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  1. well, when zackman fires, the server dies, so I guess that's the same beam damage regardless, lol   has any support items with "boost beam damage" changed any? Are the numbers on the weapon itself the same? Otherwise it might be something that is no longer stacking. Or it may be borkedededed  :(
  2. Shadinax2


    Love the leroy name, lol
  3. They work, but the icons are somewhat small for rapid clicking. A hotkey would be nicer, as keystrokes seem to have a better response in heavy lag than mouse clicks
  4. Agreed, and your left big toe? you kinda need that bro, lol   +1 for this suggestion btw
  5. Shadinax2

    Healer Agro

    There are currently no HoTs in EnB, dont know if any are planned.   The issue for the tanks currently, is that 1) Enrage doesnt land on cl 60+ mobs but once in a GREAT while (being that this is the only skill with a direct referance to threat control, I must assume this is the skill we are supposed to be using for aggro control). 2) Shield sap (only viable for a PW meat shield) has a long cooldown and cant be used often enough to save the healers from 1 shield charge, let alone the dozen or so charges needed between cooldowns.   Solution that I have to assume is this: Raid REQUIRES at least 3 PW tanks, to cycle shield sap inbetween healer's shield charging, while having the healers keep themselves placed behind teh tanks, as far away as possible from the boss/encounter, with the exception of any TT healers, who would be closer to the boss/encounter than the other healers, while the TT's spam befriend an hope it sticks.   With the only skill that works like a forced taunt, being a heal, and it it only snap aggro for the duration of the heal (which is instant), it is highly unpredictable, no matter the level of communication and teamwork involved. If enrage did function as a forced taunt, and had it's resistance flip flopped (only resisted 5% of teh time, rather than landing 5% of the time), as well as a "forces target to attack that player for x number of seconds" then that in itself would something we can communicate and work with.     To answer this directly Tagaderm, the reason healers are using the highest level heal, is because there are 5 ranks of heals, a self only, one that heals less in combat, but can target others, a combat heal (single, non aoe heal), a minor area heal, and the maxed, improved area heal. The improved area heal heals for about 35-45k on the main target (lvl 9 shields have 100k+ cap), and about 20-30k on anyone else in range. The combat heal, even with maxed out skills, and a gaurdian device, will still only heal the primary target for about 15-20k TOPS. Considering most raid encounters hit the tanks (fully buffed at maxed out resistance and damage control caps) for about 40-60k PER SECOND, the tank cant get "spot heals" from healers and survive. I have used combat heal spam (it does generate less threat than the aoe heals), but it requires constant spam attention, cant multi task while doing it, and it has no interaction to the game. It feels like a wow encounter all over again.   The suggestions you posted are all good ones, and ones we've already tried, been trying them in a variety of ways, under differance ranges, xyz axis, combinations, etc. We recently did a healer rotation setup, where each healer would cast a rotation of heals: Of three healers, we did a rotation of this:   Healer 1: Combat heal Healer 2: Imp AOE heal Healer 3: Combat heal   Healer 1: Imp AOE heal Healer 2: Combat heal Healer 3: Imp AOE heal     And repeat that pattern. It worked for a little bit, when used at max ranges to the tank, but eventually the heal threat was enough to gain aggro on the mob, to which the tank would use shield sap to get aggro back, but only momentarily. Using a healer as a tank, sort of works, but eventually all the healers end up tanking, forcing the healers to be lvl 9 shield users, making the seeker the unwanted step child.   I, too, wanna see how this goes, and am trying my best to be able to learn how to control aggro (as a tank). I am losing faith that enrage works as intended (according to the tooltip on the skill, the rank 1 should be a force taunt - "Attempts to anger the target, causing it to attack you regardless of the situation").
  6. mind the mess, still adding content to it as I recover or create new graphics/content after a catastrophic hard drive failure wiped out all my work, lol
  7. Enrage being a toggled skill would work too, but wouldn't allow for area aggro for the PW unless they give the PW area enrage like the TE has. Only issue I would have with that, is with it's current setup, even if it had a constant reacter drain, there'd be no "skill" to it, just turn it on an keep your reacter full. You could multibox the tank by setting the skill to "on" then tabbing to your other toons. Makes for playing a tank class for those of us that LIKE to tank, very boring, and not very engaging.
  8. What about going one step further and checking the accounts linked? if the main forum account is the same as the other accounts, dont let them multi gate, but if the main forum account is differant, then the IP shouldnt matter.   Granted, this may lead to people creating multiple forum accounts, but those you can track down and ban, give warnings to those abusing the system, and solve the problem at the source
  9. Shadinax2

