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  1. Wow. That totally blows me out of the market too. I am in pee-wee league compared to this level of talent. Some of my simpler art is in the Roleplaying section for Character Bios. But this - this just eats my lunch. Very marketable artist. Keep up good work and enjoy what you do. From the Graphics desk at Saturn sector's NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat
  2. Amendment: February 13, 2015 As of this post, the Progen Sentinel has been given the Skill: Build Ammunition. This now, at least in my opinion, makes the Sentinel the most self-sufficient and secure Explorer class in the game. Building 200% ammunition as one rises through overall levels is that much more secure and safe to do now that targets of the Progen Sentinel will die all the faster. This inherent weakness (aside from max Engine Tech VIII) of the class has been eradicated. There should now be zero reason why a Sentinel can't be a explorer class you can do without in a Raid or other complex target's group. So, now powerlevelling is even easier with the Progen Sentinel. Dust off yours from the shelf today! The Sabine Order needs you! From the esteemed halls of Porvenir Mons, this is the Pakkrat.
  3. I too have a weapons and ammo builder. While I think the intent and good feels behind this new skill for Progen Sentinel and the Terran Scout is nice, I have to disagree, gently, with it. Part of the challenge and inter-class commerce that was Earth & Beyond came from the fact that the Explorers did not build weapons. That has now been whittled. You don't have to change it back. But neither do I have to agree with this move. To me and for me, it belittles the classes and the game. I will not be Calling Forward any of my points to re-allocate them towards this new skill. I'd rather have something else in its place. From the drydock hangar at Saturn sector's NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
  4. Pakkrat


         My clone brother enjoys watching the archived holovids and flatscreen productions of humanity's past.  I cannot bring myself to enjoy them.  Being a Versatile, I have too scientific a mind to settle into a disbelief that overcomes the viewer when watching such stories of action, drama, science, and other genres.  I have been around far too much of the real thing to not sit still for the time it takes to succumb to the slight errors of logic and facts that writers of such productions make and use to take advantage of the viewer's ignorance.  My clone brother, Pakkrateus, a Privateer of the Collegia Segmentata, is somehow able to turn off his brain and let imagination take over.  I have no such luxury.  Reality is far too real to play with such flights of fancy.  Step inside the bridge of my Sentinel-class vessel and you will see what such viewers would label "science fiction".  Only when that morass of Ancient, alien, cybernetic, and other descriptors is experienced on a daily basis will you find such archived stories falling short of reality.        My clone brother, younger in incept date, but older in appearance, would by my estimate be stunned and horrified by the sights of the next chamber that I entered cautiously.  The coated chamber held tanks of some fluid.  The amberglass was not amber, but rather some transparent bio-polymer amber in color as I held up my chemical light to peer in each cylindrical tank.  Inside each was a specimen of fauna found in known space as humanity too had discovered.  As a Versatile, I too had been to laboratories that held similar contained examples.  This chitinous area was a biological version of the labs one might find at Arx Prima, "The Place of Death", or in the cloning facilities of Arx Spartoi "The Place of Life" in Progen space.  When passing through those facilities as a member of the Sabine Order, one becomes numbed to the preserved corpses or cloned bodies soon to live via the Call Forward.  Finally, discovering a section of this large chamber to hold human corpses, I did not immediately reel in revulsion.  My Privateer brother would have had a more visceral reaction to this containment chamber as alien as it was.  We have the same genetics but were educated differently, my brother and I.      I beheld men and women of Terran and Jenquai race.  Each single human was deceased and floating gently in some alien preservation liquid gel.  Each had been subjected to vivisection to display internal organs, bone structures, and various human biological systems.  I have to admit I was taken aback a little at the sight of an opened Terran woman who was connected by an umbilical to an unborn fetus floating adjacent to her in the same tank.  This was known to me as a Sabine, we are taught the reproductive process even though we Progen do not, except under extreme need, reproduce 'naturally', (as the Terrans will say).  Some specimens were still half-dressed in half-eaten spacesuits, perhaps to show the observer of humanity that our outer coverings were not biological, but utilitarian. I gently bypassed each dead human.  That is, until I discovered deceased Progen in tanks.  Armor and cybernetic systems still worn, the Warriors were preserved perfectly, some with their gene-map canisters still onboard their suits.  These were Progen were need of the First Charge, the duty of the Sabine Reclaimers to find and return gene-maps to the Genetic Repository for storage or to be given new life via the Call Forward.  Here, the fallen Progen waited until found.  Had I not come here under Xanax' testimony, these Progen might never see new iterations.  I paused to consider how to acquire the fallen ones' canisters.       Then the skittering of many, tiny legs caused me to whirl about with my chemical light held high and my Athanor Heavy Pistol leveled.  In the shadows some distance, whatever it was moved fast and across the chitinous floor.
