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  1. server is Down. 8:58 CDT 7/20/2021
  2. cant log in to the game for the last 2 days keep getting the INV-300 thing.
  3. was wondering, must be maint.
  4. went to log in and i get the old INV 300, have i been banned or something ?
  5. First of all the guy that plays Pam & Flue can not READ so I try to help him when i can which with my scheldual its rarely, so I'm asking you if you can plz help him if you can, in real life he is my brother, and what he can read he can rarely under stand , and don't try to explain it to him , he wont understand that either. most of the stuff he has is vendor bought, so I ask as one player to the other plz help him if u can and he would like to join a guild but he doesn't know how, so if u can help him plz do. Thank You Meepmeep. Oh and by the way he calls me at the most inopertoon times , like when im driving or working and so on.
  6. server is acting weird i'm a L117 TE and its tell me to report to earth station for my L135 hull upgrade.
  7. server is acting weird
  8. well the server is only letting 6 people play as of this posting date and time.
  9. i use EnB notifier to see when i can log in but the game seems to go off and on according to the notifier
  10. not me tried it Jan's way and another way i read on tech support so i done a clean uninsall and will try a new install in the morning. But glad to hear you guys got back in.
  11. well since i try'd 2 diff ways i'll try a clean uninstall and a fresh install and see if that works. back in after doing a clean install.
  12. I dont have an internet option option.

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    2. Prakis


      untick the box for certificate revocation check and reboot to take effect - that's all I did and it worked for me.

    3. meepmeep


      ok one morne time if it dont work i'll go race 1 of the 101 cars that i own lol.

    4. meepmeep


      Ok I tried it Janwarrior's way 2 times and i tried it Bone040170's 2 times either way i still get INV 300.

  13. I see afew more made it in to the game but i'm still getting the INV 300 .
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