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  1. I'd be somewhat interested in constant shield recharge. It's pretty darn cool in "that other space mmo". It would add a whole new element to tanking. It would also, I think, be a LOT of work to balance dps to adjust, as well as being Very different from live. Not saying those things mean it absolutely shouldn't be done, just things to consider.
  2. See if the drop down box on client window (i believe client ip) has multiple options listed. I had that issue when connecting via cat5e cable without turning off my wireless router. the ip was 1 number off from the wireless ip I normally connect through and both were showing up with wireless ip selected by default. Selecting the other ip did the truck for me. If that's not the problem... *shrugs*
  3. Wasn't there a diminishing return mechanic to it? Or was that only before the turbo nerf? I assume that's the case since so many remember 99% as the highest.. Just curious and trying to remember stuff from a decade ago..
  4. At least at some point in old live, you took a faction hit for healing, if not just for being in group. The post above about the various changes sounds right. I know my TT had mordana faction as low a it would go and I very rarely did any damage at all let alone the most. As far as what to do in new live, splitting faction between everyone who does something to gain aggro sounds good. Obviously full faction regardless of combat participation is much too exploitable. Full faction for all combat participants seems fair but that could be exploited to some extent too I suppose. Just my humble suggestions (more like agreeing with others humble suggestions lol), I'm sure the devs will strike a balance.
  5. Currently playing on a few-year-old toshiba sat, 64bit win 7. Recently had to move to this when my older (07?) But top of the line at the time satellite pooped on me. Live I ran a top of the line Alienware, which happened to be the worst computer I've ever owned. Shipped with win ME which was horrible, upgraded some components after a couple years and switched to xp, was actually less reliable after that. The Evil Laptop is probaby worse, but it's hard for me to admit lol. Around that time the guys at zdtv/techtv had built UGM(ultimate gaming machine), which led me to give mine the moniker BUGM lol. Long story short, I played just as much on my VAIO, which was low spec even for the time. It was amazing that it even ran the game. On a side note, how many played on 56k or worse? I did and it actually wasn't THAT bad. Except during raids. Or Old Nick. wow the lag that used to accompany that jolly old elf.
  6. Sounds cool. I used to love back in the old days of SWG showing off all the poi's, raids, theme parks I had done, etc. What you're talking about sounds more like XBLive achievements, which I'm a big fan of. No idea if this is possible or practical in thus situation but it would be cool to see.
  7. I think I have the old Vaio I ran the live game on laying around somewhere.. It's got Windows ME so it should be very stable as long as nobody tries to log in or anything crazy like that :p But seriously, three cheers for the team, and for the poor little hamsters! Good luck guys!
  8. Amen. In live building was never a purely charitible activity. I always built for cost for guild and friends but even they almost always tipped because it was understood that building took considerable time, effort and money. It has been nice being able to bring parts to f7 any time of the day or night and count on someone being there to assemble for free, butt it was NEVER even remotely like that in live. Now that the credit is not completely worthless we can and should expect to pay for others time and effort. On a side note, does this remind anyone of a certain country's economy? Don't take my food stamps bro! :P people do love free stuff and if they are getting free stuff they will naturally be upset when they have to start paying. P.s. I realize the complaint is the difficulty of building, my point is that if 200% is near automatic, it takes away from that part of the game and the economy in general.
  9. I played most of "EA Live," few months after launch right up to sunset. I found the EMU, I believe, in ST4. Finding it so awesome to start new toons again and can't wait for the storyline to progress. Thanks to everyone who makes this thing happen!
  10. This was happening last night for me. After maybe 4 or 5 restarts I couldn't log in any of my accounts, even ones I was not repeatedly logging. See topic about login crashes, also in tech support.
  11. [quote name='Rezwalker' timestamp='1342814069' post='60679'] I run the game on three machines and this happens on one of them, all have Vista but i noticed the problem PC has the net-7 folder in c:\program files\net-7\bin and the other two in c:\net-7\bin, could this have something to do with it? [/quote] I suppose.. although mine is in c:\net-7\bin like your computers that work. I plan to try re-installing the launcher later when I am done with school work. Will post results then.
  12. I'm having the same problem. All details are the same: client crashes the moment I hit enter/accept after entering password. I tried the FAQ as well as a few tricks of my own, all to no avail.
  13. I remember seeing in live stats on sectors, like how many people died in Cooper over the week/month, most/least busy sectors, stuff like that. Can you guys track that kinda thing?
  14. I've seen shield inversion make quick work of it. I'm not sure of any other quick way, it took a good while on my jd. I'm waiting till my pp gets area SI to mess with that and who knows about my je.. in any case, SI notwithstanding, killing ones around your level as you go seems to take some sting out of it. Pity Chavez loot is mostly terrible though. If the aforementioned turn in is around it'd be awesome to find it. Overall, I feel like it should take a lot of effort, but maybe be a bit more rewarding. Perhaps another cool gizmo or 2 along the lines of NOS
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