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How OLD is your E&B machine

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I recently had the hard drive in my primary laptop die so I broke out broke out my old laptop..


A little history this laptop was the machine I created all of my primary toons on 3 years ago.


It's a compaq(pre h/p) presario 2100 with an intel Celeron 2.4ghz processor.




Lets see what you guys are running. 


And no that's not photoshopped thats realy windows 7 on this laptop.

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i belive it. when win 7 first came out there were reports of techies putting win7 into old win95 machines just to see if it would run. drivers were fun but it did run. Win 7 is a much better Operating System and takes a lot less resources than winxp and especially windows vista!
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Primary EnB machine about 3 years old, runs on Windows 7.  Secondary machine bought in March of 2004, runs on Windows XP, still runs fine and seems to work better on some of my older Windows games.

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I had the opposite problem - my Dell Latitude died a few weeks ago.  More than 10 yrs old, no USB, rattling old disk and NT5/Win2000! Now on Win8 which I hate.
Yea i refuse to use windows 8. i'm waiting on windows 9.

If that looks like a blasted smart phone i'll be moving to open source!

I won't even use a smartphone PHONE....i'm certainly not having one as my computer Edited by rodsmith
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I have an Acer Predator I bought almost a year ago running win 7 with 6 gig ram and 1 terabyte hard drive and a 1 gig graphics card.  Way more powerful than the machine I ran E&B on 10 years ago.  I think I had 64mb on that grapics card.

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You had to ask....the Searing's Evil Laptop (ask around I will not bore you with the details of how evil the laptop is/was that will be evident enough if you ask around)....is a Compaq Evo N800v laptop...it was released in 2002.??...it is the end of the Evo line....the biggest problem was the BIOS is un-upgradeable in anyway...the theory is that this particular laptop was barely able to run XP and with the un-upgradeable BIOS made all sorts of problems for the Devs here. (All them little check boxes on launcher..yep the  evil laptop) anyway rather then make me scrap the thing I think the staff here was determined to get it/keep it in game (they say different but someone always managed to find a fix to limp the beast in)


anyway you can if you wish ask about its many evil ways.....most stories you hear are NOT exagerated it really is evil...and yes it really did try to KILL me on Stress Test 1.....(no kidding)



Anyway ...its function now is I pull it out of the attic every 6 months and see if it patches nice w/o fixes and shortcuts and other exotic means to log on (no boxes checked etc) ...for the past 2yrs it has worked just fine...and then occasionally when Tienbau or other staff/devs .(coder devs seem to like to see if it is whip'd in shape)....is on he asks or I tell him it still patches...and the devs come away with a warm fuzzy feeling that the won the war.


I myself think it is laying in wait to be evil again ...but maybe that is just me


so avoid this laptop model at all costs (no wonder compaq is kaput) ....never get a Compaq Evo N800v ...my only excuse was it was given to me.....(probably because it was evil)


my 2c worth


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My computer is old, its about 5 years old (nowhere old to win an ancient computers competition ofcourse)


I modified it ever since, changed GFX card, added memory etc.. It's also my workcomputer... Currently running on Windows 8 x64


Core2Quad 6600, 8 GB Ram etc.

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Currently playing on a few-year-old toshiba sat, 64bit win 7. Recently had to move to this when my older (07?) But top of the line at the time satellite pooped on me.

Live I ran a top of the line Alienware, which happened to be the worst computer I've ever owned. Shipped with win ME which was horrible, upgraded some components after a couple years and switched to xp, was actually less reliable after that. The Evil Laptop is probaby worse, but it's hard for me to admit lol. Around that time the guys at zdtv/techtv had built UGM(ultimate gaming machine), which led me to give mine the moniker BUGM lol.

Long story short, I played just as much on my VAIO, which was low spec even for the time. It was amazing that it even ran the game.

On a side note, how many played on 56k or worse? I did and it actually wasn't THAT bad. Except during raids. Or Old Nick. wow the lag that used to accompany that jolly old elf. Edited by Aiel
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have several machines running EnB Emu:


Newest is a Sony Vaio laptop Core i7 Q740 8 GB RAM on Win7 64bit Pro


Oldest - where should i begin?


HP Pavilion with P4 2.4 GHz 1 GB RAM Win XP Pro


Fujitsu Laptop with Athlon XP CPU 512 MB RAM XP Pro


and many others :)

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On a side note, how many played on 56k or worse? I did and it actually wasn't THAT bad. Except during raids. Or Old Nick. wow the lag that used to accompany that jolly old elf.




i played from work on a 56k modem till around Nov of 2012...then the place got broadband...(i had a free dial up account from when i was a tech for the place way back in 1996 or so....so the place got bought out by numerous corporations from a small town ISP to across the USA ..i had a friend Don Guse (Qazz) who has since passed away ..but he worked for Unisys/nNasa and said i was so buried in the "beast of the machine" thru the many mergers they'd never figure it out...they did kinda when i told them Nov 2012..that funny the dial up did not work ..er they had gotten rid of dial up network that month...(heh silly me thought it was broke did my duty as a tech and told them)  and they were by the by  wayt "who the heck are you and why do you have a tech service account on our corp/isp?)...anyway it went no farther then that...... i still have web email access to the place ...the dialup went away. they have no broadband in this area ......i assume the low level manager  types went ..heck he called in with what he thought was a legit tech problem ....(kinda the dialup network was shut down) ...so he thinks he is a tech for us for the free account since the birth of the web......er..do we really wanna tell the higher ups that he has had tech access to the network for the last 16yrs and we did not know about it ...thus said i think the little email web access i have with my tech tag is probably gonna be ok...heh