    Healer Agro

    Regardless of how people think the aggro should work, here's some of the ideas we have tried to help save healers that have worked to a point:   Placing the healers out of formation, 3-4k behind the intended tanks (between the tanks and the mob), sometimes results in less aggro from the healers. HOWEVER, despite using enrage spam on all the tanks, area immob(most boss mobs are immune to immob), the healers will eventually get aggro, and they are out of range for befriend to work(only applicable for TT's, where the Seeker has a cloak, the PP does not have anything but menace to help, and menace is a chaos element, not a saver, and most boss mobs are immune to menace).   In addition to placing the healers away from the group, many boss mobs have the range to just simply switch targets and nuke the healers, the healers must be ready to be mobile on their own, pretty much forcing them to group up in healer groups, and not a balanced synergy of healers and tanks in a kill group.   While I have tested the psionic debuffers and the use of enrage and hack/biorepression etc, the result is the same (with about on avg, 10% less resists) in that the healers get and HOLD the aggro by using a skill that is somewhat spammable, but they only need to hit it once to have sustained threat. Let alone if the healer is a pro and able to debuff and dps ontop of healing initially.   I like what SiSL said about area heals, making the lower ranked single target only heals heal on par with the area heals, without the splash. Might be a good way to reduce the amount of threat the healers are getting, altho I am still gaining mass amounts of threat when I use combat heal on my seeker. Looking at this and [url=https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8436-suggestion-tank/]this thread[/url] for an aggro overhaul, might be worth a discussion workshop at a future dev meeting.
  10. ty for helping test the atrophy snotty. How I compile my info, is use a stopwatch for 60 seconds of straight tanking with no debuffs, and mark how much shields I have at the end of it. Then do the same thing with a debuff from 100% shields and compare my final shields total. I will then do a 10 and 30 second interval for both debuffed and non debuffed.   I have also, on occassion recorded with fraps, then gone frame by frame to mark each dmg segment and amount, but that gets tedious, lol
  11. Decreases accuracy, aye, altho that's what lvl 3 enrage is suppoed to do, too, and doesnt have an effect. I have not personally tested the engine's debuffs, but if I get a hold of one, I will. This is a turbo buff, activatable on self and other players.   Already tested and not working, sadly Tried this and any "boss" encounter it's used on goes crazy an starts "rubberbanding" around until you lose track of it, after the debuff wears off, the boss returns to it's original spot (usually) and resets the encounter Havent tested this one either, but the debuff is the same as the atrophy, so I dont have alot of faith in it.     Really appreciate the suggestions, I'll give the engine a shot after I loot one        Edit: tidy'd up the multi quotes
  12. Since JD is a beast for alpha strike aggro, there could be some merit to bursty snap aggro gains. Fold space, I use on my seeker a LOT while attached to my wing as a PW to thin out the crowd. I love it when jens use it end game. My initial thoughts for a JD as support tank, is mainly as adds control, group summons, fold space, ping pong galore. They CAN take a few hits with a couple good healers and if there are say, 2 groups with a JD tank, they can support eachother quite effectively.    Also to note, a 3rd strong JD tank can be used in a main tank group, just the buffs wont overlap.   Terrel: I like the idea of the PT as well, buI have another idea on that;   The PT have another "environmental shield" similer to the castable shields the JE, TS and PS get, BUT! this shield absorbs a % of dmg at the cost of a % of reactor capacity, only castable on group members (to prevent greifing). As the ranks increase, it absorbs slightly more at a cost of slightly less.The reactor cost would hurt the TE just as much as the PW, since it should be a % of the total cap, and would require a careful balance of buffs, gearing and timing to maintain the tanks' reactor enough to perform their duties.   I can see that the ideal main tank raid group setup would be a PW or TE, TT, TS, PT and 2 more of any healer class. With the above mentiioned suggestions, this would provide reacter buffs to anyone taking damage, plenty of heals, and the appropriate buffs with the highest threat generating classes to feed the Tank with threat so others can do their thing. For encounters like GoBB that do 6 bagillion dmg every 60 seconds, you would need at least two of these groups, so you could tank swap.
  13. If any of the smaller guilds are having trouble thinking of past scenarios where they get the shaft, please give us a shout, Trapt an I have personally overseen over a hundred mergers into our guilds across dozens of games, as well as organized fair and fun joint raids. As for the ones that werent fun or ended up with drama, we have handled those as well. Stay tuned for a detailed post with a breakdown on how we generally do things when it's a joint raid or merging another guild(s) with us.   Bear in mind, that our guild does have it's own TS3 server, website, experianced leadership in constant contact, as well as a presence in several other MMOs and online gaming venues.
  14. [url=https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8436-suggestion-tank/]This post[/url] is a detailed suggestion for doing aggro in general.
  15.   I thought about that, and I decided to include the JD in the suggestion for this reason: the PW and TE should be the roles of main tanks, but the JD is ideal for a support tank, or to be able to take a sacraficial hit (cloak would have to cancel the threat generation buff). Essentially, you would have to put the JD in the group with lesser aggro gaining classes, like JE's and TS, PS, so that in the event that they DO take top aggro, the JD takes the hit, who should be more equipped to handle the dmg.
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