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  1. All I played in live was a couple PW's and a JE. Played until sunset of course.

    I was in the guild Static on another server, but that was short lived as I chose the wrong server when looking for a RL friend.

    1. Saywhat


      I was lucky Evermore, my RL brother played EnB with me in Live. He has also played some of the Emu, but is often drawn away by RL events. Glad to have you as part of our community. 

  2. SERVER STATUS (current)

  3. Merry Christmas 2017

    I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone playing this game, and extend thanks to all who have made this project happen. We have all seen a lot of ups and downs, but we all have come together to make it work, yet, another year. Merry Christmas to all Randy
  4. Dev interfering on raids

    I understand, and i'm sure the rest of the staff will too how a Dev toon in any raid/group would not be allowed, but we are allowed to have play toons in other guilds as long as we don't use our Dev accounts to do so. This shouldn't be the last reply from staff, but I felt the need to state what I am as I too play on Play accounts with other people. If any Dev/GM tagged toon is in a guild/Group/ or raid, that could have repercussions.
  5. Slayer who ?? Welcome home man.
  6. Health Issues

    You know my take on this Woody, great news to get my friend. Grats.
  7. V'Rix Formation for player groups

    Problem being is they would have to ADD to the actual game engine, and that is not going to happen, sorry. It's a cool idea tho, I for one would like to see players flying in hex formation.
  8. Fix/Enhancements to Net7 Launcher

    I 3rd both options, although, if someone doesn't want "Prototype reorder" enabled, is it possible to place it on by default, and if I un-check it make it stay off ?? P.S. I am moving this the the ADV Thread.
  9. Health Issues

    You shouldn't worry about the GM time your missing, and just focus on your personal life and mind-set so your body can function as it should. Stay strong my friend, we'll be here for ya to monitor later.
  10.      It's been a long azz time since Westwood Ev, almost 2 decades now since the beginning. I haunt BSGO now, n y--I'm still Ever/Ayv n rather proud to have been a part of yer history. Kyp I rem also, good peps. Computers n Servers have changed so much since then n coding shortcuts. I have a 12 i7 core/ 6gb liq cool'd vid/ 5o gb of ram/ a experimental 1tssd/ amped wireless/ 15oowatt thermatake gold/ bose stereo/ crazy keyboard n a mouse a kat can't kill w a 7.9 x 5 windows to compair to what we started with. You are one awesome dude who I respect above nyone with a dream n seein it thru.....Aquadoom, Zour, Wandersoul n TSE <The Shadow Empire> remember.

  11. Standing Down.

    E&B Emulator fans, I am getting old and tired. I have spent 11 good years working on this project/game, and have met a lot of neat and interesting people in our travels over the years. I want to thank ALL of the player base 1st for your dedication to this project as this was the 1st MMORPG of my gaming life back in live. 2nd - I want to say thank you to ALL of the Devs I met from the start in 2006, and along the way. From the mission writers to those who write code, and last but not least - - - those who helped me understand what on-line gaming is all about. It has been an honer to work on this project for as long as I have. On a player note, I will do what I can to help any player at any time when i'm logged in to level their toon only because I had GREAT support from YOU - the player base. I Love this game and ALL of you.
  12. Issues with installation

    Glad to hear it's resolved, and welcome back - enjoy.
  13. 160 Track Space Ambient Music Patch

    Thank you for this donation, again. I for one will enjoy these for as long as the game is up. Thanks again Saoninal Randy aka Evermore
  14. vrix in Primus-Vega

    Ok, after a brief conversation with Kyp and a couple others, I have adjusted a few spawns to allow access to the shipyard safer for the hull upgrades. I personally don't think it was that tough to begin with, but, I don't want to deter new players either. However, this will not take place on a server restart, it will need to be done via a content sync.
  15. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Nah, just passed out for a short time Bones.