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  1. Played original EnB and loved it! I was so made at EA for shutting it down that I didn't buy a game of theirs for close to 8 years ha! So glad it is still around in some form today and that the devs are doing such a good job. 
  2. Non-sellable option seems reasonable. I guess i just need to read more to understand tokens a bit more - still too much of a noob. I am a bit bummed I cannot do stage 1 stuff because I am too high a level now.
  3. I have only been playing this game for about a month now (or a 10+ year since sunset) and half to agree with you. Great community!
  4. I recently discovered this game was still in existence in some forum after it was unceremoniously shutdown on me about a decade ago. It is a joy to see it still in existence and thank everyone involved in making it happen. Bare with me so you can understand the point of view from a new player.   To see so many familiar things was really nice, but I also noticed some dramatic changes. Spawn rates were through the roof! I thought this was great because it makes grinding much easier instead of playing  a pointless waiting game. I soon realized that death came much more frequently because if you didn't kite or pull your target away from the spawning point or were strong enough to kill quickly, even lower CL mobs would kill you in a swarm....so naturally I thought "Get bigger and stronger quick". So I did. I did get these tokens for bonus content and thought "Ok, cool. I will get to that when I feel strong enough not to be shot to bits by swarming CL23 Chavez at Nav Point such-and-such." Now I am OL 84 and finallly discovered where this Architecti Telum person is located due to exploring (not because I was searching out bonus content from a token).   However, this aggripa level restrictions have me completely perplexed. As someone who just returned to the game a few weeks ago, it was not clear that the missions were level capped. The token makes NO mention of this. This really needs to be more explicit or simply removed. Skimming through this thread tells me it will not be removed so please consider making it clear on the tokens. Thanks!
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