  5. If you enjoyed what I just wrote above enough to dig out soda and popcorn, then you might want to go and immerse yourself further in the Roleplaying sub-Forum where I and a few others have posted short stories and novels of fan fiction set in the Earth & Beyond universe.  Each author has something to give.  Then if you are so bold, write a bio for your 'Main' and post it in the Bios thread.  This will give you something to do for a while.   From the Newsdesk at NET-7 SOL in Saturn sector, this is the Pakkrat.
  6. I gave this fair thought. Really. This would again convince the Devs I was smoking something illegal or newly-legal but here's my story-based idea. Implementing such would be far out of my technical expertise. I'm just a rat. Being white ain't easy. Here goes: Rather than 'instance' zones that are activated by a single pilot or group, how about a quantum entangled sector that is reachable randomly by one of the now-famous InfinitGate glitches. Here's how the story goes. Your toon is travelling along some well-used route, minding their own business. The pull up to an InfinitiCorp brand InfinitiGate, (not Ancient nor some sector slide gate or natural wormhole or weft). All seems well when you press the Gating button...... And while your ship is approaching the spinning and opening, hexagonal rings, a Gate Malfunction occurs! Suddenly the toon is trapped in Gating to somewhere unintended! Alarms and klaxons start hammering into the eardrums. Lights flash, graphics happen, shields buckle and armor plates rattle. When space returns to normal, the pilot's navigation and science sensors determine that due to an erratic quantum entanglement, the ship has been shunted to a parallel sector instead of the intended one. All the way out to maximum Scan range, space seems similar to the desired sector. Except that its inhabitants are not the usual mobs of the 'real' sector. Something, some attribute of this new sector is inverted, anti-spin, or otherwise out of sync with the galaxy one is used to. The planetary bodies are there. The nav bouys seem present. Look, there's the next one in the same place. But all the mobs of this parallel sector are different. Fields of asteroids are not in their known positions - or they have different ore levels. This is all wrong! We're not in Kansas anymore, TotoAI. Suddenly there is a completely new sector for exploring, one with all new and undiscovered objects to gain Explore XP from. But how to get back to an un-entangled space? That is where Missions to escape this parallel sector begin.... From the Writers' Desk at NET-7 SOL in Saturn sector, this is the Pakkrat.
  7. Massively Mulitiplayer Online Role-playing Galaxy This is what Earth & Beyond was originally labeled. If you need interaction so badly, N, why don't you use the /rp channel for all your in-character relations? I have seen quite a few players join me there, either to respond to my /n7news reports or to generally razz my poor,Progen-centric journalism. Even Zona Mason hates me. Meh. There is plenty enough interaction on [New Players], [General] (I know because I comment there often). I even advertise the Call Forward (Meet the new you!) in the [Market] channel. So many players nowadays have forgotten the R in MMORPG. Sad. But come interact with me in the above channels if you crave interaction. Be advised that other, "grizzled pilots", will look at you funny for talking to a rat. I uphold the current status quo having been given the means to Role-play with worthy, characterful pilots. Too bad the rest just want to Win. From the Situation Room aboard NET-7 SOL in Saturn sector, this is the Pakkrat.
  8. Notice, dear readers how little the above players mention Content and missions backed their meteoric rise to OL 150. Are there any, if at all, mission hounds out there who have completed every mission their race/class can? Powerlevellers must not like the world they level-up in. From the writer's desk at NET-7 SOL in Saturn sector, this is the Pakkrat.
