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  1. Have to run the config utility, did you do that? Kinda a requirement for modern systems due to the age of the game.
  2. Apologies, as Zackman indicates the disk array experienced a failed disk and the other went into a mode to protect the data. This was unfortunately the pair of disks that hosted our operating system. Unfortunately it means monitoring failed to alert me properly as to degradation of a disk but hey, it's back now. So.. plus side, everything should be ready to go again.
  3. For a fastest resolution in the short term. Uninstall and reinstall the Net 7 Launcher but this will probably need some logs from the existing one in order to truly diagnose.
  4. Yes, the outage last night was unintentionally caused by our data center vendor. As soon as ArthurDent hit me up to let me know, I sorted it out with them. Thanks @Arthurdent
  5. if that doesn't do it you might also consider running an elevated command prompt i.e. So it says "Administrator: " at the front of the cmd window title bar and then running: dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth This should cause it to check with your local component store and then MS to return you to the correct value for most/all system files for Windows with your installed version.
  6. Try this (assuming the version of Windows is genuine): Stop the Windows Installer service and ensure it remains disabled (don't forget to turn it back on after testing): Navigate to this path on the computer(s): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files (or equivalent) Look for an InstallShield folder. Rename this to something like InstallShield 1 Reboot the computer and bring up the Windows Installer service. Try again and see if it repeats. 1628 is an error from the installshield installer saying the script setup failed to complete so it's either corruption in your local installshield files or a corrupt installation file.
  7. Can you post a screenshot of that error message assuming Woody's note didn't help?
  8. If you're still having trouble it's just crap in the DNS, open a command prompt on your computer in elevated mode (Run As Administrator..) and then run the command: ipconfig /flushdns i.e.: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> ipconfig /flushdns Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. See if you continue having trouble out of that.
  9. It was on autorenewal, it was just out of money in the account and I don't let any of our vendors have automatic access to funds.
  10. Yep sorry about that folks an oversight after I upgraded the donation software.
  11. Yeah, we were waiting for an update to the forum software again apparently due to something they had initially disincluded in the intervening releases and were adding back. It was actually just updated this afternoon on the invision side, but I haven't had time to upgrade the forum again yet. So now instead of the vendor side Soon™, it has officially graduated to my Soon™
  12. Hi guys, I have an issue open with the vendor for this forum plug in/app that handles our donations now. We've gotten it back online, more or less but there seems to be a bug they think ties in with the version of the forum and they're working on the resolution of that first to confirm. FYI though, this is what it looks like when you click the 'view goals' link at the bottom. This is known and expected but we think the tracker should work otherwise.
  13. For anyone that wishes to donate in the meantime you can do so by paypal via net7entertainment@net-7.org as the payee. Unfortunately it will not track in the donation tracker system this way if that is a concern for any reason.
  14. I did not experience any problem logging in, was this still an issue? Please keep comments to minimum just confirming if there still seems to be a widespread issue.
  15. Working on forum right now but will investigate sunrise if I can't log in after that.
  16. Hi folks. The donation tracker is just temporarily offline after a forum upgrade. I am working on getting it corrected. It will be back pretty soon.
  17. Nah Graphics are all local to your computer, the comms are mostly small packets between your network and ours, nothing more. In a streaming type of connection (say Netflix and such) you use much more data because you are pulling down such things but most MMO style games have most assets locally and the server simply controls the rules of the gamestate and helps to coordinate when everyone else can "see" each other.
