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  1. The developer involved in this mission was a little strange in that they wanted the Progen to be the best trained in the galaxy, compare the complexity of the Progen missons to the terran or jenquai missions...
  2. Tokens: - Says on tokens speak to the Nota NPC for further info - Nota NPC does specify restrictions   Tokens are not just for Agrippa and there is a back door.   For you, if you are Hull Level 50 - Hull Level 100 ( OL 84 ) you should have no issues unlocking Agrippa Stage I = You need the correct build skill   For those with the final Hull Level you need the back door if you did not do it earlier.  Its a lot easier to do it earlier.
  3. A certain progen who may decide to go to a less known part of space :angry: has heard rumours of what she wants.  Of course, should weapon development increase or harder and more exotic PW gear become available, she may decide to invest in that instead!!  At the moment, her interest lies with certain rumours she has heard, if the sector is not currently available then sorry!  She is not interested in stuff for Terrans or Jenquai.    ** I forsee a sector crash in the rush that DT is opened! **   "Statistics   x number of players, 95% of progen in DT"
  4. You will not be locked out if you have started all the Agrippa content you wanted to do.   The mission checks when obtaining Agrippa, just do not forfeit any Agrippa you have started with Tokens - and you should still be able to complete them - of course this does mean if you decide to hold onto unlocked Agrippa missions and then advance beyond, you do so at your own risk in case of system crashes or accidentally forfeiting a mission!   Bonus missions are not level dependent Stage II is not level dependent (other than a max build level and able to equip stuff made) Stage III is not level dependent (only need to have done Stage I and II )
  5. Sentinel only - Must have completed Stage I  Devices - Must have completed Stage II Devices   Speak to Architecti Composita     (Research depends on the universe advancing before anything else can be created, you have reached the end of Stage II in Components).
  6. The mission required from Architecti Telum is :      Battlefield Preparations   - Any mission with "Bonus" in the title or "Stage II or Stage III" is independent of Hull Level     - Silver Tokens provide unlock at 75 - 100 hull - Gold Tokens give a back way at 135 hull (but it costs a bit more)
  7. Ooo.. This has been limiting the size of my posts as I thought you couldn't copy / paste. Thought it had been a "Restriction on Byakhee"   Thanks, Developers may thank you in person!  :mad: :blink: :unsure: :lol:
  8. Correct: The Silver Tokens are there for the player who got them only. Ideally these should have a "worthless value" on them.
  9. Yeh. Think it may have been that Endriago had a revamp of that area some time ago and these mobs may have been lowered.  <Not Guilty!>       There was a reason for them being there after all!!     Of additional note, if you find another spot elsewhere in the galaxy with them in, the mission should update for them there too.
  10. It is planned to be applied as the default talk tree for all 5.   The default is the one that is the "hello do you want to buy something" displayed on all traders if anyone goes and visit.   This will tend to check: 0.  If you are an enemy of the Progen Republic 1.  Correct level of Build Skill to do the missions 2.  If you have completed a research line 2a.  If you have not completed a research line, where in that research line you have got to 2b.  If you were required to interact with another player or another NPC, who is expecting you.   -------------------------------   Mission ones will remain the same. The reason they are click-click-click-click-click-click in parts is that each click is a logical check against something dynamic and has a chance of going LEFT / RIGHT down a logic tree.  So behind your response on the click is some code that is looking at your character and deciding which talk route to go.  This is why in the code   1: Welcome to hard missions <What do I do:  =  talk stage 2 as I like you> <What do I do:  =  talk stage 3 as I don't like you>        <Goodbye = exit chat>    2: Well, I can explain this to you   or   3: Go away, I don't like you!     You should only get to see one instance of "What do I do" there so the options you see are What do I do Goodbye   but from the talk tree paths that intertwine this gets a lot more dynamic when you have 2^7 possibilities, although some of them return to centre when you go down a route that has both like and hate cancelling out each other.  This is why the first talk tree part, the sorting of the relative like/hate is always at least 7-8 talk clicks   Dynamic.
  11. Architecti Scuti's Default talk tree has been revised today, it should give you a maximum of 3 click - click - click to give a sometime cryptic clue as to what is required.  Sometimes it will just congratulate you on what you did previously!  However, it will tell you if you have yet to complete Stage I, II or III.
  12. Well due to the complex mission line it was intended that the NPC would be able to dynamically view your character and check what you had achieved and then give a correct response that is most relative to what you need to do.  There is a lot of logic involved here by supplying arguments to code modules created for the purpose, and not all of it works the same way.    For example on the screen shot you viewed, you should never have seen one Stage I, as you have completed Stage I.    I've done a tweak for the next update based on your screen, but the talk tree may be amended.   Architecti Telum's talk tree is a more modern version.
  13. Default talk tree for her seems to be conflicting.
  14. Yep.   No hull restriction (above hull 50+) on entry to Agrippa but the route you enter will be different if you have your final level of hull (and potentially a lot more expensive)
  15. [Feels like muttering like Mutley in the 'Catch the pigeon cartoons']   Not sure about changing the forumlae, it would have to be a level 5 from manufacturer starting with A. B or C  (ie mob dropped content only), and be able to be created. Is it just that at this stage of the universe the Eruption II is not as widespread than it will be?   Bumping this on, but te component chosen will be mob-dropped non-vendor only.
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