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  1. I have just managed to sign in to the PTR! I noticed that the uptime has passed 4+ Days, which means that somebody might have restarted the PTR? Failing on update check though.
  2. Not able to start the PTR no more!!
  3. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53508994/getting-hell-php-error-and-502-bad-gateway-error-after-deploying-node-js-pag
  4. Yeah. You read it RIGHT!! One of my Linux VPS (VPS2) showed me this!! Please BLOCK OFF THIS IP ADDRESS: Thank you
  5. I ain't able to get in touch with the PTR server no more!! Seems to be off line!!
  6. Nothing, in TS' own vault. If the TS was made really early in the PTR, before I fixed the vault saving issue for starter kit items, then it may have had it's stuff deleted. I'll give these back to you, just toss me a pm on the ptr on your TS.
  7. And now I am afraid, that the server crashed (!) once again. I tried to create another toon, suddenly I can't log in.
  8. I recreated my toon (GuldvogJD), for safety reasons. After that I have even been in R4c, no trouble at all playing!!
  9. Net7Proxy Successfully connected to server but timed out while waiting for login response.
  10. When I try to register a 2nd account: This page can’t be displayed Make sure the web address https://ptr.net-7.org:80 is correct. Look for the page with your search engine. Refresh the page in a few minutes.
  11. I can throw in myself as well. I happen to have VPN Access as well.
  12. Well, there are Aliens, in this - "game"
  13. I've just got a bunch of Emails myself. Could this have been caused by the SSL Certificate expiration??
  14. I am also in again - the normal way
  15. Is there anything, that I can do, to assist in trying to sort out this SSL Certificate issue? I know a bit, about the Let's Encrypt, I am using quite a bit of their SSL Certificates, both on Linux VPS as well as on two Windows VPS, that I have access to.
  16. That is because the SSL Certificate has expired! In order to get in, follow the instructions, that I have posted.
  17. Here is the temporary solution, to play Earth & Beyond: Control Panel/Internet Options/Advanced: Uncheck "Check for server certificate revocation*", and then restart your computer. As soon as this issue is fixed, please put the checkpoint back there, and restart your computer, once again. NOTE: Be careful in what websites you are visiting, because no certificates will be checked, for revocation!! EDIT: I have put this on SERVER STATUS (current) as well.
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