  18. I will be making sure this and our terms of service are fully visible again but I wanted to make this post so others understand. Mouli violated numerous line items within them. I was trying to be less outright direct that I had been but abuse of staff is just one of several that he violated, both towards Zack where I initially stepped in and then to me. Moulinneuf is in the process of being banned because of this misbehavior. He may find a way to work around this and that's up to him but I warned him if he wanted to try to escalate this with me it would not go well. As I stated in the server status thread, everyone can feel free at any time to PM me and if it's something I'm willing to answer I will. I may not reply the same day in every case but I am far from absent as he seemed to suggest, I just tend to post less publicly and have to work a lot thanks to my day job (not to mention the family health issues I mentioned holding me out for the last couple of months) I don't see anything wrong with Zack's posts in that thread asking people to stop chattering in it -- mainly because it wakes us up -- the point was to have a thread where a single person could say "hey it's down" and have it send a notification, not to have ongoing conversations that prevented us from getting sleep due to pings and pongs. If you have grievances you'd like to air I will try to make myself available on the teamspeak this weekend. There will be some maintenance of the servers here in the near future to see if I can determine why things have been at all unstable. At any rate, consider it an open invitation and you'll find i'm far more welcoming and honest than he seems to suggest or present me as. Thanks, Kyp
  19. I locked your topic, the community adding or removing staff from the project, including myself isn't a power delegated to anyone else. The board of directors can remove me with a vote and most of your understandings are wrong just based on the content of this post.
  20. Hey look, we can both write things the other doesn't like. The only difference is, I can override you and also I can see every detail of how this forum functions including you upvoting yourself and liking yourself. How about you try approaching me? Shall I share the PM you sent about becoming a developer and the feedback I gave you? I can, I still have it. It can include your point of view on it where you took it badly because I suggested working on the language differences first. Here's another where we talked about the language issue dated even earlier: For the community's viewing pleasure the above is the entire conversation which set Mouli against me/us whatever you want to call it and why he has been regularly negative ever since. There is nothing edited out, because why would I bother? I offered some criticism like I have of countless other applicants over the years and he got upset. Those applicants I've done this to might even be reading this message, who knows. There is no community removal or control with regard to staff positions. There has never been. I established the advocate position, you were the last person in that role as I recall. I also recall the development team's feedback at the time when you attended a meeting that we allowed you in and how you made absolute demands with us. Nobody was a fan of you expecting them to work all the time and that you appeared to have some idea that whatever you said went. That may have been a misunderstanding on your side of things but that was never any part of the position of advocate, it was simply a short period at the beginning of our meetings to bring up and air any grievances so I could take notes and discuss it with the rest of the team on what we could do to fix it. I took the idea from Star Wars Galaxies and their advocate program years ago. I have gone ahead and locked the thread regarding re-establishment of the board, because there is a fair amount of legal change that would be require to re-establish any of that, and none of it will happen via mob rule. I do not care if you are in charge of the largest or smallest guild still on the emulator. Also, if I had concerns over the money or paying the bills, I would make a post. Thanks to the community stepping up we have a bit of a balance right now, just because you don't see me post daily doesn't mean I don't stop by and I don't read or that I don't communicate privately with the team on the forums that you DO NOT see. yes there's not been new content, I owned up to that above, and yes, that is my fault. However, this is the end of this. As I said before you will not call me or anyone else on the staff a Nazi nor alt-right (what even the hell does this mean, this isn't political and never was). I will also say that we spent a LOT of time cleaning up poor language in the past, you can ask some of the developers who ARE still here about that. Kenu alone probably spent 7 or 8 months cleaning up bad language is missions that caused constant game master tickets because it confused people. If you're mad because I don't respond to every PM you've sent me or something, then I am not sure what to tell you. I can only find 1 from you that has no response and you were asking for insight on something we hadn't released yet, something I've never done for anyone, even someone who was theoretically on the inside but maybe not in the know. Of course I wasn't going to answer that. You did thank me for my work at the end of it, and I appreciated that, but when people ask me such things I don't reply. I have countless PMs in my box from other users I've answered who have written me PMs so I think you just making these wild assertions about my behavior and what I'm doing are baseless. I still invite others even if not you to raise a PM with me if they have a problem. I don't care what groups you have created in what is effectively