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  1. https://enb-emulator.com/ Certificate expired!!
  2. You need to update your Launcher!! 2.2.0 is the current version, 1.9.9 is outdated!!
  3. Take a look at the screenshot. I have drawn a box around the area, of interest.
  4. Thank you so much I am in again now
  5. Unable to log in on PTR, user name/password not recognized!! INV-300
  6. I have just managed to sign in to the PTR! I noticed that the uptime has passed 4+ Days, which means that somebody might have restarted the PTR? Failing on update check though.
  7. Not able to start the PTR no more!!
  8. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53508994/getting-hell-php-error-and-502-bad-gateway-error-after-deploying-node-js-pag
  9. Yeah. You read it RIGHT!! One of my Linux VPS (VPS2) showed me this!! Please BLOCK OFF THIS IP ADDRESS: Thank you
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