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    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    No, we didn't retain this after we got to a stable multiplayer mode.
  2. Hi Lquan, Can you register this in the bug tracker instead for us? I see that it is not working as you described. We'll have to debug. I would assume something's been added to the sector that is causing an issue with it being read in.
  3. Kyp

    Where has everyone gone?

    If someone wants to write up that clear concise guide for current operating systems, we'll put it up there. It's pretty easy. We rely on the pinned threads in tech support so we can post back if there are questions (and of course when we're available)
  4. Kyp

    forgot EA game log in password....

    Check the tech support guides that go through set up they are pinned at the top, you are pointed at the wrong .exe with your launcher if that's happening.
  5. Try telling one about 300 baud modems and VCRs and/or Beta Max.
  6. Kyp

    Open Discussion to EA about EnB

    Nothing to do with EA, we (the board of directors for net-7) decided it was in our best interest to close source and approach it from the standpoint of eventually releasing clean binaries to others and reserving the source to people who would develop with us. The reason for it was mostly driven by some problems with ex-team members who were trusted being given access that allowed them to download code then they tried to fork everything to another site/another emulator etc. We didn't want that to kill the emulator. We will eventually release some of this to the public as these binaries you can run but the reality is with the construction right now it wouldn't be easy for your average user to set this up. You need several servers to make things all work together how they are.
  7. Kyp

    So You Want To Be A Game Developer?

    I have posted a new article on the Facebook page, we are actively seeking additional content developers who meet the requirements listed. Please contact the page or myself directly via PM if you think you meet the requirements. Since this is one of the most often asked questions: You do not need to know how to write programs to do this job.
  8. Hello there, The Earth & Beyond emulator team is seeking several talented, spirited, and knowledgeable folks to work with us in updating and adding to the Earth & Beyond storyline. More specifically, we would like to recruit those who have a more extensive knowledge of each of the racial backgrounds from the live game. Those being Terran, Progen and Jenquai. It is a hard job, and sometimes thankless I would admit, but it’s a very rewarding thing and it teaches one a lot of lessons about what it’s like on the other side. Part of the delay with content recently has been the extremely limited schedules of those of us that have the knowledge to put together missions that both make for a more enjoyable play experience and not violate the storyline as we have it. This position would mean a few things, first and foremost abiding by all rules specified in our Code of Conduct for developers. You would need a microphone and the ability to attend meetings. These occur at 1pm US Eastern Time on Sunday to try to allow for everyone around the world the chance to participate as we do have developers from all over. Next, you need to be driven to create things, it would help if you were proficient with the idea of writing dialogue or even being willing and able to listen to coaching and constructive criticism. What this job doesn’t require? Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t mean knowing how to program in any major programming language (although this, or an understanding can help to diagnose problems you might have). We provide our content developers with a tool set that they log into and manipulate a GUI interface to build missions and other items for content for the player base. Anyway, we’re seeking, and we’re hoping some of you are brave enough to answer the call. If you think this sounds like you and you’re willing to give us 5-10 hours a week to help things move along, please send me a private message here in the forum and introduce yourself. We’ll take it from there.
  9. Kyp

    Where has everyone gone?

    It can be done in Linux if you want to run an emulator for Windows services like Wine etc. We have a fork in our code base where we started to see about retrofitting toward a Linux server but ultimately there are parts of it we weren't for sure how to translate and the effort would only provide minimal improvement at best. Linux makes a hell of a web server and even some other things, but it's not the tool for every job. That being said much like another post I made, we may provide thoughts, you might pique our curiosity and otherwise but when it comes to issues most of such would be on the person looking to toy with Linux since we've not tried it a huge amount ourselves from a play point of view.
  10. This thread is locked. I can see it is going nowhere. Next time, if you have a problem with what I've written in a PM, you can take it up directly with me. It is very simple. Mangled language is not something that is conducive to good gameplay. I'm sorry you don't want to recognize this, but we've had much much worse in the past and it led to constant GM tickets because people couldn't understand the language because we had so many different writers of various languages. If you see the link that I posted, where most of your OP is taken from, you'd have seen by keeping reading it that they tell you precisely the same thing. You want to communicate effectively and be understood, which is what someone told you above. Anyway, if you want to be a content developer you have to be able to write fairly fluently in English as most of the players are English speakers, and for that matter a majority of the player base. Missions/quests can be confusing and misleading enough without fairly well-written dialog
  11. https://smallbluedog.com/why-grammar-doesnt-matter.html
  12. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    Mouli, as I said, send me something in private. I don't take them in public. I may have some questions etc. With regard to security, *shrug* it's highly important in this day and age. Content hasn't rolled out much this year due to my crazy work schedule which has recently changed leading to what I describe for January in another post. Mimir, We already have something that takes player/guild submitted icons for your ship wings. With respect to 'mission area,' this sounds like somewhat needless bureaucracy I would say just show me you can write a piece of dialogue that doesn't suck in a PM if you're interested. This is really most of what mission writing is. The dialogs and applying special conditions and tags that represent what you know as what you have to do, and what rewards you receive for doing so and doing so with responsible levels and not trying to give outlandish rewards, keep them in sync with other missions around the same level and as you do so you have to be able to follow the high-level story and generate appropriate stories and content to meet those goals in addition to some of your own here and there as long as it fits and you get some peer or sr. approval for quality control. We've had a past history of people getting on the team and really causing problems without being caught, I'm sure you've noticed with the state of the economy which is incredibly heavy on our minds. Without a thriving economy and market there's little to motivate some of the rest of the game.
  13. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    GUI tools that communicate through a web service to authenticate an authorized developer's access to the development server database. Very few can actually make direct changes to sunrise itself. re: trust.. Don't take it badly. I don't just trust anyone. It's my nature as an admin and leader etc. In order to keep things secure and on a track, not every joe can get access to things. You have to show me interest and show me what you can do, I generally ask for a PM describing what you think you can do for us. The high level guidelines would be for a given story arch, making them public would ruin any story advancement before you got to play it and see it. There's plenty of story left to use which we're working on. We can develop whatever after that, but we are mostly sticking to everything we had from the original game until that is done before we do anything completely and totally original as we'd have to write some high levels for that. Most of our developers have no idea about programming. there are only a few of us who do and we develop the server & tools for the developers to use to get the content created and things done to meet requirements. See above, send PM etc, about joining up or if you've sent one to me in teh past freshen it up.
  14. Kyp

