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  1. HeHe   Some one got the bug again !!!!!     Alk
  2. On Peggie   Alkemmi (JE)  - It was this game which gave me this spelling all those years ago Munitor (TT) Fyter (PW)
  3. Congratulations !!!   Just remember 2 years teaching them to speak , a lifetme trying to get them to stop !!   Alkemmi
  4. Also remember this emulator has 3 new class with support stories of their own, sectors that were never available in live. Alot of the end game content you are refering to wasn't even included at launch , the professional paid developers did it as they went eg, vrix, mordana etc etc There have been some code issues that have been a focus lately brought to the fore by higher demands but while I'm not allowed to tell secrets there is more content in the wings. While the stability issues have been getting ironed out , content dev's are being regularly beaten , I mean encouraged to get stuff ready.   Also if you have the skills  in coding , work can always be found for those willing to work, pay is unbelieveable you will be amazed how much you get to do for FREE !!!   Keep smiling Alk
  5. I was thinking seeing as your having sooooo much fun , would you like us to take a vote on having all your toons scrubbed back to 0, just so you can do it all again.   Oh just remembered your like me , we have started the same toons over and over  .............   My personal favorite is when a buddy finally got a print they were chasing only to have toons wiped 2 days later , after much swearing, he admitted "At least I know where to find the F####### thing". To which I said yes "In about 3-4 months you can" ..... yeah his reply wasn't pretty   Glad your still enjoying it   All the best   Alk
  6. Isn't your old account still there ??   We only had a level wipe , not a character wipe.   Might be worth checking   All the best   Alk
  7. Keep your head down. Stay safe.   All the best   Alk
  8. Good job on giving a timeline for the issue guys. This sort of dopey carry on from server can be a bugger to track down .... just glad its not me finding it !! Load up on junk food and sugery drinks , sleep is not an option. Its also possible that a server restart or nine may be necessary,  one would think while checking. I could be wrong, according to my misses that  happens all the time.   The under paid , doing the impossible , for the ungrateful with the nonexistant  !!!!!!   Kidding ......   All the best Alk
  9. Dear Arch   I'm can promise you that at lvl 30 ish , 50k is not hard to make. Go smash the living bejebus  out of the bugs in Saturn even if your CL 10 , its about making money plus you get some items you may want to print so while your CL  will not leap up , have an alt with you to trade to , or store at net 7 to trade back and forth with a buddy before you sell and you will get some very nice TL for your effort.   It works, I did just this on my play toons and have made so many TL and EL along the way I am behind on my Hull upgrades and then those bl00dy elves came along ...........   well that is a whole other discussion , that ends with me volunteering to staple GPS locators to their foreheads .................   As I  saw written about another game applies here, basically " the devs made/remade this game for people to experiance and explore , not for the grinding neckbeards living in Mummy's basement"  that made me laugh.   Good Luck , peope are usually able to direct you to a favorite spawn early on ....later you me have to go find.   All the best Alk
  10. Ok , I'll put my hand up and say I have been stung by the build % being pumped out at the moment. But while I curse at the screen sometimes I think that this will mean the guys/girls who spend alot of time building and printing and getting better % builds will be worth their weight in gold/credits. Just because it is player made it doesn't HAVE to be 200% but I will do want to know that if the parts I put in are high % that my lowest limit is a reasonable high % , its still a roll of the dice but I want to know that with effort (building comps etc) that I am stacking the odds in my favor. It should be working this way but I'm sure we will see if it pans out that way. A tweak is changing numbers , a catastrophic failure is redesigning the game - which do you think this is ?? All the best Alk
  11. Login as normal get to Megan , enter account and I get this message - Sorry , Your login does not appear to be valid .Try again using the default launcher . Game closes on clicking only Option - OK Was working fine last night at home on wired connection. Using iphone for connection , which I have done for other games , no problem. Will try at home later. Any Ideas ?? Thanks Alk
  12. Played in live on Pegasus. Been here a fair time as well , plus helping with beta teams. Work interfering a bit at the moment but I'm hoping to introduce it to my eldest son now he's old enough. Been playing SWTOR and World of Tanks a bit lately.
  13. Just remember guys , that the reason only certain guys can restart is so , they can hopefully see why it went guts up in the first place instead of a blind , wipe and reset. A while back that was the reason it took ages to debug some stuff is that the issue never occured while those who needed to see logs etc , were on. It was a very annoying time. So pitchforks away , all will be good , soon , we hope .................... All the best Alk ps, I'm also glad we get to keep our names , would have been ticked to lose Probuild
  14. Problem is BKAS Between Keyboard And Screen haha , like most of the problems i have Alk
  15. I'll put good money on Bryce having the posters problem using the arrows to scroll through options instead of clicking top buttons. So many people forget that one. o/ all BTW Alk
  16. Terrell has given you all the info you could need but to explain it broadly when it comes to play styles. Terrans are mining/combat TRADESMEN Progen are mining/trading WARRIORS Jenquai are (a joke - ducks) trading/combat Explorers - This class can take some finess to play well because as miners they have alot of power to use , but as warriors they are the glass cannon - they act all light in the loafers but they appear from nowhere baseball bat to the back of the knees and disappear again. Time that peekaboo wrong and its tow back to station time. They do the things in caps well , the others they are capable. Just my thoughts Alk
  17. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Yep , Dragon back when there were beta testers it was noted when we did reviews of every sector/station . It has been known for a long time and nothing has been done. Is it a game breaker - No , is it annoying - Yes Thanks for bringing it up again and doing your own comparisions Alk
  19. Hi glad you found us, yep I always agreed that this game was so far ahead in many ways, You will also find things here that were always supposed to be in original game like missing 3 classes. So enjoy !! Alk
  20. Ok guys , we have a big test to start and would like to get results quickly. Please post your willingness to get involved on Beta forum. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5150-test-all-skills/ Forgive my post in General , its because members usually watch this one the most. Thank You Alkemmi
  21. Cool your jets Redd. I'm betting your a member of a very small club. Fact is it shouldn't be in game, its acknowledge as being a mistake. My point is that many of those who go on about "its testing" are missing the oxy moron that the end of the test would be reporting it being available and moving along. Not throwing the first few you find in a analyse terminal and getting the print then making yourself and buddies some then bragging how you have them and can build them then complaining at them being taken away. In that whole process some have followed, there was no this is a test so I'll stick in a report and leave it. Your actions are the correct way to approach the issue, as I said probably a small club. Alk
  22. If the bar is stocked and the computer works then what more do you need ??? Alk
  23. OK short and sweet, to all the [i]innocents[/i] using a SS8 cause this is only a test of the game , how many reported it to dev team as an anomaly. Lets face you know its not in game , so who put there hand up to help so graciously with the testing. Alk
  24. Cheezebaal's how to send your not state of the art box into meltdown ... Nice job :-) Alk
  25. While I don't know the coding difficulty behind this I think your coming up with some great ideas. I do have one idea that when you buy an item you are buying a fixed price contract to sell that one for X at the stations in description might be a bit easier than active dynamic price movement but could vary once an hour maybe to keep people watching what they buy rather than trade runs on zombie mode. Just a thought Alkemmi
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