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  1. First a little back story, in Feb 2006 I dozed at the wheel in Nevada and rolled my car 5 1/2 times. The car landed on its roof and when I took my seatbelt off I fell on my head, breaking my neck at C5-C6 vertebrae. CT scan taken before the surgery showed the break and the doctor brought in his laptop and showed me what he was seeing, therein he told me that by all rights I should not be able to walk. Fast forward to this Sunday night/Monday morning, my neck was hurting more than it ever did (since the accident it has been in constant pain) and I went to the ER thinking maybe I had worsened the damage. The pain turned out to be just muscle spasms, I must have slept wrong or something. The ER doctor ordered a set of CT scans and when the results were made available he called me out of the room I was in and showed them to me on the hospital's computer. Slightly more detail (tech advances in 16 years) but pretty much what I had seen before. But apparently the doctor was shocked, asking me "How are you able to walk or even move your arms?" He ordered a collar for me and put me on a 10 pound restriction. Here's the thing though, in my mind I've been living with this for 16 years. This is nothing new. I've been able to get along by just keeping a 50 pound weight restriction (which had been given to me by another doctor in 2008) In my mind the doctor just got scared over nothing. But then I look back and think, he may or may not have specialized in the spine, but his knowledge of anatomy and medicine is far superior to my own (I was more interested in the Biology of the girl in front of me than what the teacher was teaching back in school). I'm trying to get ahold of my primary care provider to get a referral so I can get the restriction lifted, but how would you take the ER doctor's reaction?
  2. ah, thank you Woody, I wasn't aware the Ermites were actually Chavez (though I suppose common sense should have told me otherwise since a Chavez mission sent me there)
  3. Is there a way to search that? I know the Chavez Capital Ship, of course, I seem to remember Eris in Ceres/Thule (possibly the sector itself) is Chavez related, but I can't think of any more than that *edited to correct spelling error
  4. During the missions Fixin the Solar Arrays, Platinum for Power and Osirium for Power the female looking NPC Ugarina Pletu on StarClipper Station in Mercury is referred to as "dirty boy", "stinky boy" and "sir" (possibly more, I'm writing this just after accepting Osirium for Power) I make no judgements on possible LGBTQ+ connotations, maybe this was intentional
  5. I seem to recall hearing Zweihander caused problems in the European region, I don't remember if there ever was a fix for it or not. Vaguely remember something about firewall ports or ISP issues (can't remember which).
  6. All I can say Kyp is my 200% Veiled Oyoroi with a recharge rate of 441.5 starts ticking down as I fly towards Aragoth Probe 1
  7. I know this was debated several years ago. When I did a in-forum search using keywords "radioactive" and "shield" (no quotation marks) I got 87 pages of results and I'm not even sure the debate happened on this or the old forums. The debate I'm referring to is whether or not shields can recharge while in a radioactive area. What I remember about the debate is people on both sides claimed they had proof from pre-Sunset, but I personally never saw either side's proof (which would have to be video evidence of someone's gameplay with the mouse positioned over the shield bar while in a radioactive area). Since I didn't have any video evidence one way or the other I kept silent (though my heart wanted very much to be on the side that shields of a certain size/recharge rate were immune to the shield drain of radioactive areas like near the star in VT). Years later, and probably not going to convince anybody of importance, I finally break my silence with the application of math/logic. For the purposes of my argument I will use the radioactive area/shield drain around Aragoth Major in VT. Assume Aragoth Major drains x shield energy at 0.00km distance. As you distance yourself, y, from the star the drain should lessen exponentially (x-y). Let's put some random numbers to that. At 0.00km Aragoth Major drains 1,000 shield energy/second, let's assume it drops 10 for every 0.01km traveled, at 0.05km it would be 950/sec, at 0.5km it'd be draining 500/sec, and so on. Eventually a shield's recharge rate would overpower the drain rate. Now I've seen toons with lvl 1 shields (average recharge rate of 2.511111/sec using all 9 shields listed, though at least two are not available to the general populace) touring in VT and the shields slowly tick away at the same rate as a lvl 8 shield with an average 257.1/sec {38 reactors added up at "stock/100%" values based on Net-7 database} the equal 1/sec or whatever it currently is set at, shield energy drain rate for high and low level characters makes no sense given their wholly different recharge rates ******edit****** What I would propose is after figuring out precisely what the radioactive area's drain rate should be in relative position to the source/epicenter (x-y=z), the modified shield recharge rate would be whatever the normal recharge rate minus z. The trouble with this solution is I can imagine this would be tinkering with the client which our DEVs cannot do, however if we were to go to .... I believe at one point in a Stress Test we had lvl 7 (or was it 4?) shields and above would be immune to the shield drain
  8. After trying to figure out what azajali43 was talking about I did a Google search using the keywords Sulani and Ngata. Turns out the Ngata family is a premade family in Sims4 in the Sulani region. Wasn't sure if I clicked "Report post" if I'd get an option screen asking why I reported it or if it would just go straight to the admin with no explanation. Either way azajali43's post and this one should probably be deleted as they have nothing to do with Rudo's question
  9. I think I found an old (can't remember brand name) cooler on top of Ishuan Station, but do we really need ice if we're in space?
  10. The Antisocialites are, for the most part, active, however their founder is under threat of being ousted due to her talkative nature.
  11. Mouli, I understand what you're saying, I honestly do. The fact of the matter is, though, that people who read a lot, people who cared back in school about learning the gerunds and past participles and such often have a hard time NOT being "grammar nazis" pointing out every little foible. This makes things especially hard for people who take the time to learn English as a second (or third, fourth, et cetera) language. English is NOT an easy language to learn, the slang (which for a game that's worldwide is not a good idea to use since one region's slang for a bagel might be another region's equivalent of something offensive), words that sound similar but have different meanings, words that are spelled the same but sound different (eg. earlier in my post I typed the word "read" as I typed I heard in my mind the past tense of the word {sounding like the color red}, but as I was proofreading I heard it as the present tense {sounding like the plant reed} how are you, the reader, supposed to know how I intended it?) and so many other reasons that make learning a new language difficult. Personally, I applaud ANYONE who cares to learn English as another language and give allowances in situations like this where there's a worldwide community that there will be mistakes made, often times I find myself rereading posts to make sure I get the right intention. For example (and I don't mean to sound like I'm nitpicking) Again I don't want to sound like I'm nitpicking, I'm just using this as an example, but the use of the word "as" in this sentence should have been "has" as a person who grew up speaking English it took me a moment to realize what you intended. Once I did, I had no problems. But that's just me, one person. Now for the other side of the coin, why the Devs want better grammar for their content. Players, in general, hate having their time wasted. If they have to read, and re-read mission directions to go one place, pick up an item and drop it off elsewhere, then misunderstand and do the opposite, they're going to complain. Add to that, I'm sure the Devs have had numerous complaints about this or that being wrong, I think I myself have reported a couple grammatical or spelling errors. Imagine coming home from your real life job, kicking the wife, kissing the dog (or the other way around if that pleases you) sitting down to try to do something fun but instead opening complaint after complaint about how you typed, fixing that, going to bed, waking up the next day to start it all over again. Sounds dull doesn't it? Anyway, I'm going to stop with this reply, I would like to play the game as well, sorry it got so long winded
  12. I wouldn't say close, Chi-town is 2.5-3 hours away. I'm in East Moline, IL (Quad Cities Area)
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