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  1. I build a few things every now and then and if i can help i will
  2. Don't think its me , i have not been near the computer since 16:45 this afternoon .
  3. Its still down , or am i the player causing the crashes ? I do hope not because wifey and daughter are watching k-Pop , please don't subject me to that
  4. Symbol of Loyalty is not a basic token , it looks like a gold shield type of thingy And its a reward for doing Telum's Progen Token Bonus Mission 'Fast and Dangerous'.
  5. Yes the item is still in game , if you were the last person to kill the mob you might roughly know when he was going to return Other than that its like you said , just blind luck . But i have a couple spare so i can mail you 1 if you give me the name of the toon
  6. Thank you rupgraves , same issue . Guess i will watch a film or two
  7. Is it just me or is there a problem with the server ?
  8. That's because they were logged in before it went down , i have just disconnected and now can't get back on lol. Guess i'll go mow the lawn Or go fly a drone in the back garden and really upset the wife.
  9. Hi Phorlaug , nice of you to drop by , i hope your keeping well also. Can't wait for the day this madness is over
  10. I know i have posted this before but it just cracks me up every time
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