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  1. I'm back after a 2 year absence! Hoping to see you all out there!
  2. Nice idea.  Porcupine, skunk, bombadier (stink bug), medusa, lamprey, eel (electric), boa, python.....   There are several totally unused effects - just scan the effects list. It would be nice to introduce some of these too.   Once Ardus is opened of course! 
  3. ...the Dev's possibly place a timer on 'open' hulks so that after a short amount of time they explode VIOLENTLY :)  !! This is potentially an exploit if the 5th hulk spawns and the 'held' hulks repopulate with goodies. Certainly a violation. In any case it's annoying, childish and not in keeping with the amiable playerbase we generally have.
  4. I have to agree with most of the points people have made. Like MOB drops, a lot of the 'fun' is finding what you are looking for through your own efforts.  People are generally helpful if you are looking for particular minerals - just ask in New Players or General.   If we had a node finder then of course all of the best places would be known and swamped.   This spreadsheet is about as far as I'd want to go, narrowing down your search to a particular sector. And keep notes.  I have forgotten more than I should.  I have a folder with maps printed out with all sorts of interesting X's marked.   I'd suggest fitting up with the best scan aids (strap a JD with a telescopium on your wing) and fly a grid pattern through every system methodically. Yes it takes time but you will find surprises.  Even in the smallest systems. You will be amazed just how big some of these systems are.  Once you have found YOUR hidden hulk fields and sources of grail water you would probably want to keep the info to yourself and your friends?   If you have the explorer gene then you will likely have the hoarder gene too. My tip is to have warehouse toons in several locations.  Trade to them to get the XP and then use the account vault to store it on several component and ore stores.  You never know when an ore will suddenly become important. I rarely sell any of my ores in the station, apart from gas in Glenn. By the time you have leveled the 3 explorer types to 150 you should have a good stock of most things. I think the explorer classes see more of the game.  Fact - they do, with greater scan and the ability to peek into roids and hulks. Go explore!
  5. Wahoo! I'm back from a long RL work absence and then I find this thread with lots of lovely info.  Let's see if I can get my game PC updated and manage to log in.  Can't wait. <waves to Efi>
  6. I echo Mimir's thoughts. Great for the self sufficient PS and TS. In fact they should really become the ammo suppliers in my little navy. Mine then make. It's made me get the TS and PS out of the dusty hanger. I just need to find more ammo samples. Another reason to go hunting again. Thank you!
  7. I agree with Unicorn. A lot of SP for the ability to make just ammo but not MLs/Beams/PLs. Howabout L1 for skill acquisition, L2/3 for 1 SP, L4/5 for 2 SP, L6/7 for 3 SP and L8/9 for 4 SP - total 10 SP. As it stands it's going to be 21 SP and it's a long way until next Christmas! Thanks for the new skill anyway. I just wish my TS could get another Ballistic Sniper sample lol.
  8. Where do you get the mission? Is it explorer only or something? I have the full set but unfortunately I didn't note where LL or UR drops. I'm sure two dropped at the same time in the same wreck.
  9. There are a few very distant fields which are detailed on enbmaps.de The take time to get to but the field clear is usually excellent if you are leveling. Lagarto, Shepard, Niff, Akerons's gate. Kassina's Reward, Zen, Redemption, Destroyed Ship Probe. Thanks for the list Syberfly - a few I may not have seen before. <zips up flying suit and heads off to hanger>
  10. We have plenty of channels already. We also have several years of using these channels with established guidance on how they should be used. Unfortunately there are some players who want to use profanity, lavatorial humor, inflamatory language, debating baiting, trolling, etc. New Player is not for that. It's where new players should go for help. Older players hang out there to be helpful. General is where you can chat more freely, and OOC is where you can really go to town on politics, etc. But still subject to the profanity/racist/personal attacks guidelines. The right to free speech is precious and applies to USA generally - but not on a channel designed for new players and the general player-base who do not need to hear juvenile jokes, acid humor, insults and worse. We just don't need to hear it, especially when some of us have children playing, and specifically because those of us helping out in New don't need to be scanning the channel for the genuine cries for help in a wall of trash-talk and blathering mish-mash.
  11. First, I don't think the mission is 'in' yet, but second the fragments are all there. Keep killing stuff if you want to be ready for the mission when it comes. Remember the fragments are non-trade. But they also take up 4 vault spaces!
  12. CompTT and my other shield/hull rep toons go by sound. I turn up the sound high and listen for the rhythm. HP and shield have different timings depending on what you have fitted. If no-one needs shield/hull I don't click. If they do, I click. This method is ruined by lag (you do delag don't you?). If its shield charging you mean, then wait for a lull in the battle and rebubble. Practice makes per fe ct. Actually the big issue is whether your buddies are giving you enough energy! ps. I deliberately wait until the last sec to rep the warriors - saves energy and stresses the warriors/worriers!
  13. Please can someone lock this. I'd like to read the forums while calmly eating breakfast. I don't need silliness. This has escalated beyond a discussion of a suggestion and every post just seems to unnecessarily exacerbate the thread..... So far Naughtious: - made a suggestion someone responded with a view that it might cause problems - pointed out bias They replied saying "yes, good suggestion" and tacked on the build suggestion too. - stated facts My reading of 'stated facts' was a series of hostile comments. - used an acceptable tone Actually, more hostile comments. Alurra is quite right is asking people to cool it. So please cool down and discuss things nicely.
  14. There is much less pressure on most of the bosses. A year or two back there would be a continuous camp at all the bosses. Now it's quite possible to go to Bob, Grupta, most Cooper bosses, even Antares and have a pretty quiet day mopping them up. The exceptions are Desash, Warder and now der Tod. If you need the drop, go camp. If the boss spawns, kill it. Rinse. Repeat. My gameplay generally avoids confrontations with other players and I move on and bide my time. Others may be more assertive but it's rare to find someone who simply wont share a site, or at least tell you when they are done. Just ask if a place is camped. You'll get what you want - eventually. The one place where this breaks down is of course the Warder but that is a totally different story. I really wish this was resolved with random spawns, a rotation, or a trigger.
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