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  1. See above from Moulinneuf August 7th, Warrior class excluded.
  2. Thanks Moulinneuf, explains my JD with the TT I have all the items, plus chitin bits faction at 3300 the only other thing i can think of is lv which is 58 atm. I'll lv up a bit and see how i go Thankyou
  3. Sry don't know on that problem, but i have a issue as well i cannot get alts linked with main using ENBplay. So when i fire main my alts won't respond, any help would be appreciated. Have tried starting different order, checked admin, although different with Win 10 64. Thanks
  4. Why won't Zeke talk to my TT or JD, i have the 4 required items, is faction or over all level a concern to start this quest ??
  5. Crashed docking, logged in established new char, wh to carp, crashed docking orsini
  6. Made first char- moved to Orrsini. Logged to new char screen went through process to create second char. Went to login and crashed now cannot start net7proxy.exe total time 10-15 min. Will try full restart after this.
  7. I'm avail anytime atm if you still need help
  8. Obtained 2 last week after trying for a week, just happened to be flying past after a couple server restarts, food for thought...
  9. I've had the same problem for over 12 months, finally got in after trying a few things from this topic. I'm using Fritzbox 7270 so following some of the ideas I've found on forums I lowered the line settings down 2 lv's, stopped IPV6 on both modem and wifi card. Hope this helps
  10. I played from beta to sunset as well, been on Emulator from start on and off to watch progress, Great Job Guys.
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