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  1. You will find earth and beyond configuration program under EA games on your menu. Run it as administrator and it should do the trick
  2. Glad you take time to keep up with us tiny people. I was worried we've seen the last of you.
  3. Typicaly for shield a Crimson Force Barrier. Reinforced Solar Sail 8 engine which your heavy device using Sentinel will love. Depending on what you're doing a Vulture or a Shooting Star 8 for reactor. Weapon wise a Flechette for that huge reactor renewal +reduced sig or even conservation, a Fury of the Master, a Hellfire Ballista, a Brimstone Ballista, Bile Cannon, DM Cannon and Spitter, mix and match depending on situation. A lot of devices to use Basilisk, Salamander, Chilly Popper, Tactical Advantage Omega, Deadly focus, Ivory Ward, Good Fortune, Atrophy, Decay, RMU 9, Deadly Grasp, Seal/Mark of the Dragon, Martyrs Heart, Nitrus Oxide System just to name a few.
  4. ts.net-7.org
  5. Yes just join us again and we'll get you up to speed m8...Great to see you again.
  6. My heartfelt condolences to his loved ones and everyone who knew him.
  7. Rock Leech's Spine Generation Organ is flagged Not Storable. Is that as it should be or maybe an oversight?
  8. Welcome back man. Good to see you. We run together for a while after the sunset announcement and i think i got pics
  9. Thank you for the quick response Sir.
  10. With the disappearance of DeWinter and Herrera (class leaders for EarthCorp and Infinity Corp) it seems there are no replacement NPCs that can take Terran suits for faction for those 2 classes. Tried various NPCs in Somerled, Earth, Jaggerstad etc but no one would take the suits. Are there any plans for this to be remedied?
  11. I did agrippa not more than 4 months ago. The exam shouldn't be 1% chance at the terminal
  12. If all else fails and you have a friend you can trust have him do that part of the mission for you by providing him your account info. Thats what i did for him. It was a problem with his ISP for bogota, iirc a German ISP.
  13. Health comes first above anything else. My best wishes for a swift recovery.
  14. Some gates are faction or class restricted. All starter sectors are an example of the latter while gates to Red Dragon space (Paramis/Blackbeards wake) are an example of the former. You can never use a class specific gate but you can access faction specific gates once you reach 2000 of the required faction.
  15. You said that the campers are not 'blocking' anyone right? i just pointed out to you that thats not always the case.