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  1. Bug : Spies R Us - Terran Brush Pass.

    Spies R Us - The Brush Pass Terran = Maxi Bubumpa (Mission giver) - Main deck - Jagerstadt - Zweihander planet = pick up 2 reports Jenquai = Master Ayam (Mission giver) - Lounge - Yasuragi - Swooping Eagle planet = pick up 2 reports Progen = Gratis Augustus Var (Mission giver) - Main Deck - Arx Tiberius - Tarsis = pick up 2 reports Each 'player' (race) does this Now make your way to StarClipper station in Mercury and dock . Exchange reports (example if you are a Progen give 1 of your Progen reports to a Terran for 1 of his Terran reports and 1 of your reports to a Jenquai for 1 of his , be careful not give wrong reports) Now you should as per the example above as a Progen have 1 Terran and 1 Jenquai report and no Progen reports, and the Terran will have 1 Progen and 1 Jenquai and the Jenquai 1 Terran and 1 Progen . Make your way back to the mission giver and hey presto your done
  2. Wasted Triggers !

    No problem
  3. Wasted Triggers !

    Right ok lets get one thing straight i am NOT leader of VGE which is why i said i would get back to you on what VGE thought on the matter of wasted triggers .If you remember you said about the new rules concerning triggers and i said yes to begin with when i answered your public call for "anyone from VGE online" as i thought you had been informed of Iceminers conversation with a couple of the guild leaders . But when i learnt of your intentions i told you i was NOT happy to go along with the conversation any longer until i had informed VGE of what you had said. I was told there would probably be a meeting on TS in the near future to iron things out on how to move forward . As far as FFA i do believe it will descend into this if rotation is messed with .(not objecting to including DI in rota though plus the removal of Static if needed may solve the situation ) As far as what we as a guild do with new members at a raid gear roll i was just pointing out how fair this policy is and that if a FFA were to happen as a result of guilds having the trigger taken away from them how would they be raid geared ? Maybe FFA is too strong a word , maybe it should be OTS (open to some) But saying that , my personnel feelings are it might work if ....... Wasted triggers rule ( amending the rotation to include DI and the removal of Static if they are no longer a viable guild ) = people asked the guild who's dedicated trigger it is and No reply at all or visual contact after say 12 hours? = permission to assemble and do it OPEN TO ALL SERVER PLAYERS .....Items that drop are rolled between raid players who showed up and their toon and whatever approval between themselves -----------Not allowed to multibox an entire group when you do raid rotation triggers Not allowed to multibox an entire group when you invoke wasted triggers rule. Anyway this all i have to say on the matter now as i am pissed off with the whole friggin thing , i play this game because i love it If i wanted to be in politics i would have become an MP
  4. Wasted Triggers !

    In our private conversation a few days ago i made it clear that i was not i agreement to any changes to rotation (not that my opinion matter's ) until further notice . I don't know of any member of VGE that was at the agreement that you speak of . BTW how can you ask a guild if they are going to do their raid if they are not online ,we at VGE have members from all over the globe , how could the ones online at the time of asking possibly know what those guildies not online were intending to do ? Unless of course you would like us to resort to just using our players that multibox a group of their own ? And can take down raids solo , but we wont do this . The rotation is flawed sometimes i will admit but its better than a FFA . A PRS run properly would be a solution . The way VGE gears up new players that join our guild means that at every raid we do the 'Main' toon of a newplayer gets first shout at the raid gear . Thus gearing them up before old players 'alts' , will this be the same under a FFA rule or will it just mean a random roll system is in place meaning newplayer 'mains' may have to wait months maybe before they win raid gear ? And this is also based on multiboxers NOT camping triggers !!! (i dont multibox btw) . Also why is a trigger considered 'wasted' if its up and not being killed ? If its not your week its non of your concern if a guild is not getting all of the goodies it could/might be getting if it pounced on the trigger every time it spawned ffs !! And(this is the last bit i promise ) the ADV freely admits i did not get back in touch with him therefore no decision was made by me
  5. Wasted Triggers !

