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  1. How to reply all?    Most of the stuff here screms as "screw the balance and gimme win button", so don't expect any WH points, Prototype changes etc.   Agreed with quests, fixes for some skills and clearing Aggripa but other stuff requires UI change which is impossible due to no-client code and EA conduct.
  2. Did :p   Cleaned FIXED & LIVE stuff... 
  3. SiSL

    Call Forward

    Easy fix would be not accepting any of those skills Call Forward request if you don't have L1 equipment equipped... (and not applying it if someone did a quick trick to swap it after notification -- Double check before and after accept etc.)  
  4. Tried but it is for old BINK tools obviously. It basically does not play sound because decoder in client is in OLD format of audio
  5. I can try to get it into BIK again :)
  6. While our beloved Intro is quite nice on concept, it was BIK format and was seriously bugging my with 15 frame per second rate...   So I decided to make an experiement on higher frame rate, by inserting morphing frames between...   I believe I've nailed it with 30 FPS (just 2x) and now entire movie goes much more smoother...   Here is result   http://www.chip.com.tr/video/earth-and-beyond_502.html  (You can click on HQ button with mouse over on video and select 720p for better view)   If you have strong eyes to notice 15 FPS from 30 FPS, here is original 15 FPS version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwGbLVdQBig
  7. Good thing would be, leader should always keep formation setting unless disbanded, left the group or changed formation.    Also when leader only have summoned, yes, formation must be disbanded but leader should still keep group formation setting that others should again click to form, same with any gating, wormholing etc.
  8. @Zack, he is saying some skills should be used during cloak but like Terrel pointed out, that's not really how it is supposed to be...     In my opinion, similiar to "weapon fire" while cloaked, other actions should auto-break cloak (except warp in L7 group cloak and looting from a dead mob) such as when you try to mine asteroid / hulk (ofcourse not when viewing contents but clicking an ore or item inside container), cloak should auto-break, rather than wait for player to decloak first. 
  9.   I know you are :)   How come mbMenu works on its own site at me with IE10 but not here?    Do you use cross domain Ajax requests, how come about Ajax?
  10. Problem within IE10 is actually only from mbMenu script (last dated 2010 here) which has probably nothing with W3C compliance. It uses { menu: 'name' }  style of classNames which are actually out of W3C rules.. Currently used version is Version: 2.8.5rc5 , may be 2.9.6 helps as latest it seems...    Everything else seems to work now with IE=edge now...   Windows 7 IE9 users, please do upgrade to IE10 btw... People with "Ancient Artifact" OS like XP should already moved to Chrome or Firefox.
  11.   Head to toe picture...   Magoo with his pink parrot feathers...
  12. It's better than habitable Risco moon... You can dumb trashes there... 
  13. I've posted here https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8979-new-item-to-build-ammo-crates/?p=77854 and copy/paste here     Including Live, I was always in favor of Ammo building should be another skill (!),   Idea was this: This skill user can not analyze weapons but only ammo (Explorer only skill, JE/PS/TS), it is low SP skill (unlike weapons) but takes SP none the less, Like 5 Levels (Total of 10 SP's I think)   L1 = Ammo Levels 1-2 (TL 5) L2 = Ammo Levels 3-4 (TL 15) L3 = Ammo Levesl = 5-6 (TL 25) L4 = Ammo level = 7-8 (TL 35) L5 = Ammo Level 9 (TL 45)   Weapon builders do not need ammo build, Weapon builders can build ammo + weapons, but ammo builders could only analyze & build ammo...   Considering AMMO is complete different item category, this could be made... Even items crafted with this skill might be marked as no-trade...    But ofcourse there can be lots of seen & unforseen balance issues out there for this... This was just an idea...     But I think entire "can not build ammo" issue could be simplified by if there is a way to "reactivate" Manufacture All button on client (making it easier for component/ammo builders) ( If they didn't remove it but hide it, because I'm pretty sure pre-public beta I remember this button there)   I have posted https://forum.enb-emu...onent-stacking/ as suggestion for also those stacking problem...
  14.   Assigning 2 Public IP's, may be... (by two different external IP provided by your ISP) but definitely not two internal (or LAN IP's)   And even that does not work if you don't have two seperate NIC's...
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