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  1. wmtyrance

    Jobs question

    Sweet thx for reply
  2. wmtyrance

    Jobs question

    Ok so its been awhile. Are lvl 50 combat jobs lvl 50 as in combat or overall lvl 50?
  3. wmtyrance

    Builders inc help

    I really would like to make my seeker my main. He's lvl 75 overall. I really could use some lvling help. Doesn't have to be just guild members if anyone wants to help.27/22/26 for all my lvls right now. Thank you
  4. wmtyrance

    Need lvling help please

    I would like to put out a call to anyone willing to help my JD get combat and explore lvls. Right now i stand at combat lvl 21 and explore lvl 20.
  5. wmtyrance

    Builders Inc.

    You guys are great and you have built stuff for me. I would love to talk to you about joining. Do you have time for low lvl players? The guild i'm in now used to be great before Trump came along. So sick of the politics talking when i'm online gaming. And not having Blacks called bastards because of Black lives matter.
  6. wmtyrance

    Damage Inc.

    I might be interested in leaving my guild to join this one. All my guild does is talk about Trump now and even their Motd has his name in it now. I hate people talking about the election and calling Blacks bastards because of Black lives matter when i'm online gaming.
  7. wmtyrance

    Jenquai Needs a little Love?

    I think Jennies probably get better in the upper levels with the right gear. But the lower levels just hurt and you have to wait it out or quit and make another race. The problem is there is so much gear in this game and most players don't know what they should be using or how to get them. To play this game you need to be in a guild with people willing to help you get through those early levels. I just switched to a JD and he just finished the level 50 hull upgrade and a guildie max level JE helped me thew it.
  8. wmtyrance

    Sulam Pirates

    Ok thanks for the link Flip.
  9. wmtyrance

    Sulam Pirates

    Can you tell me what is going on with these annoying mobs please. Why are they stopping me from doing what i have to do to progress in the game? For low level players this is really annoying that i can't get anywhere because of these mobs blowing me up and giving me xp debt. Gravity wells where non were before and all you can do is sit there and get blown up. Is there some point to this at all? The Vrix are bad enough.
  10. wmtyrance

    Sulam Pirates taking me out of warp?

    This just happened to me also. I never heard of these guys. Are they part of an up coming story or something?
  11. wmtyrance

    Mailing items ?

    I see ok thank you for reply.
  12. wmtyrance

    Mailing items ?

    I'M i right or wrong in thinking that you can mail items to your other characters some how from Net7 character info page that has the mail?
  13. wmtyrance

    Debuff devices question

    Hello Zackman. It seems that it was mostly the mechanical type mobs that are the most trouble. organics are a little better. But i now have some cool devices that i never heard of before in this game. Its really not a big issue anymore. Thanks to an amazing player base that helped me out.
  14. wmtyrance

    Debuff devices question

    Thank you all for the replies. From what i'm learning in game is i need certain devices to negate the energy problems in having and researching what i need. I was not trying to be negative about the game and really like what you have done here.
  15. wmtyrance

    Debuff devices question

    Ok i get that you want the game to be challenging. But with the Rada fails and other devices like it is starting to get to me. I wouldn't mind it so much if along with the amount fails that you added to these devices how about adjusting the amount of energy it takes to use these devices also. Getting more than two fails in a row is i bit much with the amount of energy lost in using them with firing your weapon. I'M at lvl 5 in all my gear. Combat lvl 27 and i have problems with lvl 23 - 25 mobs because of the fails and energy loss.