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  1. My old E&B Machine is long gone (sucks, because all the awesome pictures were on it, and no idea where they are now)   If i remember correctly, it was able to run E&B wonderfully, but not more :D. (not even 1 GHz, probably 256mb Graphics card, and the worst thing i had back then, a low capacity HDD, had to juggle with what to install and what to delete)   The PC after my old E&B PC is also gone, bought an acer predator after that (2008), and pretty much ripped out everything from then till now and replaced it with something new.   Running an AMD Phenom II 1090T, 3.2GHz (Hexa Core, x6) 16 Gigs of Ram Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7950 OC Windows 7.   So yeah, a little Upgrade :D   My on-the-Go E&B Machine (new)   Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700T (Tablet with Windows 8, would never want to use Windows 8 on a PC) Intel Core I5 (2x 1.8GHz, Turbo mode to 2.5GHz) 4 Gigs of Ram Intel HD Graphics 4000
  2. Omg Spa!!!   How you doing? :D   Yea it has been ages, last time i was on this forum was 2 years ago, remember Stress Testing at some point, don't remember when, and before that was i think all the way back to Sunset.   Got carried away with School and work during that time, still doing an apprenticeship in my own Company (odd, but works :D). And well, got back here last week (at some point, E&B got back into my head) and have been playing since then, and loving it again.   Currently im working on building up my Characters i had back in 2004, same name and same Class (currently around OL 40)   About the Multibox thing, currently just getting my characters up a bit, it's a bit quicker when having a TT with you :D (just not fun when you control both). Would instantly trade it in for a Group or starting up a new Character with someone   Also, i do recognize you're name Phorlaug, some names are still cloudy, but it's coming back after a while
  3. Currently, i also Multibox a litte bit (returned 3 days ago after 2 years).   Never had the experience of Multiboxing in any game (ok that's a lie, i just remembered i used to play with 2 EvE Online accounts) and thought i would give it a try, and it was decent. (just 2 Characters )   If i have the chance to find a Group/Guild (starting to look for one, still getting back into the game), i would much more prefer it that way, it's just more fun to me.
  4. Played from Start till Sunset on Pegasus.   I just returned after being away for 2 to 3 Years (Net-7 Launcher, last time used, Aug15th.2010) , real life caught up and had alot of work to do.   Trying to find a start right now :D   (Smuggle: lvl 135 TT, Soulcleaver: lvl 150+++ PW back then on Pegasus)
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