  9. Amah says:  No No/Yes No No. Go back.  It is not safe here.     Live from Roc, Deneb, this is the Pakkrat.
  10. SATURN - (11/17/2014) The galactic census is healthy, says the Glenn Commission in cooperation with its neighbor, NET-7 SOL.  The two Factions have worked together to take as accurate as possible count of the free-ranging pilots of all three races of humanity, the philosopher-scientist Jenquai, the genetically-perfected Progen and the capitalist trader Terrans.  While the registered population is at an all time high, reports the census, active flights to and from stations is relatively low.   "Most pilots have set down roots and have real lives and real jobs as opposed to gallivanting about space and hunting space fauna and pirates," says Progen and wife Cassiopeia de Grey, spouse to Gamma Sulani Terran Loric de Grey.  "The galaxy's traffic is lower even as registered citizens continue to climb and that is heartening for future colonization," she adds.   With new features such a the Public Raid Sector, a pay for entry zone adjacent to Saturn sector, the re-vamped timed and triggered raids and signal stabilization preventing visits to Megan or real life; pilots are settling into an 'endgame' status as each profession reaches that vaunted Overall License 150.  Still, most pilots choose to stick around and help other, newer pilots.   "This community has been the best I've returned to in a long time," says one pilot.  Pilots are finding the nostalgic and camaraderie they knew from just over a decade ago.  The return or 'Emulation' has been a new take on an old favorite.   Story Content, challenging mission lines, new theme park interludes, holiday events, Guilds and guild events, all are made possible by Staff and by pilots working together to root out Emulation bugs, system imperfections, travel hazards, sector overpopulation and space-time-story continuity errors.     Guild diplomacy has met a milestone with the use of VoIP comm channels that now allow them to meet and set up new innovations such as weekly raid rotations.  With a representative of the pilots - the Player Advocate - pilots have a voice of feedback to Staff who meet weekly without fail to address issues brought to them by the elected Advocate.  Communication across the server continues to improve with the new additions of Private Channels, Roleplay channel and the latest in masercom relay communications - Net-7 News to bring pilots the latest in clues, news and helpful hints.   With these new improvements to the Earth & Beyond Emulator, pilots continue to swell the census of the Sunrise galaxy.   From the Census Department on board NET-7 SOL in Saturn Sector, this is the Pakkrat.
  11. (11/04/2013) SATURN - Galactic Manager Blacklung is overseeing the grand opening of Saturn sector's new egress gate to a Public Raid Sector.  Pilots are now testing the developed sector's various raid instances such as The Controller, Kuei Station, the Ascendant Voltoi, and a few others.  Initial testing by this Reporter during a Controller raid yielded very low lag as all pilots were able to make use of previously forbidden Skills such as Shield Inversion.  With but one raid active and only twelve pilots present in the sector, none were dropped to Megan or worse.     Pilots can proceed to the new gate and for a fee, enter the new Public Raid Sector.  When grouped and with a raid in mind, a Galactic Manager (henceforth GM) can trigger the chosen raid in its designated spot. GMs need to know what raid to trigger before grouped pilots may enter the new sector.  Pilots are then closed in as the gate is locked so as to give maximum enjoyment of the raid.  GMs warn pilots that once closed, all craft need to be inside the Public Raid Sector.  Once a pilot leaves via Wormhole Skill, exiting the gate to Saturn sector or the Defender's "Return To Base" they may not return until the gate is re-opened.  Pilots who bring a secondary craft for the sole purpose of looting a choice 'drop' will have to make sure both craft are inside the gate before it is closed.   Cleanup is a necessary step Net-7 News is told by GM Blacklung.  Each time a raid is concluded and all participants leave, the sector is wiped clean, a tabula rasa so to speak.  Any items left 'spaced' will remain in space until looted or server restart.  GMs are not responsible for missing items 'spaced' after the raid concludes.   Pilots are warned that each time they are allowed to pass the gate from Saturn sector to the new Public Raid Sector, they must Accept a fee of credits.  The pilot must have full amount in their credit account to be allowed passage.  Pilots are also warned that they should be sufficiently supplied and equipped before coming to the Public Raid Sector as the fee is recurring for each entry.  Ammunition users should gear up well in advance.     GMs suggest that all group members entering the Public Raid Sector to have a raid in mind and ready for the chosen raid.  This cuts down on wait times for all including the gatekeeping GM.  Grouped pilots with a clear goal in mind can be served efficiently when all are ready before entering the Public Raid Sector.  GMs also warn pilots to mind their Faction standings as some raids are Faction-sensitive.   Initial testing revealed that the new Public Raid Sector may be able to comfortably handle two raids simultaneously.  Though this is still in its infancy, pilots may be allowed to conduct a second raid in another part of the raid sector.   With this new feature, the galaxy's pilots can choose when and what they wish to raid against with the aid of a Galactic Manager.  It gives new purpose for fattened wallets and a stable environment for all.   Live and on location in Saturn sector, this is the Pakkrat for Net-7 News.
