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  1. Boronite is rare and can be mined in Tarsis and Odins rex. but if your needing it to make Boron, it can be ripped from lv 3 Proton PowerSheath LE
  2. Nice.   1. had a bullywere eye installed and never used it. 2. Driving and typing is like texting and driving, should never be done.
  3. Does he still play games with you ? Nice Pic.
  4. Once you exit the gate in to Freya, look to the right, you will see sparkles. fly to them it will be there.
  5. I knew what dropped but did not know the timer, thanks for that info.
  6. Feathers are still easy to get. use a key from the Gate raid you just did to get into BBW /Paramis just can't dock. Losing red faction is not hard to get back. As they said above. It is what ever you can milk out of the buyer.
  7. Liuu, you have to over look what Mattsacre says most of the time. We do. he has a tendency to say way to much and gets off subject a lot.   Enjoy  the game 
  8. No need to mean and scare the poor soul away Matt. I think he got your point on #1.
  9. The Avatars were wiped yes, but not deleted. They should still be on the server somewhere. if you can remember any of the toons names that my be some help to the staff, maybe?
  10. Grunther, I have found both drop off the Pop rock/hydro/crystal/gas mobs.
  11. Hence the name Explore Class.
  12. Redd, the Lv 8 Sentinel's Dynamo reactor is a Mordana drop.
  13. I will say this one time and one time only. At no time was the Public invited to any of the meetings that made decisions on raid rotation. I was told that they did not know who to invite to the meeting; so they gave the public a spot. This is the facts.   Nothing else needs to be said on that.
  14. Well Welcome back and Happy New year too you.   Have fun and use EnBmaps.de for all your Space fairing needs and NPC searching
  15. He does have a way with words, just ask Sister Mary.  lol
  16. Read Post # 6 I said keep as is and I did not ask for a slot.
  17. I have to admit Holyman you could chairm the robe off a Nun. You are very eloquent with words. Since I have a conflict of interest and can no longer be a member of the public counsel. I would like to offer my spot. Why? You have a unique way of looking at both sides, and this is needed.   As Leader of SCC, I can say that we do not want a slot in the rotation and are happy with where we stand at this time, meaning that we can show up when we want to do raids with the public and don't have to punch a time clock. Most of all, I would not want a raid to sit due to my guild not able to get on at the same time.   If there is no public raid we help each other and One is glade to be of service.   I hope you get my point. No matter where you go, there you are.
  18. Very nice :), I may make it to the second, I have the fortune of working on Sat/Sun   Something to remember the PRS can handle two raids at the same time, as long as there not next to each other. So that being said, it may be Lucky 24.
  19. I just wanted to make sure you all knew that you only have 4 more days left of Syberfree mining. I announced this on 12/25/15 that I would not mine till the new year. I have been told that this would increases everyone elses chances of finding a AA.   I will be doing Salvage work throughout each sector (HULKS).   Enjoy the time you have left.  01/1/16 come quick.
  20. Just a bit of info for this mission. If you have a snowball launcher on your toon. Yon can turn it into a Yellow snowball launcher so your are able to receive another regular launcher.   Mission is  received from Cobus the Clown on Androzari in Menorb.   Just did not want you to lose out on having two Launchers like I did on three toons. One yellow and one White.   Eat the Yellow. the reason they tell you not to is to have it all to themselves.
  21. That is correct Terrell, but one must remember that shield Nova is energy base type weapon and for this reason I keep one on all my traders for that reason.
  22. Correction Gunney, she gets a chance to wash it once a year, January 1st, if she forgets to wash it , it goes another year with all it's goodness of Coffee crust and Grail water.
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