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  1. rodsmith3510

    Unable To Even Install The Enb Client Demo

    that's a known bug.  just hit continue let it finish and restart.  should work fine.
  2. rodsmith3510

    Perplexed and a bit sad

    Hey Darkk glad to see you back. at least in here. This was not your fault.  could say it's everyone's fault at least a little.  Those who went back and changed what you setup.  Those who whined to get them to do it. and so on.  Time to put it behind us and move on.
  3. rodsmith3510

    Who Put Him in Charge?

    OH MY GOD!  the universe is ENDING!     sorry Pakkrat!  i hadda do it!
  4. rodsmith3510

    The Big Picture

    what model of phone is that.  I'd like a pervert phone too!   :D
  5. rodsmith3510


    I'm with you Tazduro.  Me i love crybabies.  of course i thend to slap the shit out of them...so they have a REAL reason to cry!
  6. rodsmith3510

    Big thank you to the Net-7 staff

    Couldn't agree more!
  7. rodsmith3510

    Perplexed and a bit sad

    sorry but i'm with Zackman here.  while it is possible to disagree.  We don't need the name calling.  As for getting to the end game.  it's not a race.  i was in ST3 and 4 and have been back in new live since last may.  I still don't have a toon higher than 83 simply becasue i'm taking my time and playing all the professions and just enjoying the game.   The dev's have done an amazing job when you consider they had to recreate the server code from half forgotten memories and screenshots of how the client worked!   The fact that they have then gone on to add new sectors and content take it beyond the pale.
  8. rodsmith3510


    Same here sorry to see you quit Darkk.  Just hope it's the project and not the game itself.  Just sad it has to come to this.
  9. rodsmith3510

    Problem logging in / CTD / Server failed to respond

    ahh that's where it is.   was't sure where it was stated.  found it once on a thread here.
  10. rodsmith3510

    Problem logging in / CTD / Server failed to respond

    not sure where it's hidden.  But there is a enb widget for windows sidebar that shows the server status.  works great.
  11. rodsmith3510

    guys i seem to be having a problem

    congrats.  glad you made it.
  12. rodsmith3510

    guys i seem to be having a problem

    they what?  there is no charge for a windows service pack!  Unless you order a physical disk and then all your really paying is shipping and handling and cost of the disk..   Are you sure you were on the real microsoft updates website?    Still say your harddrive is infected and still messing with you.
  13. rodsmith3510

    guys i seem to be having a problem

    LOL one more reason to do a harddrive reformate and fresh install.   I stopped using Nortion a good 15 years ago when it infomred me my computer was infected but i was shit out of luck as it could not fix it.  After a reformat and reinstall trust me Norton did NOT go back in!
  14. rodsmith3510

    guys i seem to be having a problem

    how could you have a norton problem on a fresh install?   that makes no sense.  also hard to do a rollback on a fresh install.   this sounds like one of those few killer virsus.  The only way to remove them is to reformate the harddrive and start from scratch. since there is no anti-virus method existing to fix them.
  15. rodsmith3510

    guys i seem to be having a problem

    hmm i use AVG and don't have that problem.  Still sounds like you have a virus having fun in the background.  Might be one of the new ones the anti virus companys have not came up with a fix for yet.