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  1.     roflcopters, magoo!   I singled this out of the rest of that tripe only because your memory must be way worse than mine if thats what you remember. OMG lol   And, to Hyp... Very good points, nice post. :)
  2. We had free-for-all's happen before, and it's not fun, for anyone. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later again. Sigh.   Anyone who was there for the lagtastic free-for-all events will remember BL getting really annoyed by the antics and threatening to shutoff the raids. We are adults here and should try to act like it.   Bullying tactics will be met with like kind responses. It won't be pretty. :(   edit: fixed typo on BlackLungs initials.
  3. What ever you did is working great! My load times were horrible and now much better.  Now Mimir can go back to pizzin people off again with glee. :P
  4. Thanks Kyp, if he were still around he would be pleased, and of course make some snide remark about it, lol. Just the kinda guy he was.
  5. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing, he had battled cancer for quite a while. RIP Dave. :(
  6. Condolences to the family. Always sad to hear of someone passing.
  7. Klyde


    Hehe, deja vu indeed. Man how the EnB forums always lit up with a thread of the warder being camped in original live.   I don't camp it, prolly never will, just can't be arsed to sit there lol   But, I say leave it alone. If folks want to camp it, let em. If you want to compete for it, camp it yourself. If you are trying to compete and just can't win, try try again.
  8. At the top left side of the Net7 launcher just below the border there is a button "launcher" clicking that and selecting reset updates should solve any update issues, if you have setup everything correctly. :)
  9. Or maybe even a disconnect timer for toons that are left for extended periods of time, say an hour or so? Don't want to be ctd' then log off. I seem to see some toons afk for days some times.   I do like the auto tow suggestion too. :)
  10. Hahahaha good ones 4 :)
  11. Fly safe where ever you go. :)
  12. No macro, and not done in one sitting. I spread it over a week or so. I can't imagine I could sit there and grind that straight through.
  13. If you are a Terran, you will takje the time to find out exactly which widget is the cheapest to make parts wise, and manufacturing wise, and thats the one you will mass produce.   I am a lazy Terran, so I just made the level 1 type c missile launcher, and of course dismantled to save some of the costs. :)
  14. I'm unable to login to game atm, net7 proxy pops up a box "Server failed to respond to sector login" . I am getting this regardless of which sector a toon is in.
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