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Agrippa Technology Tips And Observations

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I've been curious about this Agrippa stuff for a long time now, but based on all the rumors I've heard in the past about how easy it was to lock yourself out of being able to do the missions, I'd always just resisted the urge to play a progen, hoping that at some point in the future, one of two things would happen:


1. The restrictions would be slightly less deliberately moronic, OR

2. Someone would post a thread or a wiki with a minimalistic guide of how to navigate these minefields. All I really want is a bullet-point list of every mission (name and NPC only) and the EXACT requirements of each.


But after reading this thread from start to finish, and seeing all the comments (most especially Byakhee's), I think neither option will ever come about. Based on Byakhee's posts (the ones that were written in sensible english sentences, anyways), I can only surmise that he is purposefully antagonizing progen players. The whole Gold Token thing is proof of this. According to what I've read here, each of the missions requires a Silver Token if done at the appropriate level, and each progen only ever gets 6 Silver Tokens as they level. BUT! If you missed the cutoff level to do one of them, you have to convert THREE Silver Tokens into a Gold Token to do the same mission. Hey, awesome, now I only ever get to do two missions, instead of six. Thanks!


I wouldn't mind the idea of making it more expensive to do at later levels, if the expense was in the form of credits/ores/materials/etc. But to actually reduce the number of missions a character can complete JUST because they leveled up is a completely bull**** way to punish players for playing the game.


So I guess that leaves me at the point of saying: until [u]EITHER[/u] Byakhee is no longer a dev, [u]OR[/u] he eats some humble pie and finally takes the draconian level and hull requirements away, I will be yet another player that will not ever touch the progen race.

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I am not defending Agrippa nor advocating the mission lines, but.....

His signature line says "If you are looking for challenging missions, you've come to the right place." I recently was privvy to an interview with him. Agrippa could have been far worse, but for the limitations of the Emulator. The Agrippa lines of systems and weapons COULD have been geared to lose efficiency based on the pilot-user's current Centuriata Faction. As a pilots becomes more pirate and less loyal to the Republic, the Agrippa systems would lose efficiency, firing less often or less accurate. But that loyalty determinator was squelched at the Republic Decemvirate level and the Collegia had to reluctantly put pressure on Agrippa Technologies.

Now that's a nice story-based reason, rooted in what I was assured in the interview that Agrippa is Working As Intended. Now, I'm no Developer, but I get passed things, that I try to put into a storyline format. Agrippa works. I have a Sentinel that went through the normal curriculum. I have a Privateer that's in a holding pattern, having gone into Agrippa through Kenlz' modus operendi. Because of the freeze on our timeline progress (due to server stability, crashes, lag, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam), which is no fault to Agrippa, some missions in the "X Fer Kenlz" cannot currently be completed. We pilots will have to be patient until a time when certain sectors of space become opened, (e.g. Der Todesengel, Roc, Aquitaine, Maelstroms and Shears, etc.)

If you, the player or pilot, want to do Agrippa, my advice is this. Roll up a Progen of your choice. Enter Agrippa through the front door by starting the curriculum before HU135. With so many pilots who have graduated Agrippa willing to advise, help and assist you for your bravery and loss of sanity, the Agrippa line of missions should leave you with a palpable sense of accomplishment, less sanity baggage, and systems that are worthwhile to own, use, manufacture and sell on the Market Channel. You will join the alumni who have embroidered straightjackets and padded cells at Detention Center Onorom.

I was told once in an interview that similarly difficult missions may be in the future for the other two races, filled with storyline, competitive systems and weapons, and just as challenging, difficult, tedious, and bureaucratic (Terran anyone?) or religious (For The Jenquai Hierate!). So, non-Progen players, count your lucky stars that the Developers did not start an Agrippa-like line of missions with your favorite race first.

From the Living section department of NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.

p.s. I still don't get a Net-7 Shield like they did back in 'retail'. Edited by Pakkrat
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Storyline missions for the other two races sounds very nice.  Since they weren't ready before the start of Live; however, I'd expect that they wouldn't have penalties for L150 players doing them, since some of those players would have gotten their L135 HUs before such missions existed.   Thanks for the hint Pakkrat.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I recently discovered this game was still in existence in some forum after it was unceremoniously shutdown on me about a decade ago. It is a joy to see it still in existence and thank everyone involved in making it happen. Bare with me so you can understand the point of view from a new player.


