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  1. https://www.net-7.org Error connecting to database 'Net7'
  2. I just logged in, OK to me You *might* have to restart your network equipment!! Net-7.org comes OK up here
  3. I had trouble myself, BUT: CMD.com Adm. mode: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS did the trick!!
  4. Domain expired Today!! Whois Lookup | Find Out Who Owns a Domain - Namecheap
  5. DANG IT! Thanks so much, for your fast reply, on this issue, Sir I will hang around, in case I can help you out
  6. intoDNS: net-7.org - check DNS server and mail server health Take a look here!! My guess: Something is weird, with the configuration, of net-7.org??
  7. Can't log in, seems that you have lost Net-7.org??
  8. https://enb-emulator.com/ Certificate expired!!
  9. You need to update your Launcher!! 2.2.0 is the current version, 1.9.9 is outdated!!
  10. Take a look at the screenshot. I have drawn a box around the area, of interest.
  11. Thank you so much I am in again now
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