  12. An interesting and inviting field report, pilot. As one of two Anchors for Net-7 News, I invite you to further post these scoops in the Roleplaying Sub-forum along with all the other field reports across human space. There, your important journals can be properly archived within NET-7 SOL databases and compared with other entries in the interest of validity, integrity, prioritization to the 'front page' of our headlines. It is reports from pilots like you that help keep all of humanity in-the-know with the latest. I'm glad to have spotted your post before my colleague and rival, Zona Mason. She tends to shy away from battles and focuses upon the movers and shakers of governments, upper-echelon dignitaries and business tycoons. I on the other hand choose to spotlight the grass-roots and front lines of human space. It is refreshing to have another journalist out there, even if they are enlisted with EarthCorps. From the Situation Room at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
  13. Magoo tapped me by name so here goes:   If you want to hear me rant, go here: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9778-a-treatise-on-the-progen-sentinel/ Nobody tells this Anchor-rat he cannot come to a Raid on his PS.   Rant aside, Magoo tapped me and here is my Endgame, Raid, Spank-You-'til-You-Like it setup.  Keep in mind (also featured in the Treatise), as a Progen Sentinel, you will be switching out many Devices during a Raid.  Get a Terran to "Greasemonkey", TE buff, or go make a "GreaseMonkey Plus" IX yourself.  You will be switching out Devices before and during a Raid.  It's a fact of keeping everything maxxed.  Your fellow Raiders will thank you.   Magoo mentioned Devices, but I'm going to expand:   Weapons: As one of the most decked-out Sentinels on Sunrise, I have seen the light and have gone with a Black Spitter, Fury of the Master, Bile Cannon and depending on the target, a Zenrei Cannon (for the Energy ammo), another Bile Cannon or - yes it's a baby FotM - the Fury of the Ten-Gu.  Avoid the Singularity Mortar until the Weapon Devs fix the "funky chicken" dance targets perform when hit with the Singularity Grenades.  Nice buffs, but you and your fellow Raiders are dizzy by the end of that wave of targets.   Ammunition: I typically run with an Impact and Chemical combination as I have the Sentinel's maximum Gravity Link.  I generally don't fit Plasma rounds because the Jennies are thanking me for the Impact rounds' interruption potential.  Interrupting that nasty Hack is still important, kiddies.  The above mentioned Energy rounds are for those softies that are weak to Energy.  Then and only then do I mount the above Zenrei Cannon.   Shields: I take an Impenetrable Bastion IX with me everywhere, just for the activated Turbo Weapon buff it features.  But since I am one of those egomaniacs with a Skull shield, I add its buff while mounting it.  That fearsome skull should ADD to my maximum Menace by Artemis Jericho!  I'm letting my Skirmish Omega collect dust, but I take it with me when I need an extra shield to swap out.  Nothing is more troubling than not having one to occupy your shield slot when that beautiful new shield is waiting for you to pick it up in the loot target.   Reactors: For travel, I use the galaxy-famous Unicorn II Stallion for its activated Turbo Warp buff.  I keep it in my hold as a switch-out too.  But for combat, it's the Ambush Omega all the way.  Its buffs are more than sufficient for any Sentinel.  With Devices, I get some radical recharge that I need like a dying rat in the desert needs water.   Engines: Travelling, I mount the Obsolete Drone Booster.  There may be better out there, may be the Ursa IX.  Let's face it.  I'll trade warp speed for Critical Targeting Skill any day.  Living in Lagarto as I do and mining, I have the melodious Chang Lung's Wing.  It is also good for Looting, forward field debuffing, and has a nice Weapon Energy Conservation buff.  For combat, I strap on an Unabating Fire for deflects (which stack with below Devices); not much else to say because one drops every bloody, fish-gutsy Gate Raid.   