    Where has everyone gone?

    I should imagine the population count probably ties to the relatively dry atmosphere when it comes to the rains of content. Although, I'm setting up a bunch of changes to tools and we've been working on some other things that should go through in January sometime. We're breaking backs to get there, but I think it'll probably help to bring some life back.
  15. Kyp

    Merry Xmas 2018

    Merry Christmas.
  16. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    You wouldn't be able to log into them unless you were already on the team. It doesn't work any other way. That said, trust me, anyone can use them. The question is can you write compelling stories/dialogue and come up with inventive things to do that fit high-level guidelines and help advance and the overarching story.
  17. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    and so it's clear, the only update we have to do to it is change the goal, the balance shown updates as donations are made in real time as Cipher was saying.
  18. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    ^ I haven't updated it because the goal amount has not yet been met even though the "title" of that donation goal is Q3 of the year. As for CDEV, what Cipher said above here. Most people think they need to be able to program to do this, you don't need that at all, you need the ability to write dialogue, follow some higher level guidelines from me for the overarching story and maybe pitch some unique ideas we can try for certain problems we bring up at our meetings
  19. Kyp

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    If you have what it takes send me a PM and introduce me to your resume/skills/what you think you can offer. Right now the two things we could use are donations and content developers who can follow my higher level guidelines and help to get missions written for the different races to coincide with events.
  20. Kyp

    Where has everyone gone?

    Allow me to clarify. WIth respect to Operating Systems: We support any current version of Windows which is not past its EOSL End of support options. If you want to do things in Mac and Linux, you're more than welcome, may pique our interest and we might event contribute in some cases but we OFFICIALLY support only an OS that is supported by the vendor that released it. We will never ever be the ones to advise you on how to keep these non-compliant and pardon for it, ancient operating systems running because it involves dangerous hacks to your operating system if you aren't an absolute cryptographical expert and most people aren't, even those in many technology fields. Mim, Zack may have misunderstood, english isn't first language it happens. Mouli: With respect to the statement above, do you need anything else answered? We want everyone to play, but we can't support things that aren't supported by the people that created them, in the case of XP its because it's not capable of creating a TLS 1.2 level crypto connection without hacks as I described. Since that would have the potential of getting people who don't understand computers intimately we won't be advising on such options. You are welcome to experiment at your own risk. Our operating systems on our servers are fully compliant and supported if that's what you're asking. Unfortunately both sides of an SSL handshake have to be capable, so just our servers being at a good version doesn't do the job.
  21. Kyp

    Where has everyone gone?

    Well, had you asked Mimir, Moulin you'd know that was already being pursued BEFORE you posted the diatribe above. We offer support for the game for current OS only if it needs to be said. If you're running XP or 3.1, sucks to be you. This isn't meant as disrespect, it's simply how things are. You cannot expect the same computer to run for 30 years. XP came out in 2001. It's been unsupported entirely by Microsoft since 2014, this is to what Zackman referred. Because of a change in the SSL protocol, the cipher suite is no longer capable of encrypting/decrypting packets without 3rd party, hacky solutions for your operating system. If you choose to support something past EOSL, you inherit the difficulties. In the near future Windows 7 is approaching the end of life, it might be wise to keep up to date on such dates. We'll always support if we can because we want people to play, but we're not going to lose sleep over someone not being able to if they aren't fairly modern with the times. You can keep up to date with what they support and release updates for here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search
  22. Kyp

    Steam: is it possible???

    Trademarks are I believe expired but copyright in a work for hire is for release + 95 years, so they have rights for that long should they choose to exercise them unless we were able to purchase them, otherwise we rely on their goodwill to continue to develop things and change things for the game.
  23. Kyp

    Need Windowed and Full Screen help

    Launch it specifically right click and run as administrator. It needs to write registry keys and that is reserved for Administrators. The way modern Windows OS work your account doesn't by default have its administrator token, it is checked out when specifically requested for an operation.
  24. Kyp

    Earth and Beyond Isos

    Martin, I see this is just from the wayback machine/archive.org but if you want to host those you can do so and then link yourself up to net-7.org as a source, we do not mind this but we don't like to send people to remote web servers without being at least affiliated through us in order to try to protect folks from the dangerous world of the internet these days. Feel free to see the tools available to you at www.net-7.org but I'm going to close this thread down.