social media services, whether they be Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Discord. They are NOT official. If you've misled anyone else into believing such a thing then perhaps they will see this and know definitively that they are not. The only service that is currently considered official is the teamspeak server that the project itself runs, although I do have a Discord server I opened but we never really invited anyone into as a backup to this. I welcome any reasonable questions to my PMs and will answer them but I will not give future visions on things we are doing or not doing right now. We spent a lot of time redoing a bunch of technology behind the game and this is where content went for the lion's share of the time there hasn't been a release but you're really not doing anyone any favors here, this type of attitude is what drives the developers away. It has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with Zack. Nobody has ever opened a complaint about him to me. He rarely gets downvoted by anyone, you on the other hand (as I noted in the PMs I have shared above in their full original glory earned quite a bit of this in your short stint as the advocate on your primary account.) You have worked your way back up from there, and that's good on you for doing it. I restricted your ability to post on your main account today as a direct result of this: " i ended up on is shit list card for some of his "Alt-right" ( read NAZI ) views ) but Kyp and the known Group left in charge of decision ( whoever that is now,) that tolerate and encourage is laissez faire an anthagonistic non responsive attitude. " This is a DIRECT statement or implication that you think he is "alt-right" or a "nazi". Literally straight up. You can insult me all you want, I will look elsewhere and be completely unbothered but you're not going to treat people doing the work badly, even if it's not up to your personal standard or desire. Also, for the record. This is Mouli "on his brother's account". I'm not going to chase this any further than this simple search, but if you continue to post being a problem we can escalate this further between you and I. You will not mistreat Zack or any other member of the development team that is active. If you have a problem you can discuss it with me, or you can be quiet about it, those are your options because the only other options will end in ways you will not appreciate. I have never ever used those powers of pre-post moderation before today, and that alone should tell you something. By the way, this was the only post and I sorta referenced it above where I didn't answer you that I can find in my inbox.
  21. Can't say as I've ever measured it, but I suspect fairly small because it was designed to work originally with 56k modems.
  22. Hello, I'm going to be direct since you don't seem to have a problem with it. I'm tired of you treating staff badly because you're upset. I realize there's a language barrier here so I'm going to say it this simply. I have added post moderation to you for a minimum of one month. All posts you make will require approval until March the 5th. Real life does supersede time we can spend on this, and Zackman is certainly entitled to his own opinions. You're not going to call us, him or otherwise Nazis and other such ridiculous behavior. We get to the work as we can but like I said on another thread if it wasn't this one, I had a family member that almost died twice in the last month and a half, so frankly I could care less how upset you are about not being able to play for a day or two. *I* am the group left in charge of the decision and the project administrator. If you've got a problem you can feel free to PM me about it, but we are not going to be abused. I have never ever used this power before now so that alone should tell you just how much bullshit I consider this to be. Yes there has been a lack of content for a while, and that in the end is my fault because life is damned busy. I strongly recommend you review the code of conduct for this community and be clear that you understand that it applies to you too. I will make sure that it appears at the top of every forum like it used to if it is not. I can tell you for sure that we have in it that we expect you to follow the directions of staff, and he did ask probably 20 times for people not to spam this thread because he (and I) would get alarms in the middle of the night. We are not available 24x7 nor do I expect any member of this staff to be because this is not a full time job nor will it ever be until or unless I can pay each person a technical salary and that would require far more than the donations goals that we set. Anyway, let me know via a Pm if you have a problem that is not subject to the moderation. For everyone else, hopefully this doesn't come off as too authoritarian as I feel slimy for even using the post moderation power like this, but be sure that everyone understands we don't do this to slight anyone and we do everything we can to make the community fun and the emulator available, but being on demand 24x7 isn't reality. I don't think most of you feel this way about it, maybe it's only Mouli but I extend the same invite, if you have problems you would like to discuss, send me a PM. I may not get back with you right away, but I will get back with you.
  23. Yeah just get my attention with one of the mentions. Similar to FB, Twitter et. al. @<name>. Life is busy and i can't always read every post. This mainly caught my attention because I was originally the lead for the Terran world before I ended up as the project admin and I did a lot with the Terrans over time.
  24. To be clear, the one in the forum broke, We have a Jira site but it's only accessible to the development team (if familiar with what that is).
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