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  1. Mars Alpha > Tarsis > Primus > Endriago > Altair > Moto use Moto gate you must get Progen combine faction (-1999 and above iirc) , the easiest way to get this (if you need it) is to travel to Saturn > Net-7 Beacon and choose the progen option and follow instructions . And do jobs that have a progen combine faction reward. If you get progen combine and terran alliance faction you can use both gates (the Altair and Aganju gates).
  2. I don't see any real need for reporting...........after all we are all adults (most of us are over or very close to 50 yrs old i reckon) I have found if i don't like a players attitude or 'potty mouth' just stick them on ignore (or change chat channel for a while) works far better in the long run. Quite often a players attitude will change when they realise the majority of the players have them on ignore......or they get fed up of talking to themselves and leave the game. If its harassment , well that's a completely different ball game. But if you do feel that something has to be brought to the attention of the GM's , send in a ticket ( and leave it to them to decide the outcome .
  3. Congratulations to all of you
  4. Yes you can , the skill is called 'Call Forward' and used by a PS on itself or anyone else. You have to go to Arx Spartoi in Endriago and buy a Biostruct from Gans in the lounge . The Biostruct has to be equal to (or above) the amount of 'dots' in the skill you wish to reset,Equip one Biostruct as a device (one skill at a time) and find a nice PS with the Call Forward skill to come and reset the skill points for you . Engine, Reactor and Shield cannot be reset. Ps........... you can't skill point yourself into a dead end as you continue to get one point per lvl after reaching lvl150.So it is possible to totally max out all skills eventually .
  5. All 4 on left ,non on right. (Just in case there is any confusion as to which box's) Ps...........Hi Cimbad
  6. Welcome to EnB
  7. Having studied all the candidates My vote goes to Moulinneuf . May the best man win
  8. Ditto
  9. As i have i said in a previous post i am not totally against the scrapping of the rotation...... BUT!! (looking at the two points i have underlined on this quote) what do you think is going to happen if you do scrap it and make it a free for all ? And don't say they(boxers etc) wont. Because they will (look at the Warder spawn for example , its been controlled by a minority since day one). In my honest opinion its not the rotation that is causing the low player base , some of the blame lies with the false accusations that the rotation restricts players from getting gear . When in fact it helps by including EVERYONE ( if they wish to do so ) once every 4 weeks to each of the 4 rotation raids(EVERYONE gets the chance to take part in each of the raids for a week , ...... where Flaming Panda gets 1 week out 4 i dont know lol ). It took me a year to get a Spitter and even longer to get a GOD beam, was i upset ? NO but i was damn happy when i finally got one .Yes i have got all the gear now but thats because i am in this game for the long haul not just a quick few months and feck it i aint geared up i am bloody leaving lol . Half the players that join this game don't bother looking for missions outside of what is needed for skill growth,my PP has done 215 missions. And there still loads he can do (if i said have you done Tang's to half of the players they would reply with ............Huh ? ) My point is there is so much to do apart from sprint to lvl 150 and grab raid gear , slow down , enjoy the game ,explore the stations and npc's for missions (DO Agrippa lol that will take a month or two or three ). Also you state the game is only available to 5 people 75% of the time ? .................... Oh come on statements like this do far more damage to this game than anything else , which 5 people i wonder ? And 150 is not the limit , you keep going till you max all the skills of your toon if you want to get the best out of it Btw I cannot , nor have I ever multiboxed. I have had to rely on me getting off my arse and raiding with a great group of guys and girls.
  10. This is not going to make me very popular within my guild i suspect , as i have always said the rotation should stay. But now i am not so sure maybe its time to scrap it and see how it goes ? (Chaos?) The trigger idea has been suggested many times but i do think possibly too much work for our over stretched devs .
  11. Welcome to EnB
  12. Dunno if this has been said but when the two clients are on top of each other on screen 2 (follow Efi's instructions on how to set up screens) simply place cursor over the tab on the task bar and both client windows will appear above the task bar side by side. Move cursor over one of them of your choice and right click , the option to move(drag that client window over to screen 1. I believe this might only work if you have the clients set to window mode but thats how i run the game so i dont know about non-window mode).Use the TOOLS tab on launcher to set res and window up and dont forget to allow the TOOLS setup to to run its Performance Test (click OK when its done) also dont forget to do EVERYTHING in ADMIN mode. And one other thing is make sure ALL 4 box's on left of launcher are ticked ........ non on the left . Good luck
  13. Nope ,via game its the Help > Self Help tab or............ go to Then Webhelp>Ingame issues(GM Support)
  14. My only thought is catch a gm online in game or send in a ticket asking them for help ,sorry.