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  1. My PP (Hildyth) is on the Progen Token Bonus: PHALANX mission. The mission requires me to have a Stage III Encryption and a couple of level 9 components. I understand that you have to get the Stage III Encryption from Architecti Composita. He is supposed to offer these in trade for 10 Security Optimal Override Alpha devices. I have those in my hold but he is only offering the Stage II Encryptions? I also think I may have a broken Agrippa shield chain as I can't progress that chain. It may be part of the reason why Composita is not offering me the stage III?
  2. I have the build ammo skill to level V but I can't get the Crystal Altar 2 to speak to me . The WIKI indicates: Build Weapons 5 (have not confirmed with Build Ammunition 5) So I'm assuming that this doesn't work?
  3. I created a new Game account and managed to transfer the character to that no problem?! I just couldn't transfer to one of my "original" accounts?
  4. I checked, there is nothing pending on that character. I have several accounts and i've tried moving characters on most of the accounts with the same issue (not all mmoving to the same account either)
  5. I've logged out on all my accounts and tried to move one of my characters from one account to another. I'm getting an error "Tables not empty: (avatar_messages)" Can you help?
  6. One of the topics i have been following has had a spam posting and at the same time - i have started to receive spam on the e-mail account i use on the forum. Spam that's getting through the "normal" Gmail filters that is - i've very rarely had that before.   At the same time, another E&B'er has mentioned spam in other topics.   Do we have a problem? Or maybe it's just coincidence?
  7. I'd suggest very strongly that you use the net-7 Teamspeak server - it's loads easier when raiding to be able to communicate using voice instead of trying to type.   Also, if you come on TS and are short a healer or tank or whatever, you can butt into some guild channels and ask. I know at Epic Gamers we occasionally ask builders for help on a raid and they have occasionally invited us on some raids too.
  8. Well, I know where to loot them - just a suggestion!  :D
  9. How about changing the Terminal Controllers to be manufacturable?   Make them out of parts of the appropriate level with a non-vendor component or two perhaps, plus a high manufacturing terminal cost for the button push.   It shouldn't impact the game balance much as all it will effect is the final build %age for non-maxed out builders.
  10. The last patch did nothing to solve this problem and the problem was definitely introduced by another recent patch. I don't know if the devs were trying to "fix" some un-named exploit or if this was an un-intended consequence but it is unbelievable annoying now.   There isn't a large enough player base for me not to want to run two characters together (dual-screen) most of the time. This is now impossible in any practical way and the lack of a reasonable dev comment of any sort is annoying.   I don't use wireless (wired gigabit LAN with 120Mb internet connection that is rock solid) there have been no changes to my PC (I do manual updates to windows only) or the way I play the game. I've had IP6 disabled for months now and the PC is quad core, 8Gb memory and Nvidia GTX570 display adapter. Which has always been more than capable of running every game that i've tried - never mind a 12 year old game like E&B.   I love the game, just fix this stat!
  11. I normally play on a decent desktop at home, but I work away during the week.   So i have been playing on a MSI Wind Netbook - 1024x600 screen, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor.   It did have a bit of an upgrade this week, as i had a spare 64Gb Samsung SSD. Put the new SSD in on Monday and re-installed XP from a USB stick. :)   Doubt it will improve the game speed any which is just playable for simple stuff.
  12. Also the same problem on my TT Skadi. I'm OL71 yet the mission has advanced to step 12
  13. lol, 38 users reading this topic - we're going to crash the forum at this rate!
  14. Lots of outages today, is this related to the patch?
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