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  1. Where does this stand? Still effectively impossible to get the Breath of Life.
  2. Side note, whatever method is used to copy the facebook post contents to this forum really isn't working. It only displays part of the first line of the post, and the second line with the link to facebook is literally cut off.
  3. I play in a different fan-created server of an OLD online game, and they acquired the rights from the original owner, and got everything together enough to get listed on Steam. I honestly don't know if it was worth the effort. Yes, there was a FLOOD of new players. Hundreds, maybe even a thousand or more, new accounts created in the few months since steam launch. The vast majority had one quick look around and were never seen again. A tiny handful, maybe 20-ish, have actually stuck around for more than a month. Easily three or four times that number were simply trolls, that only logged in to harass other players and spew vulgarity.
  4. The wiki entry for the Progen Token Bonus mission for Effervo Ammunition ( https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Progen_Token_Bonus:_Effervo_Ammunition ) has the following note at the bottom: Does anyone know under what circumstances one can obtain the Effervo Ammunition mission without wasting a token on the entirely useless blowgun ammo mission?
  5.   I am aware of that limitation and I don't feel that it's important for a skill to be useful in every possible situation. Just like damage types, each has their place, and it's up to the players to determine which fits each situation more appropriately.
  6. I like RO as a 135 skill and come up with a new skill to add to the JS.   Some sort of offensive skill, similar to a leech type skill. Maybe something like Reactor Overload, causes target's reactor to go critical and cause radiation damage to the hull based on energy used during effect duration. Sort of like a gravity shear but not movement based.   or, Idea #2.. a skill that gives the target a localized low grade gravity shear. And just to keep it from being a kiter's dream, just make it a hull damage over time based on skill level and target's hull capacity (ie: level 1 skill does 1% hull damage per second for 5 seconds, level 2 does 2% hull damage per second for 5 seconds, etc). Actual numbers subject to balancing, of course.
  7. Same names here as well. Best as I can recall anyways.. might have put one or two names on the wrong class, but meh, close enough!
  8. Combat cloak is specific to beam damage.   JD's have access to all three weapon types, but between ML and PL, ML is the one that would give you the most opportunity to cloak between salvos. You wouldn't get the combat cloak damage boost, but you'd still have the benefit of not being fired at while cloaked.
  9.   Just wanted to point out that the Antlia BCSR line of  Shunt Shields devices are perfectly capable of being activated on targeted players. It does however drain the target's shields to refill their reactor, so not exactly the same as what you're suggesting.
  10.   I don't think there's any roid despawn timer in place. Or, at the very least, not universally applied.
  11. Yuritau and Tiel and Rioria are names I got from keyboard smashing and pruning out a couple letters. Miraya and Miroewyn I got from the KOTOR random name generator. Saila and Liane are names I've stolen from novels. Gerbie was a nickname I used to have in highschool.
  12. IMHO, if you're going to bother having a wiki, it should have as much info as possible. Use spoiler tags and fields that are hidden by default if you want to give people the option of not reading it.
  13. If the appearance in the inventory is too similar to other items, could not the token graphic have a progen fist added to it to differentiate them?
  14. There was an omission in my little rant there, on purpose: Missions. I'm told there are numerous missions out there that can reward you quite nicely in terms of xp and items and such, but I have absolutely no idea WHERE they are, or WHEN I might have access to them. I'm not going to fly around to every station after every HU with each toon just to see IF there's a mission one of them can do now.
  15.   That's not the only way to go about it. Though I do agree with your doubt on a general basis.   Personally I find the leveling system, as it is right now, largely broken.   1. Trade: The actual Trade-related activities (analyzing/building/trade runs/etc) earn you significantly less trade xp than combat and explore activities can with very little effort. (stackable loot/ores traded to a friend/alt ridiculously outstrip the combat/trade XP you earn getting those stacks) 2. Combat: Killing even-level mobs (1000xp per kill) starts to be [b]painfully[/b] slow around combat level 8, and arguably not worth the cost of ammo not too long after that (by the time you hit CL20, you're looking at 100+ even-level kills per CL). Combat jobs are mind-numbing, but actually tip the xp payout into the realm of reason (or somewhere adjacent to it). 3. Explore: If you're not a miner, your only real options here are a) hang out with miners a lot, b ) more mind-numbing jobs!, c) tours. If you are a miner, you can at least earn a little bit of explore xp while mining for trade xp. Also, unless you're giving or receiveing tours, the nav-discovery xp becomes irrelevant very quickly.   It's to the point where I've seen discussions about people getting to OL150 JUST from jobbing and/or trade running and letting overflow XP take care of combat/explore (trade runs) or combat/trade (explore jobs). I could never play that way, cause I just don't hate myself enough. Though it's still frustrating as hell how disjointed it feels when trying to gain EL or CL ends up giving vastly more TL than anything else, and yet doing trade activities achieves very little other than moving the clock forward (and in the case of building, draining you dry of credits).   And I feel it important to clarify this point: It's not that I think trade xp gains are too easy/fast. Rather, non-job combat and explore xp gains are FAR too unbelievably slow.
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