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  1. Sorry to hear that. He was a great guy. Used to make me laugh. No matter what issues you had, or who your were grumbling with, he would pick up your spirits. He was the one who really pushed to get some of the graphics updated and brought back to life. He'll be missed. /salute
  2. I'm retiring from the project. I wish the community the best.
    1. Prrekoorb


      Oh thats a shame , all the best for the future and thanks for everything . Dont be a stranger :)

  3. the Darkkness fades.
  4. Mimir, it's being worked on.
  5. is back from hiatus! Developing New Content.
  6. Tienbau retire?   Hell freezes over first.
  7. Sounds like we need a couple new raids to fill everyone's desire... Perhaps a new Zone... ;)
  8. Simple to remove if the DEVs so desire.   Sector Editor > Paramis > Set Debris Mode to 0   A command to disable this wouldn't work, as it requires an .ini change, not server code.   I for one like the effect. It adds a sense of depth to the sectors imho, but to each his own.   Alternatively, you can disable this effect on your personal machine. Have a DEV tell you Paramis' sector #, and navigate to that sectors .ini file. Copy the debris mode entry's from a sector without them. Make sure to backup before you do that, so you don't lock yourself out due to bad data.
  9. In any game i've ever played, i've always liked to play the Hero, rather than the villian. However, there is a certain appeal to being the bad boy, and a bit mysterious.   It's that which inspired me to chose "Dark" for my first online game: Earth and Beyond However, being a rather popular game at the time, "Dark" was already taken. Thus the second K was born.   The surname "Hero" was added for my second MMO: Star Wars Galaxies   "Darkk Hero" has been my online handle ever since. B)
  10. Probably, but I can't always remember my great ideas.  ;)
  11.     Now that sounds like an excellent idea!   I do believe the Team could make that happen.
  12. Basically, we are limited to the number of talk trees any one NPC can have. It would have to be multiple query NPC's, based on level, spread out across the galaxy. We're talking months worth of work.   I've made this exact same suggestion in regards to Agrippa Content.   It just can't be easily done, unless the coders come up with an alternative system.   We have some brilliant Programmers, but I don't see that happening.
  13. We've heard this all before. There are a group of gamers who want everything Now, Now Now!   They want to be instantly Level 150. They want to be able to solo Raid bosses. They want to have everything handed to them on a silver plater. I'm not saying this is what you are asking for. That's just how many of us see it.   This does not make for an interesting game. The DEVs have done their best to make the leveling experience as similar to how Westwood intended. Is it perfect? No. But that's ok. It keeps the game interesting. There are already far too many "easy" ways to L150. An Example mentioned was Trade XP.   I do think a small problem is lack of direction for Quests, as you level up. I for one am just as guilty at not working on these issues when I could.   There are a ton of fun and exciting quests for all levels. Finding them can be difficult. If anything, that should be the thing the Team works on.   Starting at level 1, ideally, you should be given direction to sectors, and missions available around your level. Making this happen requires a tremendous amount of work; basically revamping every mission. Seeing as it's a Volunteer Project, it will require a large amount of Content Developers to make this happen.   The best thing you can do, is send Kyp a PM, offering your help. Also, making broad, general statements about the leveling system doesn't help the Team. Offer smaller, concise, specific suggestions. I promise you they will spend the time to concider them.   Just remember: The DEVs all have jobs, families, and lives that come first.
  14. Actually, creatiing new models for this client is fairly difficult. It uses W3D model format, whose animation bone structure is proprietary, and difficult to edit.   We've been able to inject brand new static objects (we can use these objects as mobs, such as a ship). These objects are created and edited in 3ds Max, using a plugin someone created long ago. However adding animations to them is probably outside of the realm of possiblity, without having the original tools Westwood used.   The models use a .dds format for their skin, which is a glorified PNG. The client only recognizes smaller sizes, such as 512x512 max. Therefore, upgrading the pixel count of the existing models is out of the question.   I did extensive work on the model project, and we had a few professional moddlers tinker with it, but without the time or money, it isn't going to happen anytime soon.
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