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  1. Just thought of this idea while buffing, I said to myself, we need more time ( duration ) of the buffs applied, they wear off after 5, or 10 minutes, So   A Device that would increase the duration time on applied buffs, either ourselves when buffing, or in or out of group setting to say about 3 hours in duration, once Device used, it will disppear freeing up that slot.
  2. A Double XP Device, Level 1, used by All, say for about 48 Hours in duration, even a log out, meaning the timer would stop at log out, then start up once again while online again, it would encompass all fields while equipped, Combat, Exploration, and Trade bars 
  3. Thank you Everyone for the replies, and suggestions,  my fault not knowing the Tokens would appear in the cargo hold when leveling up, if I known this was going to happen, I would of, should of been more careful about speed selling to the vender, like I said before, they look the same shape and color as the trade goods from Fenris, this is my first PW leveling up on trade runs. Thank you again Everyone
  4. Hullo, is there any way to make Tokens not sellable? I'll explain, while doing trade runs from Fenris, to Nor, I mistakenly sold my Tokens again while leveling up, they appeared in the cargo hold as I was selling the trade goods, this is the second time I've done this, I hold down the shift key while selling to speed empty the cargo to the venders, am totally at a loss now, will never be able to do the Agrippa missions, cause it says on the Database, that the Tokens will not be replaced.   I think they should be non sellable please, for Everyone sake, not just me, or at least get them handed out by a NPC when the level is reached, not appear in the cargo while selling, cause they look just like the trade goods from Fenris, perhaps am blind as a bat when this happens, it's my fault I know, this only a suggestion for us.   Brack
  5. in answer to number 1, The Ship Customizer Terminals in game Stations are a bit buggy, or at least they are for me, work around is to paint your ship Glossy colors first, not the Metallic boxes, then you can change them up again afterwards, someone can correct me if am wrong, so don't quote me on this
  6. Hi All, I think I reported this before some time ago, it's doing it again though, I ran XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 OS's, am currently running Windows 8 64 Bit, with all that said, the LaunchNet7 v2.0.0 Hangs, and progress bar hangs for about 10 minutes to login, I reset the updates, did a debug, and configure the game, an even load the certificate all those did not correct it, it still hangs, an it only does this on one machine, in fact in the past with all those OS's mentioned it did it also, no other machine we have here does this, this Windows 8 is a fresh install too, about 3 or 4 months ago.   After the 10 minute wait to login, everything runs like a clock, no problems in game at all, why is this happening, I don't know, any tips, or advice will be appreciated please, dislike waiting that amount of time just to load the Launcher and hit play   Thank you if you can advise    Brack   Update, I tried to put an attachment screenshot of what's going on with the Launcher, unfortunately, am over my quota to post any photos here on the forums, Message below says this, ( You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments ) That's probably related to my Beta time with the crew here, I used screenshots to explain my tests with the game, any case, it's still happening, its still a 10 minute wait for the Launcher to load and hit Play, an another minute for the TOS to display to agree to login.   Here's the path on the Launcher currently used   C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe     Update again, Aug 3 2013, I uninstalled the Launcher, and downloaded fresh install from the site, Browsers used was Google Chrome first, then IE 10, install exe was saved to downloads file, both times I set to Admin, with UAC turned off, now the Launcher hangs for 10 to 15 minutes sometimes doesn't load at all. The other machines load in seconds, this really a puzzle I tried everything I can think of to solve it, I need help please to correct this.   Update Aug 9 2013, Hullo its still doing it as of this date, I disabled IPv6 that didn't work either, I switched router ports that didn't work either, Network on our machines here runs smooth as glass. all other machines to the same router launch within seconds, the one machine in question being a pain. I uninstalled the Launcher, and the Game 3 times to see if that would work, it didn't, I did a clean sweep of all files, an did a defrag before installing again, I run scans to see if something a miss, machine a-okay. all windows updates are current, along with the latest Graphic drivers nVidia 320. Build, I eve did a rollback to see if that was the issue, it wasn't though.   Update, Aug 14 3911 :lol: My next step is to do a reformat to see if that takes care of it. wish there was a delete Topic post, I remove this post its been here a month now with no suggestions, oh well, on to the next step thank you anyway.
