.95/m for dialup ...well even the sticks of southern minnesota that don't work anymore even we have broadband now)....so yeah if you have access to a dialup account thru a local univ or something it works great on those days that weather or other reasons there is a lot of lag   now what i really should do is drag out some even older computers i have load them up with hmmm...i think EnB could only run on win98 prob it could run on win95 and fire the beast up and see if i could get the game to launch   er hey guys just kidding ..boy them coder's are touchy...hey whats with the torches and pitchforks....   er gotta go   Searing splits
  14.     get on teamspeak 3 ....talk to staff or others....if nothing else we can bring Freak-Dev into this and he can do Teamviewer direct thru your computer   Searing
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