anyway back in the early ISP days everything was on a handsake i have  a large corp/phone co. Inet box line to my house cause on a handshake the guy who owned the ISP at the time had all his equip for his area in my house and my game/server bbs had ..i don't know T3 access back in the day when it was $2k a month not to mention his equip..things moved fast then..of course that was probably 15 corp sales ago and this guy is probably retired in Bermuda (after the sale to the big guys ..he seems to have had better places to go then southern minnesota)


so ...needless to say i still have the web part of my service account access....what the heck it is an email....( i imagine it would be hard for the corp minions in chicago to explain to the higher ups in new york ...er me....


anyway i digress


56k works really good on those days that anonymous is trying to hack google or large blizzards etc ...so when i had a lot of lag in game and everyone was yelling how much it sucks (usually no more then 2x a year this kinda thing) i'd log on the game with the dialup at 56k viola...no lag ..the modem was to slow to know...so no hic-ups at all ..i'd get on an tell everyone that i was playing lag free on my 56k modem and people generally were not amusused...alas my 16yr free dialup account is gone (er they were charging 26.95/m for dialup ...well even the sticks of southern minnesota that don't work anymore even we have broadband now)....so yeah if you have access to a dialup account thru a local univ or something it works great on those days that weather or other reasons there is a lot of lag


now what i really should do is drag out some even older computers i have load them up with hmmm...i think EnB could only run on win98 prob it could run on win95 and fire the beast up and see if i could get the game to launch


er hey guys just kidding ..boy them coder's are touchy...hey whats with the torches and pitchforks....


er gotta go


Searing splits

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I have 2 Dell Dimensions Desktops 8200, originality built in 2000, they were running ME first year, then installed XP Pro after that, one purchased at Dell, the other Tower purchased through eBay for 20 bucks  :) both are still running the game like a clock.


They came with a P4 and 2Gigs of RAM latter on tweaked, an installed many updates software wise, and hardware to max them out, their still in use and running Emu, 13 years old, pretty good for PC these days 

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7 year old machine running original XP   with service pack 3.....i have some older games thats designed for  like windows 98/me era that soon as service pack3 hits my computer i can't run them anymore..shame.. but this still runs fine..


odd crashes here and there..but seems lots have that issue...


amd athlon 2.4, installed a 512 videocard  and some extra memory sticks.. its ok..  hardrive at 80 gigs is a pitta for new gen games.. can't run most of the new games now.... eve started using something in thier software that ended my 14day trials...lol

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Still using my PC that I built in 1999 while I was in Singapore. I still have the original live on and using it and am able to multi-box 6 accounts in station and 4 during game play but two most of the time. not bad for a for a 15yr old PC.

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My old E&B Machine is long gone (sucks, because all the awesome pictures were on it, and no idea where they are now)


If i remember correctly, it was able to run E&B wonderfully, but not more :D. (not even 1 GHz, probably 256mb Graphics card, and the worst thing i had back then, a low capacity HDD, had to juggle with what to install and what to delete)


The PC after my old E&B PC is also gone, bought an acer predator after that (2008), and pretty much ripped out everything from then till now and replaced it with something new.


Running an AMD Phenom II 1090T, 3.2GHz (Hexa Core, x6)

16 Gigs of Ram

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7950 OC

Windows 7.


So yeah, a little Upgrade :D


My on-the-Go E&B Machine (new)


Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700T (Tablet with Windows 8, would never want to use Windows 8 on a PC)

Intel Core I5 (2x 1.8GHz, Turbo mode to 2.5GHz)

4 Gigs of Ram

Intel HD Graphics 4000

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I normally play on a decent desktop at home, but I work away during the week.


So i have been playing on a MSI Wind Netbook - 1024x600 screen, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor.


It did have a bit of an upgrade this week, as i had a spare 64Gb Samsung SSD. Put the new SSD in on Monday and re-installed XP from a USB stick. :)


Doubt it will improve the game speed any which is just playable for simple stuff.

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  • 2 months later...

Bought my current rig last september:


Asus Z77 sabertooth board

intel i7 3770k @ 4.2

Asus Geforce GTX 670 DCII (top version)

4x4gb Corsair vengeance 1866mhz

intel 520 SSD (120gb)

WB black 2tb HDD

Corsair H80 CPU cooler

Corsair AX 750w PSU

Cooler Master HAF XM case + 2 extra fans


Rig runs on win 7 64bit.

Really happy with the way this setup turned out.

All black on the inside of the case so it's easy to spot dust and keep it really clean.



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  • 10 years later...

Just came across this post so hence this much belated response.


I started E&B on a tower my son and I built more that 20 years ago.  Used an ASUS motherboard with a quad core CPU and a GEForce GPU.  Was running Win98 if I recall and E&B ran very well.  I still use that machine to this day and added a second GPU.  Used it to run the emulator back in 2010 with no problems.  I believe my OS then was Win 7 and it worked just fine.  I have not tried the emulator since then on that machine.


I purchased a Lenovo Legion laptop just a few months ago and it is running Win 11.  It runs E&B just great.  Still have my tower as my main workhorse but Win 8.1 is problematic now that support has discontinued.  I may turn that into a UNIX (Linux) platform.

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