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  1. Evermore

    Merry Xmas 2018

    Merry Christmas to all, and safe travels to those who are on the move. May God bless us all with his serenity.
  2. Evermore

    Where has everyone gone?

    Hmm, 40 minutes to read this thread, Hmm..... Do I want to even want to play?? If the opinion of the player base is this negative, why should I want to even try to see what it's about. This group of developers over the last 12 years has catered to many ideas, and have come up with many many ways to please the populous, yet we still find ways to complain to the Dev team for lack of support. I for 1 want new visitors to read positive reviews of the progress, and future options to come - regardless of the incompatibilities of an OS. Choose your computer, but don't blame the people who make the game playable.
  3. Evermore

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    Confirmed. The wording is not as clear as it should be. All is well then, and thank you for noticing the issue. For future visitors, we should add "SERVER SIDE/IN-GAME/CODE" issues to the thread topic title. Thank you again for pointing this out.
  4. Evermore

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    That's a simple fix, just need to know what item you were viewing ? and for future content issues, please use the "Bug Tracker" tab at the top of the Forums home page.
  5. Evermore

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Server is DOWN. HELP !!!
  6. Evermore

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    I sent a text, that;s all I can do at this point.
  7. Evermore

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    With all the names I see in the Forums, I will assume this is either a crash, or something planned that I don't know about.
  8. Evermore

    Ship configuration and vault mapped

    You did post that, my bad. I would then go to the portal and use the "Web Help" tab and chose the Tech/Web/Portal Support option. Karu is pretty good about dealing with issues.
  9. Evermore

    Ship configuration and vault mapped

    I would think it's safe to say it is ok here, but I would also use the bug tracker, and, maybe even get in touch with a GM as well. This sounds like it could be more than a fluke, it might be related to updates to the OS, or newly written code even ??, and who is to say that it couldn't be an exploited way to get "loot only" items duplicated. Better safe than sorry.
  10. I would suggest letting ALL ship animations finish before gating/docking. This has helped me a lot.
  11. All I played in live was a couple PW's and a JE. Played until sunset of course.

    I was in the guild Static on another server, but that was short lived as I chose the wrong server when looking for a RL friend.

    1. Saywhat


      I was lucky Evermore, my RL brother played EnB with me in Live. He has also played some of the Emu, but is often drawn away by RL events. Glad to have you as part of our community. 

  12. Evermore

    SERVER STATUS (current)

  13. Evermore

    Merry Christmas 2017

    I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone playing this game, and extend thanks to all who have made this project happen. We have all seen a lot of ups and downs, but we all have come together to make it work, yet, another year. Merry Christmas to all Randy
  14. Evermore

    Dev interfering on raids

    I understand, and i'm sure the rest of the staff will too how a Dev toon in any raid/group would not be allowed, but we are allowed to have play toons in other guilds as long as we don't use our Dev accounts to do so. This shouldn't be the last reply from staff, but I felt the need to state what I am as I too play on Play accounts with other people. If any Dev/GM tagged toon is in a guild/Group/ or raid, that could have repercussions.
  15. Slayer who ?? Welcome home man.