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  1. All good Moulinneuf. I had no doubt in what Woodstock said. I've found the Wiki to be very useful in pointing you in the right direction if you get stuck. There is always going to be the odd occasional hiccup.
  2. Wow, ok. The Wiki really needs updating. Just makes it confusing when you think your doing whats required only to find out it's wrong. I'm not even sure if I can pick up the "Silver Token:Inflammatory Ideas" mission now as it's never been offered to my PP, but my PW has completed it.and he is only Weapons 4.
  3. OK, I thought the "Silver Token:Inflammatory Ideas" mission was only needed for the "Progen Token Bonus: Advanced Effervo Ammunition". I'm only going off what is in the Agrippa Walkthrough in the Wiki.
  4. Ok, old post but I've done "Silver Token: Hey! Who turned out the light" and still can't pick up the Progen Token Bonus: Effervo Ammunition mission, Got the Multiforus Multiplico Effervo Quinque sitting in my hold but Impeator Agrippa just tells me about how top get into Agrippa stage 1 & 2. OL83 PP with Build Weapons 5. Wiki entry - Progen 50 <= Hull Level < 135 Multiforus Multiplico Effervo Quinque in inventory Finished Silver Token: Hey! Who turned out the lights
  5. Started getting this msg box whe n I hit the play button. All was working fine last night. Never mind, now working. Strange hiccup.
  6. Nice, but for some strange reason the alts load up on the primary screen, not on the secondary screen. I've also noticed that the EnBPlay script the keys for the Alt to accept formation & [FIRE] on target aren't working. Suggestions?
  7. Speaking of editing the wiki, any idea where can you find what rewards you've received for a mission you've just completed. I've checked the chat log and it shows you everything but the mission rewards.
  8. Found this in the wiki. Someone had placed it in the "Steps" template and overwritten all the steps sections of all the missions. Template has been fixed and this has been added to the existing entry, but it still needs refinement. *** Disregard ***
  9. Got me beat as to what the problem is then. Thanks for the help, but it is a little frustrating. I love this game. I'll have to retry the mission on my JE that had the same problem 5 years ago and see what happens.
  10. Hmmm, 5 years later, to the day...Different avatar (Muriel) and still the same problem, but then I've been having problems with scanning missions all day. Each scanning step in the mission: Search for the key, had to be advanced by a GM after I had scanned the marker & got the msg I had completed it.
  11. So there is a lvl limit for Somethin' Shimmery. Just going off Moulinneuf's post from 8/8/19 about there being no limits. Think the wiki needs updating.
  12. After having read all comments I still have no idea why this isn't working. Lv 73 JE -53 Bogeril faction 3 x small jug of moonshine 3 x jug of moonshine 3 x large jug of moonshine all in hold Checked completed mission log - mission has not been done. No chat option for Ezekial??
  13. Speaking of bonus, the job terminal "Clear field" jobs, the designated field should have a blue marker? so clearing the field should be easy. Mission I took for the marked field near Pax Decima Gemina, gave no bonus & did not finalize after all marked roids were mined. Avatar - Coronado
  14. Avatar - Lursa, but the problem seems to have fixed itself. Not sure what happened. Spoke to NOTA in Mars like it says on the token. Didn't think you had to do that after already using Silver Tokens but it worked. Thanks anyway.
  15. Never mind, it's now working after I spoke to NOTA in Mars and he explained the Silver Tokens to me...again. 😡
  16. I find I am unable to start Agrippa Stage 1 Weapons. Requirements according to Net 7 Wiki - Progen OL < 135 50 <= Hull Level <= 100 Build Weapons skill at level 5 Basic Progen Optional Mission Token My stats - Progen Privateer OL 75 HU 50 (Currently doing HU 75 mission) Build Weapon skill Lvl 5 Has Basic Progen Optional Mission Token Requirements from Architecti Telum - Progen Symbol of Loyalty (Guess that's the Basic Progen Optional Mission Token ) HU 100 ??? Build Weapons 5. I've also found I can not start the Silver Token mission Inflammatory Ideas. Requirements according to Net 7 Wiki - Progen 50 <= Hull Level < 75 Build Weapons skill at level 3 Basic Progen Optional Mission Token Requirements from Architecti Telum - Basic Progen Optional Mission Token HU not over 50 Build Weapons 3 and the only talk tree options are - I'm stuck on my Stage 1 basic ammunition research - I'm stuck on my Stage 1 advanced ammunition research or OK. PC name id Lursa. Any ideas?
  17. You are the best Prre. Characters name is Dijone. Thanks.
  18. Curious to know if this is still in game? The Net 7 portal wiki shows it's dropped from Advisor Di-Shing who's on a 24 hour respawn. Anyone got an idea of when the timer starts or is it just gonna be blind luck?
  19. Pickup an important package for Anusha Dayakara. 1/ Travel to Chernevog Station, Aragoth Prime and speak with Harvey Krum. 2/ Return to Anusha Dayakara with the important package So the mission disappeared from my mission log without me getting the package. Is this a restart from Anusha because I wouldn't pay Harvey? or did I just crap out the mission? Character - Hackett OL65 TT
  20. From the mission log - Step 1/ Kill a few Ostarae Vega until you find a frond. Found lots of Ostarae in the D/B (Seeders, Sporemother, etc), but no mention of these Vega type. Are they known as something different? Or does the mission info need to be updated?
  21. It appears that if you opt out/cancel this mission after a hand in, you can't pick it up again.
  22. Just curious if anybody has tried to use the Agrippa Material Requirement Script from the Net 7 portal Wiki? I'm using cygwin as is mentioned on the page but just can not get it to work. No idea if I'm missing something or I'm just an idiot
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