  7. Thank you, I removed all Extensions, and ran scans, seems to be ok now, sorry for jumping the gun on the add boxes, I know I didn't add them, darn spam 
  8. Hullo Everyone, is there a link invasion here at the forum, I noticed this today under my profile in the About me, and Interests categories on our profile, and some right on the main board, some words are underlined with a display box for an add, I believe this to be non player added too, perhaps added by an outside element, who knows, because of this I removed the entire line of words in my Interests bio, take a look around on some topics, or your own bio    it's an invasion I tell ya  :panic:
  9. Thank you Zack, number 4. we have to delete our Char to delete the team Vault? 
  10. Hi Everyone I have some questions about the Team Vault at the Portal, I'll ask then maybe you can reply in the outline   Once a Team Vault is created or added, can we remove our characters from it? Can the creator remove individuals from it? an or block them? is there one an only administrator? Can the creator, or admin delete a Team vault? Does the Team Vault work like our Personal Vault? like logging into the Portal to transfer to another player, or add, or remove items from it, without being at a ingame Terminal? This a little confusing I'll explain, Team Vault Char name is (ABC) and is on the Team Vault list to access it, Char name (DEF) has an item that is not on Team Vault list, but has an item to transfer to (ABC) Char, Can (DEF) Char transfer to (ABC) if (ABC) and (DEF) Char's are under the same Account to the Team Vault for All to see or use? Thank you if can reply, am thinking about adding one
  11. I was Beta tester from 2001 to 2002 I think, so many moons ago I forget now, any ways, when it aired on TechTV show, Their name was just Westwood, They didn't have EA backing them at that point, when They granted open testing, I jumped at the chance to get in, soon after that I got in, this was my first Beta game on the web, besides Networked games. My Son an I gamed until Sunset of 2003 or 2004 He was 8, or 9 years old back then, His first online game too.   ​I still have the original CD's around here somewhere and the Book. The Guilds we were in was our own, at first we created Wing Commander's Elite, it was named after the Movie we watched back then, good Movie by the way check it out here, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0131646/ I think the game was made after that Movie, there allot similarities imho.   After a time, we disbanded our Family Guild, and signed on with Guardians of Light, and stayed until Sunset until the last second at F7 sad day for all indeed. Afterwards we were granted free trails at http://www.eveonline.com/ which we gamed at for about a week, then we went to Starwars Galaxies which I Beta too stayed there until resently about year or two ago until Sony pulled the plug on the game, manager drag really, we enjoyed that one too for 8, or 9 years.   Lastly I was feeling nostalgic, looking for the soundtrack of Earth and Beyond, found the Emu again after many years, I knew you were working on it, I tried it some time ago, I was only able to fly around and dock in one station back then, no venders or anything, so we visited the forums again back on February of 2012, lo and behold again our Community and Game was born again.   Our names back then, and still to this day are Brack, and Zende being My Son.   My Hats off to All of you that worked and still working on it to bring back our Community and Game for All to Enjoy again   Thank you one an All, I /Kowtow to you All   Brack
  12. Nicely done, I just downloaded that Extension myself last night, have yet to create a Theme, I was looking for your at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/theme/48-by-artists?hl=en-US must take time to approve it I guess, any case, creative Theme Riz
  13. Hullo Everyone, yesterday at the Portal Net-7.org I noticed a New Rank showed up named Founder, perhaps it's always been there, I didn't see it when checking on my side, an I check it daily, is this New Rank the highest Rank? above Admiral? and how do we promote ourselves to  that rank? I tired promoting another Leader, then to Founder, it said I was not high enough to do so. are you still working on it?   Also I don't see the Guild Advertisement Tab to input data into the Guild in the About section is that disabled as well?
  14. Hullo once again, what am thinking is different Vin, Take this scenario for what am trying to say, Say you looted 5 Cortex's, their in your inventory currently, you dock at the station, and open your vault on your character your logged into currently, your see that you have 7 Cortex's already in your vault, auto merge would be, dragging the Cortex's from your inventory to your vault, they would automatically stack with the ones in the vault, so you would have 12 altogether in one pile when dragged over.   Vender purchased items, or any other items would have their own stack ya know, cause they be different items, hope that scenario explains me suggestion  :mellow:    Thank you again for all the feedback Brack 
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