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  1. Just in case your not aware server is down
  2. Just in case your not aware server is down
  3. Just in case your not aware server is down
  4. I build a few things every now and then and if i can help i will
  5. Don't think its me , i have not been near the computer since 16:45 this afternoon .
  6. Its still down , or am i the player causing the crashes ? I do hope not because wifey and daughter are watching k-Pop , please don't subject me to that
  7. Symbol of Loyalty is not a basic token , it looks like a gold shield type of thingy And its a reward for doing Telum's Progen Token Bonus Mission 'Fast and Dangerous'.
  8. Yes the item is still in game , if you were the last person to kill the mob you might roughly know when he was going to return Other than that its like you said , just blind luck . But i have a couple spare so i can mail you 1 if you give me the name of the toon
  9. Thank you rupgraves , same issue . Guess i will watch a film or two
  10. Is it just me or is there a problem with the server ?
  11. That's because they were logged in before it went down , i have just disconnected and now can't get back on lol. Guess i'll go mow the lawn Or go fly a drone in the back garden and really upset the wife.
  12. Hi Phorlaug , nice of you to drop by , i hope your keeping well also. Can't wait for the day this madness is over
  13. I know i have posted this before but it just cracks me up every time
  14. Welcome back Some useful info …….. www.net-7.org (game database) www.net-7.org/wiki (player inspired database/mission tips/where to find /what drops it/who to talk to ? ) enbmaps.de (for 99% of all navs + stations + NPC's + travel routes etc etc ) enb.gearlist.co.uk On the launcher please make sure ALL 4 box's on the left side are checked . NON on the right . In game go to Options > Graphics then uncheck the box and slide everything but not Gamma to the far right
  15. Yes i use it a lot,its very useful. But i never use the terminal to access the 'Mail' feature , i just log out to Character Selection. It can also be very useful when you try to pick up an unique item and already have that item in cargo ,just quickly log out and mail that item out of your cargo bay .Then you can log back in and continue looting, your ship will still have the corpse targeted
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