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  1. rolonos

    A time to rest ..

    RIP my friend. I didn't know you well, but you always had time for any of us poor developers.
  2. Looks to me like a firewall somewhere is blocking the connection. What Security software are you using.  Are you using a wireless router, who is your ISP?     All three of the above can have settings that will block access to our servers and produce recults like the above.   Also compatibility mode should be XP not Windows 7   Rolo
  3. I'm Impressed.  Very well laid out post Holyman
  4. Personally I don't agree with any macroing however we allow 'Attended' macros.  I understand 'Attended' to mean being able to respond to anything that happens on your avatar at any time.  If you are multiboxing then your avatar is unattended while you are playing another avatar, even if only for a few seconds.  This would be my argument for booting any avatar I believed to be macroing and from whom I got no response.  Very strict I know and most other members of staff are likely to be more lenient   Rolo
  5. rolonos

    Revisiting E&b - All My Stuff Is Gone

    We went live a while ago and all toons were reset back to level 0
  6. rolonos

    Game Freezing At Gates

    IIRC Gate freezes are commonly caused by packet loss.  One thing I have noticed over the past couple of weeks is that I am getting a lot of background downloads from Microsoft (Possibly related to Windows 10?)  These could be eating bandwith and causing packet loss.  This MAY be part if your problem if you are using a windows machine and have registered for the free upgrade?
  7. rolonos

    Motor City Online Help Us

    Think we use My SQL for the DB now
  8. rolonos

    cannot download enb or net7

    Links rotate. We have a number of them. could be you've hit a link that is no longer valid
  9. rolonos

    SSL problem/ INV-300

    is your firewall blocking port 443?
  10. rolonos

    Unhandled exception during update

    It's usually a corruption in the index for the dropdown.  I suspect you only have 4 servers listed but the index is set to 5.  I had this a while ago.  IIRC I changed the dropdown to point to the Dev server and hit the check button.  Then exited the launcher without playing.  Think that fixed it.  Next time I went in just changed it back to play.
  11. rolonos

    NET_7 cant find server...I think

     change value in box to and try.  will say can't find server, or some such.  now change it back to sunrise.net-7.org and try again.  If you still net the null value message then you have a problem with the lookup of the domain.  Could be your hosts file has become corrupted?
  12. This is a bug in the code.  It is displaying XP earned rather than paid towards debt.  It will be fixed in next patch.  Thanks for the spot.
  13. rolonos

    I have this recurring in game client lag?

    I think is your connection as I just had to delete 8 duplicate posts exactly the same as the one, which would imply network problems
  14. rolonos

    Design Philosophy: Where do you stand?

      This could be intentional and designed to give some colour to the NPCs.  They may not all be native English speakers you know:)