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  1. Launched the server and got an update. Took a look at what it was, closed that window out, poof no launch. Tried to launch again, got error msg "can't find EXE file" then a 2nd error "network is unavailable". Anyone else get this?
  2. Debris is used in several Bogey items including Solar Sail engines.
  3. I just changed my vote from yes to sometimes since  that is a more accurate description of my gameplay.
  4. Remember, O-guns start at lvl3 and are prolly the most popular ML at that level making them easy to have built and go up to lvl6 w/same ammo. Ammo only requires 3 comps and are cheap. I also suggest mixing types for the buffs, but that comes at the increased space needed for different ammo comps. Get a Rada (plasma debuff device) if you decide on O-guns.   If you do use O-guns at lvl5, get an Onyx O-gun. It uses the same ammo and has great buffs.   I had mixed O-guns with Type B's at lvl4 which upgrade to lvl5 and 6. There are many good choices and combinations. And you can always sell or give away your old launchers as you progress.
  5. I do believe you will see day change into night and back when you are on planets. There is lots to see. Just don't become too mesmerized or you may be surprised by a nasty mob or two.
  6. cpwings


    I think he may also still drop the Ocelot 4.
  7. cpwings


    IIRC, Claimjumper Joe at LaGrange 4 Point nav in Carpenter drops the lvl4 X-bow. I seem to recall getting a lvl3 near there also either from him or a lvl20 claimjumper.
  8. There will always be camping as long as spawn points are static. You don't need to die to gather intel when cloaking works so much better IMO. Blinding all incapped players just to discourage using a new toon to camp is heavy-handed. I'm sure more players get incapped while exploring then those campers your trying to punish. Forced tow is another bad idea. I'm sure most players would rather wait for a JS from a guildee or other kind player. Some new players may not have the funds for repair just bad judgement when wandering into dangerous areas. Blinding incapped toons will also prevent them from giving info to anyone rushing to their aid. Anytime I'm going to JS someone I always ask if they're clear. If they not it's wise to ask for help from others to take the heat off the incapped and JS'er. What's next? Do we start dropping toons left afk in stations? You do remember this is a game and is supposed to be fun.
  9. I agree. The BOO is too usefull to be wasted on a raid trigger. I was always happy to find one and used it on many toons in the EMU. I'm sure an alternate item can be found. Something kinda rare but not as useful. Maybe even an ore.
  10. I remember players that didn't get them on their own, paying rediculous amounts for Eyeball Popers, Pumkin Chuckers, or Sno-Ball launchers from yrs past. They were just toys that did no real damage but players had to have them. This engine on the other hand is great for travel and doing trade runs. I would never use it for combat because I hate all equipment that has neg buffs. Got to wonder if you would be complaining about it being too good, if you had been around at X-mas and got one. 200 mil is rediculous. Perhaps you could trade for one instead. Lately most end-game gear is traded instead of sold.
  11. Equipment drops and info about whether it's tradeable and what race can use it would definately help players decide which toon they bring to the raid. I think I've seen it elsewhere but suggestions for equipment to have and damage type for each raid could also be posted here by experienced raiders Knowledge is power.
  12. When this weapon was 1st introduced it was a gift from Santa. That was years ago then later it required a mission to get. I don't know if that is still the case. I was so disappointed in this weapon I tucked it away, along with the ammo I had made, into my vault and never tried to get another after the p-wipe that took away my gifted one. A complete rethink of this weapon rather than some tweaking would have to happen to make this launcher viable IMO. Not only is the ammo stack size way too low, but requires two pm/loot only comps. It also forces the TS to remain motionless for a very long time to activate. Snipers IRL rely on stealth to get into position then kill with one very leathal shot, hence the term "one shot one kill". This weapon in no way meets that criteria. I do look forward to some equipment specific to the Scout, but this isn't it. Sorry just my opinion. If your gonna draw aggro like it does it better do a whole lot more damage per shot.
  13. Pop Rocks were added before Emu went live over a year ago. BTW there are also clouds and hulks that pop so beware. They usually appear a little differently or may be filled with stuff that's of higher levels then would be expected.
  14. Sounds like your trying to mine roids that are above your prospect level.
  15. I did the Santa want Cookies mission whith two toons at the same time so they both started with Santa in Earth sector. At the end Mary sent one to Earth and one to Mars so walk thru line that states you have to return to the same sector you started in seems incorrect. My suggestion is pay very close attention to Mary's last instruction as to where to go and meet Santa.
  16. Is the log-in server down again? I can't get in on any of my game acct's.
  17. He did say other. That is plural.
  18. The cloud forming around your ship should be a tip-off that carrying garbage/waste is not healthy for pilot or ship. Those jobs should be completed as quickly as possible. Engaging in combat and taking damage while carrying sats already results in mission failure and a loss of XP and time. Adding damage to ores/gasses while mining that can result in ship damage when mining or refining won't go over well IMO. We need to think of ways to bring more players into the game not more ways to drive them away.
  19. I had been playing two toons for a couple hours. Problem showed up when I tried to change toons on one acct. Also got server failed to respond. After logging off with the other acct, I couldn't relog. Time for a break I guess.
  20. cpwings


      You are correct. This idea is for uber high lvl players. Unless you are looking for cannon fodder, you shouldn't use these two stations since they are always populated by many low to mid level players.   I recall devs playing or spawning uber mobs near heavily populated stations during the stress tests. Many players came hoping to get in on great loot only to go away empty-handed because so many came for the event. Many low to mid level players got one-shotted while trying to escape the station and surrounding area and stopped playing until after the event was over.    I would suggest defending a station in a high level area like QAR, Paramis, or Antares, where sector population will be lower, instead.
  21. BTW if you were a taxi then you were a Jenquai Explorer. They are the only class that gets WH.
  22. Are you checking to see if you can purchase the resource from the player that beat you to the item or just write some grafiti on the bathroom wall?
  23. Wow you found a new way to drive away a few more players just because they won't pick up useless trash.
  24. Just so you don't go in blind. The grind was easier during the ST's. XP for explore terminal jobs was cut in half a short time ago. Many drops were moved to tougher mobs in different locations. Many mobs  increased use of "Call for Help" results in a more intense aggro from surrounding mobs.   On a positive note, the Devs have sworn there will be no more wipes so at least you will get to keep anything you work for.   Try it for yourself before rushing to judgement.
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