To see so many familiar things was really nice, but I also noticed some dramatic changes. Spawn rates were through the roof! I thought this was great because it makes grinding much easier instead of playing  a pointless waiting game. I soon realized that death came much more frequently because if you didn't kite or pull your target away from the spawning point or were strong enough to kill quickly, even lower CL mobs would kill you in a swarm....so naturally I thought "Get bigger and stronger quick".

So I did. I did get these tokens for bonus content and thought "Ok, cool. I will get to that when I feel strong enough not to be shot to bits by swarming CL23 Chavez at Nav Point such-and-such." Now I am OL 84 and finallly discovered where this Architecti Telum person is located due to exploring (not because I was searching out bonus content from a token).


However, this aggripa level restrictions have me completely perplexed. As someone who just returned to the game a few weeks ago, it was not clear that the missions were level capped. The token makes NO mention of this. This really needs to be more explicit or simply removed. Skimming through this thread tells me it will not be removed so please consider making it clear on the tokens. Thanks!

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- Says on tokens speak to the Nota NPC for further info

- Nota NPC does specify restrictions


Tokens are not just for Agrippa and there is a back door.


For you, if you are Hull Level 50 - Hull Level 100 ( OL 84 ) you should have no issues unlocking Agrippa Stage I

= You need the correct build skill


For those with the final Hull Level you need the back door if you did not do it earlier.  Its a lot easier to do it earlier.

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Hi all, this is just going to be my two cents on Agrippa, I have enjoyed doing Agrippa on all nine classes of toons.  The trouble I have read and found out with Agrippa is that if you don’t read all of the talk tree and remember what they are asking for, you will miss something. I found a tool that has helped me to remember what the talk tree has said. It comes with Win 7/8; it’s called snip it. I use it for every talk tree I come to and past it to a word or note pad for easy reference. It helps me greatly and it will help you as well. It is better than a screen shot.


I have also found that it you look up in the DB it gives you a list of what is needed to make each item in Agrippa; it makes it so much easier and faster to have what you need before they ask for it...IE ORES. Rip them when you can. If you are asked to make one of something make two or three. That way if you have missed a step you won’t have to go looking for the stuff all over again.

  1. Use Snip it.
  2. Look up what is needed before you need it.
  3. If they ask for 1 make more.

I hope this will help someone in the future.

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I wrote a thing to deal with the nested dependencies that define agrippa (seriously, I don't want to think about how many Vodka I need to build 15 Flechettes, 3 reactors, and a couple shields/devices, plus other turn ins and whatever else!) Or, in the case of Stage III Encryptions, I don't want to have to figure out how many bits I need to make X SOOAs, which means X Hull Mesh, and Collegia Auth bits. Bleh!


http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Agrippa_Material_Requirement_Script<--so there's my work. Feel free to add missing recipies, such as Flechette Beta/Gamma.

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I find I am unable to start Agrippa Stage 1 Weapons.


Requirements according to Net 7 Wiki -


OL < 135 

50 <= Hull Level <= 100 

Build Weapons skill at level 5 

Basic Progen Optional Mission Token


My stats -

Progen Privateer 

OL 75

HU 50 (Currently doing HU 75 mission)

Build Weapon skill Lvl 5

Has Basic Progen Optional Mission Token


Requirements from Architecti Telum -


Symbol of Loyalty (Guess that's the Basic Progen Optional Mission Token )

HU 100 ???

Build Weapons 5.


I've also found I can not start the Silver Token mission Inflammatory Ideas.


Requirements according to Net 7 Wiki -


50 <= Hull Level < 75 

Build Weapons skill at level 3 

Basic Progen Optional Mission Token


Requirements from Architecti Telum -

Basic Progen Optional Mission Token

HU not over 50

Build Weapons 3

and the only talk tree options are 

- I'm stuck on my Stage 1 basic ammunition research

- I'm stuck on my Stage 1 advanced ammunition research

or OK.


PC name id Lursa. 

Any ideas?








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Symbol of Loyalty is not a basic token , it looks like a gold shield type of thingy :) And its a reward for doing Telum's Progen Token Bonus Mission 'Fast and Dangerous'.

Edited by Prrekoorb
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Avatar - Lursa, but the problem seems to have fixed itself. Not sure what happened.

Spoke to NOTA in Mars like it says on the token. Didn't think you had to do that after already using Silver Tokens but it worked.


Thanks anyway.

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