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  1. When you have dual screens you must make the leftmost one in your setup as your main and the extended should be to the right of that main screen. In my setup the ID2 screen is the main and ID1 is the extended to the right side of the main. ID2 is connected via DisplayPort and ID1 via DVI-D. Think of it as a x/y chart. Coordinates to the left of your main screen get 'negative' values that the game wont understand. You can run your screens any way you like but this is the only solution i know that works with this very old game. I only use the enb configuration program (run as admin) which can be found under EA games\earth & beyond for my screen resolution setup and it works just fine. Never needed anything else.
  2. If you are using dual screens make desktop 1 your leftmost screen in the setup and it should solve your mouse issue.
  3. What you are saying is all good and fine pestilennce ...in theory. In last weeks Dev spawned troller, people showed up but you formed your own group comprised entirely of Damage inc (dont know if there were boxers there) and you were urging others to attend and form the second group so it could be done. If you really wanted you could have organised and setup the groups differently but NO...you wanted to play with the people you know. Its not an accusation i'm just making a point, even with the best intentions in mind, making new friends.
  4. I agree and thats why those types of damage were important for skill interruption on mobs and players, skull shield even has a buff to protect against that. Skill interruption was far more common than it is today (only see it on Jenquai cloak and only when you have no shields left) and it would potentially have devastating effects (eg healers were interrupted a lot cause they would be targeted via aggro rules) And like i said there are devices to overcome high shield recharge (cube of the leech) and will make players cooperate more if they need things to be done (like a raid).
  5. I remember constant shield recharge being the norm. Your shields will replenish, whether you got hit or not, with the base shield recharge number plus any modifiers equipped (intent engine, Crimson Force Barrier etc) or activated (a slew of PS only devices like Refresh, Refuge etc) that are now irrelevant due to the way shield recharge is handled. That meant for killing a mob you had to outdamage its (high) shield recharge thus on raids it required multiple groups and no one alone could tackle high end - raid content, and you wouldnt have the need for millions upon millions of shields/hull on mobs like on Emu. Also all the shield interrupt/drain devices against a mob had a use like cube of the leech. The same way a L1 mob could not kill you when you were afk just by shooting at you cause its damage wouldn't outweight your shield recharge. i'm not entirely clear if plasma (DoT) could stop your shield recharge or not.
  6. Do you mean the NOS was proposed by players? Well thats another reason you shouldn't take all player suggestions at face value until you can determine they go against fundamental game design. (letting a TS being able to get Lyle's mission since bogerils hate terrans) Shield recharge (of mobs and players) is the biggest change from EA live that i don't like the most. With the original constant recharge you would have avoided a host of problems with tackling raids or boss mobs since you'd have to be able to outdamage their huge shield recharge. Ofcourse there is no way to prove the shield recharge being either way (constant or like its done now) even with screenshots.
  7. Probably you wanted to quote my comment for NOS
  8. Flamingpanda, for a game you don't like and haven't played for a long time such uncanny and current inside knowledge is...miraculous!!
  9. Yeah and that speed differentiation was killed with the Nitrous Oxide System... just saying
  10. Fantastic news Woody!!!
  11. There never was the equipment to reach those stats you mention in Live or otherwise. Not sure where do you get that memory from.
  12. You will find earth and beyond configuration program under EA games on your menu. Run it as administrator and it should do the trick
  13. Glad you take time to keep up with us tiny people. I was worried we've seen the last of you.
  14. Typicaly for shield a Crimson Force Barrier. Reinforced Solar Sail 8 engine which your heavy device using Sentinel will love. Depending on what you're doing a Vulture or a Shooting Star 8 for reactor. Weapon wise a Flechette for that huge reactor renewal +reduced sig or even conservation, a Fury of the Master, a Hellfire Ballista, a Brimstone Ballista, Bile Cannon, DM Cannon and Spitter, mix and match depending on situation. A lot of devices to use Basilisk, Salamander, Chilly Popper, Tactical Advantage Omega, Deadly focus, Ivory Ward, Good Fortune, Atrophy, Decay, RMU 9, Deadly Grasp, Seal/Mark of the Dragon, Martyrs Heart, Nitrus Oxide System just to name a few.
  15. ts.net-7.org