    The ADV today gave permission for triggers deemed as 'wasted' (if a guild does not reply to tells) are to be a free for all now as agreed by all the guilds (except Static ) on this thread . I cant see it on here ? Let the games begin
  6. unable to log in

    Yeh ty both of you i just youtubed the answer and installed the missing dll file and it works now , as i was doing this you both replied to my post If nothing else these problems are getting me more involved with tinkering around with my computer lol . Easy for most of you but alien to me
  7. unable to log in

    Now get ........... net7proxy.exe - System Error The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR120.dll was not found.Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. Any ideas ?
  8. unable to log in

    Yup probably my easy option Ty Zack Yay i'm back online Boooooo ! today's (04/07/17) patch knocked me offline again
  9. unable to log in

    Thank you for the suggestion but i am a complete dunce when it comes to this sort of thing lol ............ but i was under the impression that this 'cert' problem was for an older os ? So why is it affecting my windows 10 desktop machine and has no effect on my tablet (also win10) ? And i honestly have no clue what you mean by 'google a bit for "certificate console windows 10" etc etc .................... ? Its probably time i did a clean up on this system anyway so i will do a complete wipe and re-install of win 10 and see if that cures it .
  10. unable to log in

    Yesterday i had no login problems on my Win 10 desktop, yet today i am getting INV-300 notice every time i try to login.............anyone got any ideas please? My Win 10 Tablet is on the same router and connects without a problem (both systems are wifi). I have done a fresh install just in case This is what i get 22:43:09: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org) 22:43:09: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org) 22:43:09: Could not send HTTP request. Last Error : 12057 Description : Error Description Not Found 22:43:09: GetTicketSync(1) failed with IAUTHORIZE_BAD_CONNECTION. User : wormy Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org Code : INV-300 Text : EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300)
  11. Terran Scout Mission help

    1. Gather: L4 Electro D4 Superinducer, L7 Quark Quantum brain 360, L7 Nova Armored Vault, 5x Decayed Jenquai Heads, 5x decayed Progen heads, and 5x Decayed Terran Heads. 3 cartons of eggs (Somerland station).You will also need to get 3 ammo samples of each of these , Masaaki's Fire (Joves Fury) / Popper Pellets (Jagerstadt) / Zieg's Apprentice (Arx Magister).All items apart from the Eggs are tradable so you can send a JE shopping if you like . ABA asteroid AA-244 in center for heads. cl 13 for all three types (these are east of nav) cl 10 (these are around the nav for progen/jenquai . Vendors for comps (I used Jupiter and F7 ) 2. Travel to Margessi Station and speak to India van Helkein-Navarre for the 'Bite the Bullet' mission. 3. Travel to Ishuan station and speak to the Dr. H'neydoo in the lounge. This will give you the "Green Inititive : Why did the chicken cross". (I went from Kailaasa to Yokan to Castor system.) 4. Go to Arduine planet and talk to the Essence Research Lab (it is behind the gate after you enter). 5. Give the 3 components that you collected earlier to the lab. Be sure to respond with " I've learned not to mess..." 6. Return to Dr. H'neydoo on Ishuan station. 7. Speak to Mr. Beeker in the same room. 8. Talk to Mr. Beeker again. He will give you the mission "Green Initiative : You'd forget your head if it was't attached" 9. Travel to Jagerstadt City in alpha centauri on Zweihander planet. Speak to Dr. Sacha Ileiko. (You may need to move the heads in inventory to update the mission) 10. Kill the large blue plant outside the city located 5km south of earthcorp research station ~15min timer. Name of blue plant is 'Audrey the Weed Popper' 11. Return to Dr. Sacha Ileiko to update the mission.Now purchase 3 Popper Pellet samples (get the other ammo samples when you wish but before you get to part 19 ) 12. Go to Endiago planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in lounge. 13. Use the wormhole on endrigo planet to go to Risco moon. Once there scan the getco sleeper ship. 14. Return to Porvenir Mons on Endrigo planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in the lounge to get your first sample. (you may need to move around your heads if the mission does not update) 15. Travel to Paren station (via Somerled for eggs) and talk to Hsing Fu'un.(main room) 16. Talk to Hsing Fu'un again. 17. Return to Ishuan station and talk to Mr. Beeker. 18. Talk to Dr. H'neydoo 19. Return to India vam Helkein-Navarre . Talk to her a few times , you may need to move the ammo around in your cargo . 20. Mission complete , new skill obtained
  12. Terran Scout Mission help

    Electro D4 Superinducer 4 Quark Quantum Brain 360 7 Nova Armored Vault 7
  13. Week 02 dev meeting answers

    I had not seen you around , i must have been logging in when you were not online . My bad