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  1. well the server is only letting 6 people play as of this posting date and time.
  2. i use EnB notifier to see when i can log in but the game seems to go off and on according to the notifier
  3. not me tried it Jan's way and another way i read on tech support so i done a clean uninsall and will try a new install in the morning. But glad to hear you guys got back in.
  4. well since i try'd 2 diff ways i'll try a clean uninstall and a fresh install and see if that works. back in after doing a clean install.
  5. I dont have an internet option option.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Prakis


      untick the box for certificate revocation check and reboot to take effect - that's all I did and it worked for me.

    3. meepmeep


      ok one morne time if it dont work i'll go race 1 of the 101 cars that i own lol.

    4. meepmeep


      Ok I tried it Janwarrior's way 2 times and i tried it Bone040170's 2 times either way i still get INV 300.

  6. I see afew more made it in to the game but i'm still getting the INV 300 .
  7. There is another space game that i play some times. Won;t mention any name's, but it's in sunset at the end of the month, so i'm steering some of the good players over here. Just saying.
  8. yes, and i was in Beta testing before the game started, was a founding father.
  9. Since I was in Beta testing and played in Live and am playing now, I was wondering if I still qualify as a Founding Father ?
  10. Can't log into my account after update, tried several times, always see 20 people logged in.
  11. The server has fallen, and it can't get up !
  12. dont know if this is the place for this but i'm getting more than my fair share of gate and station crash's.
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