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  1. I have been working 7 days a week, with no end in sight and play aspalt 8 and 9 some times.
  2. you can log in but once your in the game you can't move, just saying.
  3. server been down all day ? my notifier has been red all day. just generally asking.
  4. yup the notifier finally turned green ?
  5. just generaly asking , is server down ?
  6. help, cant move after i get into the game.
  7. EnB notefier says game is offline.
  8. Think the game just went offline.
  9. meepmeep


    Game is down here in the real world, going thru withdrawls lol
  10. On Tuesdays the server is down for a bit, Maint is my guess , but its been down longer than normal.
  11. its 2/5/2022 and u can log in but cant play and other players are having trouble , time 10:21 am
  12. If your talking about Real Players , I have seen over a 100 at a time in here , but the word still needs to get out that it is up again , so spread the word.
  13. getting offline and nothing on Net-7.org.
  14. ok Kyp and Woodstock thanks for all u guys help but I think we have tried it all, and all my windows disc's are genuine from windows 101 to windows 11 but nothing is working, but for the life of me why is the same thing happening on 3 diff laptops and 1 desktop I'ts got me stumped. Thank you guys for all your time and work, maybe one day it'll get worked out, but for now i'll do something else. Thank you again.
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