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  1. I have a JD but seem to be stuck at lvl 79. My overall is 28/26/25. I just would like to team up with some higher lvl players to help me break through this lvl please. I'm on the east coast so i could be on anytime after 7 pm.
  2. Wow brings back memories of the disk in gaming mags. I had so many.
  3. OK so i haven't played in a year or so and got a message that i needed to change my password. Now when you change you Net7 password isn't your game login password also supposed change because mine didn't? If not how do i change the game login password?
  4. Thank you guys for this. I will be on later today around 6 pm est. I will look for all of you. And i swear i was in Builder inc so it must have been another guild its been so long though since i played. I really want to focus on my TT make it my main. He is lvl 75 now combat is 25. So i will be looking to team up and find a good guild again.
  5. Shaikura / Kaikura / Kastagir are my 3 characters.
  6. Yeah i wish i was in a guild. I used to be in Builders inc.but because i haven't played in awhile i must have got booted.
  7. Anything worth 19 million lol? I haven't played in awhile so i don't even remember how i got that much. But i want to focus on my TT as my main i already did the vault transfer thing.
  8. Welcome back and bring some friends from your old server if you keep in touch with any of them. We need more players.
  9. How can i do this in game? I don't do dual logins so what can i do?
  10. wmtyrance

    XP boost

    Since this is an old game and with a small player base Can you increase the amount of XP we gain from doing all things in the game. It really is hard to level up after say level 70 because of the small amount of XP you get from doing anything in the game. Right now i struggle with jobs that just don't give enough XP to make worth sticking it out with them.
  11. It's nice to hear some news on whats going on. I and others worry when we don't hear any news for a while. And we all do love what you guys have done even if we don't say it enough. I do have one question though. Is there any way for us to get a boost in how much XP is gained from doing all things in the game? It just feels so hard to level in a game like this with it's really small player base.
  12. I love that you guys made Seekers too. They are fun to play.
  13. Man, these videos are so fun to watch. The game really needs more of them.
  14. very nice to see something like this about the game again.
  15. I think summer time is tough for this game. But it seems to be picking up now.
  16. Its so funny how i remember guild names from this game. I wasn't even on that server but i remember because of post on guild boards back then. Thank you for doing this
  17. Also you would lose the added classes that this emu put back in the game.
  18. Yeah i complained about these mobs alot too. In live they were not this powerful and attacked in groups like they do here. In live one of the best hunting spots was around OMP. The claimjumpers were great lvl 20 mobs to hunt. But now its ruined by these bio extractors sneaking up on you will you fighter the other mobs.
  19. Ok so its been awhile. Are lvl 50 combat jobs lvl 50 as in combat or overall lvl 50?
  20. I really would like to make my seeker my main. He's lvl 75 overall. I really could use some lvling help. Doesn't have to be just guild members if anyone wants to help.27/22/26 for all my lvls right now. Thank you
  21. I would like to put out a call to anyone willing to help my JD get combat and explore lvls. Right now i stand at combat lvl 21 and explore lvl 20.
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