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A time to rest ..

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I am posting this personally, and I invite my friends and colleagues to expand and enhance this post with their own comments. 

Our staff was informed last evening that one of our own has jumped through that Last Gate.


Richard Jennings, known to most of you as Satanicexhile, was a creative and driving presence in the development of the emulator project. He was a member of the Net-7 board of directors for several years, and our CFO. He was an advocate of our presence in social media, founder of our presence on Facebook, and a positive influence on everyone that contributes their time here. He is THE reason we still have a graphics team after many others have pursued their own paths and interests outside this project.


Richard had been dealing with health issues over the last year and had been less frequently present; but whenever he was here, despite whatever problems he personally experienced, his humor and perseverance were to be admired and exemplified. He was tolerant of our own sometimes childish complaints and minor moments of selfishness, yet always honest and forthright when pointing out our own blatant stupidity.


The EMU team will be less without him, but more for having known him. Rest well.



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Just heard it from Kyp and couldnt believe.
I'm seriously very very very sad.

I was just adding a mail account today/earlier for him...

DAMN IT....:unsure:
Very very very sad ....

It's so unreal that he isnt around anymore, when the last talk/chat was just a few days ago.

Richard, Rest in peace - i hope you got it better up there!!

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Sorry to hear that.

He was a great guy.

Used to make me laugh.

No matter what issues you had, or who your were grumbling with, he would pick up your spirits.

He was the one who really pushed to get some of the graphics updated and brought back to life.

He'll be missed. /salute

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While I never had dealings with him, I do remember reading (and often agreeing with) his posts here on the forums.

I will second DarkkHero's /salute and make a motion that he should be immortalized similar to Yoko in VT, proper placement would be up to those that knew him of course


In case I don't say it enough:  Thank you to ALL the staff (past, present and hopefully future) for all the work you guys did/do/will do to keep our community alive

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It is sad to hear of this,  I remember groaning and some of his jokes.  He will be missed. I second the suggestion for a in-game memorial'


Woodstock and The Peanuts Gang

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You can finally rest in peace my old friend.

Exhile and I go back to 2006 on this project. He and I spent many nights on Teamspeak discussing possible additions, changes that could/should be made, laughing at problems which we should have seen coming and didn't, but the only thing he had a passion for more than this project, was his birds. I already miss nights talking with him and hearing them in the background. I used to joke how they were giving him advice on the subjects we were having as we laughed.

 I will miss you greatly Richard, may we meet again my friend.

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Filled with sorrow and dismay to loose such a creative and satirical mind, he will be missed.
My sincere heart felt condolences to the DEV team, families and players that knew him well.

We all knew someone that has passes while working on or playing the EMU. I agree with an
in-game memorial or structure (Mausoleum space landing base).

"I don't want you to worry, Because life up here is great.
I really miss you guys, But I know you'll be just fine.

You know I can see you right, So please stop shedding tears.
You guys, I'm perfectly fine,So conquer all your fears.

I'll be watching your every move. Relax! I won't spill your beans.
But stop all those naughty things you do, Because you know there's nothing I can’t see.
I need you to come here to meet me, But not if you misbehave,
Hey guys I know you miss me. It's really hard not to.
But please, please stop grieving, Because you're making me sad too.
You guys have been a great family, And I am truly blessed.

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I just cant believe it.

Although i had never met him in RL,I considered him my friend.

He got me involved in the GM side of this game and helped me through the crash coarse learning process that i faced in the beginning.

We could joke and be serious at the same time and never miss a beat on whatever the subject was.

He was always willing to help with any issue as long as you would listen.

I found out on teamspeak a couple days ago and i just knew this was a joke that was being played on me,I thought about it off and on the last couple days and was expecting to log in and see i was right.

It makes me so sad that someone who had so much left to give has left us.This really hits me harder then i would ever have expected it to and i guess its because deep down like so many other friends i have here i consider him my extended family.


You went through so much and yet you still pushed forward and i admired you for that my friend,You will not be forgotten.


I will truly miss our chats Richard.


God's speed.


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Richard's family has opened a crowdsourced funding drive to help pay for funeral costs. The goal is 3000$ US.

We are uncertain whether Net-7 can or cannot represent itself as an organization in making a donation, however I invite anyone amongst staff and players who would like to contribute to do so as an individual and offset the amount that they have set as a goal.


Anyone that wishes to donate can visit this link : https://www.gofundme.com/Richard-Jennings



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