Devices: (my favorite since Sentinels make them) Let's start with the forbidden and work our way down to the common, shall we? aa Gahtu Y  (thanks, Dutch, for dropping it in my lap with "What's this crap?") aa Gahtu Daimyo Y  (thanks, ShadowWalker, for sneaking it past customs) Tactical Advantage Omega (I made it my own self!) Deadly Grasp Drone Shield Amplifier (arguably comparable to the Something Of the Dragon) Good Fortune Waking Nightmare All of the animal Hide/Skin devices at IX (especially if you don't have a pocket Enforcer) DigiApogee RMU Prototype 3 Iota ("Because it stacks, fool" -Mr. T) Basilisk's Dread Fury IX (your Chemical users will thank you and sing your praises, so bolt that one in where a finger can reach the hotkey) Salamander's Dread Tempest IX (your Terran Explosive users will.....you know) Refuge Novem (makes you a secondary healer between Raid waves - just do it!) Steingerd's Embrace "GreaseMonkey Plus" IX (very good for pre-Raid or whenever you're not currently needed) Rage of the Vindis VIII  (pre-Raid goodie, but currently a trophy in my vault) Any of the shield deflect Devices (Pavis, Targe, Kite, etc.) IF you have learned the exact type of damage the enemy uses.  Otherwise they are green paperweights. Blackbeard's Soul IX (especially if you are still missing shots at that CL 66 boss) Tactical Computer IX (I think its only good for some quiet time while Looting) A Power or Focus of any kind (every activated Turbo Weapon buff counts) Martyr's Heart VII   ....should they ever fix it.....Cube of the Leech, but for now - meh.  EvilPaperweight is all.  I have one to weigh down my pinkslip from Vinda.   In short for combat, if you - the Sentinel - have not filled everyone's buff window full of stuff and they're finding it hard to breathe, you're not doing them enough.     Not a Raider? Quicksilver Phoenix BooBoomba's Lucky Charm   I have them but don't use them:   Atrophy Novem Energy Sing Novem Burden (useless junk) Mutator Octo Cassel's Wither (the only good, pre-Skirmish Omega Impact debuffer Device I've found and you have to go through Stanig's Progen Funhouse Themepark to get it.) Crimson MegaHurtz (but others do a better job)   Mining Golden Tooth Tooth of Destruction (yeah, I know many space it when found.  Strap one one when you go IX 'roid stripmining and never have to look at your reactor again) Roc's Dread Zeal (only for the Scan and Long Tractor Beam) you can leave this one at home as the LTB far outreaches your mining beam.  Take it with you if you don't have an equip Scan buff if you are 'aa' hunting. Use your Ambush Omega for mining.  It's a fast recharge.     There's many leave-it-at-home Devices you can bring with you when mining, but those are my minimum for mining.  Any of the above just make it smoother when Bio-whatsits arrive to ruin your zen-mining.  Power Down or kill 'em.  Cloak is for Jennies.  As a Sentinel in my home turf of Lagarto, I don't get harrassed by Rogues or Renegades.  They start out Yellow to Sentinels and Privateers, but they can turn non-aggro Red if you go stripmining with Warriors, Terrans or Jenquai as they have to fight them off.  We don't.        I use my Sentinel for more than just the above.  I've used it to help me write my books and short stories.  I generally favor my Sentinel for role-play purposes (RP, what's that you say?  See the Roleplay sub-Forum, plebian!)  AND he's my Main toon and Net-7 News reporter.  I use the alts of the Pakkrat Master Genome for their spare chat macros, tee-hee.  In my opinion, the Sentinel gets the most out of the Earth & Beyond metaplot and as Megan says, is the most Versatile of vessels.    From the hangar deck of Saturn sector's NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat. (subject to Editing pending more Content and Story)
  14. The female in question speaking through Kenlz is using a Progen vernacular. "Three lots of me claws" is 15 items of level IX. The item will have a clue as to what she wants. I can tell you she likes shinies, that is some valuable refined mining resources. Think carefully about the names of what she hints at. One of Growlz' problems is that her vernacular doesn't allow for many words that are longer than five letters, so she resorts to slang and truncated or broken words. She isn't a Progen redneck. Growlz is just.......misunderstood. There is a story behind her, one only a few players know or have gleaned. I myself received a chance encounter and interview with the Progen woman. She is quite eccentric even for a Rogue Progen. She hates Vinda and doesn't care much for Var, Kahn, or even Cassel. But your Agrippa question is a fair one, I've tried to clue you in without breaking the experience and enjoyment. I myself am stuck on the mission "Hurl Fer Kenlz" as Der Todesengel sector has not yet opened. Get a grip with Agrippa! Live from Saturn sector's NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
  15. Just to add my two rats in, On the Orion server, I was Pakkrat and Pakkratius (TT and PS respectively). I was in the Knighthawks Guild with Metamatic, BigRuss, Endrin, Tinuvial and others. Still glad I found the Emulator and became your Anchor-rat for Net-7 News! From the archives at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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