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  1. I think I found an old (can't remember brand name) cooler on top of Ishuan Station, but do we really need ice if we're in space?
  2. The Antisocialites are, for the most part, active, however their founder is under threat of being ousted due to her talkative nature.
  3. Mouli, I understand what you're saying, I honestly do. The fact of the matter is, though, that people who read a lot, people who cared back in school about learning the gerunds and past participles and such often have a hard time NOT being "grammar nazis" pointing out every little foible. This makes things especially hard for people who take the time to learn English as a second (or third, fourth, et cetera) language. English is NOT an easy language to learn, the slang (which for a game that's worldwide is not a good idea to use since one region's slang for a bagel might be another region's equivalent of something offensive), words that sound similar but have different meanings, words that are spelled the same but sound different (eg. earlier in my post I typed the word "read" as I typed I heard in my mind the past tense of the word {sounding like the color red}, but as I was proofreading I heard it as the present tense {sounding like the plant reed} how are you, the reader, supposed to know how I intended it?) and so many other reasons that make learning a new language difficult. Personally, I applaud ANYONE who cares to learn English as another language and give allowances in situations like this where there's a worldwide community that there will be mistakes made, often times I find myself rereading posts to make sure I get the right intention. For example (and I don't mean to sound like I'm nitpicking) Again I don't want to sound like I'm nitpicking, I'm just using this as an example, but the use of the word "as" in this sentence should have been "has" as a person who grew up speaking English it took me a moment to realize what you intended. Once I did, I had no problems. But that's just me, one person. Now for the other side of the coin, why the Devs want better grammar for their content. Players, in general, hate having their time wasted. If they have to read, and re-read mission directions to go one place, pick up an item and drop it off elsewhere, then misunderstand and do the opposite, they're going to complain. Add to that, I'm sure the Devs have had numerous complaints about this or that being wrong, I think I myself have reported a couple grammatical or spelling errors. Imagine coming home from your real life job, kicking the wife, kissing the dog (or the other way around if that pleases you) sitting down to try to do something fun but instead opening complaint after complaint about how you typed, fixing that, going to bed, waking up the next day to start it all over again. Sounds dull doesn't it? Anyway, I'm going to stop with this reply, I would like to play the game as well, sorry it got so long winded
  4. I wouldn't say close, Chi-town is 2.5-3 hours away. I'm in East Moline, IL (Quad Cities Area)
  5. My lvl 150 JE talked to Michael Wallace on Chernevog Station and got the pictured dialogue. If 150 is not experienced enough does anybody know what else might be needed?
  6. Was going to check in this morning and discovered my computer was having this issue. As there is no work around I might as well uninstall on this laptop. Aside from the EA uninstall for the client and manually deleting the Net-7 folder, is there anything else needed for a full uninstall?
  7. Ages ago (pre, and even post Sunset) I extolled the virtues of this game and its community. When I found the emulator I was overjoyed, a blast from the past WORTH spending my time on. In fact, there was even one month I was actually able to donate to the cause (prior to my wages getting garnished for unpaid college loans). I survived wipes. Most were server wide, some were fleeting moments of stupidity on my own part. But throughout these wipes I tried to maintain the friendships I had made through this community.... and slowly I've been watching these friends disappear. Some have left because of real world problems, some because of the backstabbing and bickering in the forums and in game. After my last self-inflicted wipe, I was no longer in one of the big 3, and I began to notice the big 3 raid rotation debate even more than I had while I was in. I vowed to myself that I would not even participate in a Fishbowl until this had been resolved. ... and here we are today, constant back and forth about the raid rotation has bled into topics it has no business in (Player Advocate nomination as an example), I've yet to attend a raid with my 3 mains due to my self-imposed restriction, but have gotten so bored playing them that I've even started a couple of the dreaded clone race. Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is this: I've got enough to deal with in the real world that I don't need to deal with this pettiness as well. I will not wipe my toons this time, but I am indefinitely on hiatus. It is my hope that, eventually, this community will rally together and thrive once more, until then... well I think Q said it best in Star Trek: The Next Generation's last episode "In any case, I'll be watching. And if you're very lucky, I'll drop by to say hello from time to time. See you.... out there"
  8. Try seeing it from the V'rix side. While the Jenquai are trying to study you (a nuisance), the Progen are trying to put holes in you (an honest threat). I truly don't know what they would think of the Terrans, but if I'm remembering my E&B lore correctly it was the Progen that started firing at them first. If you were a V'rix, wouldn't you try to stop them from getting stronger?
  9. I'm curious: is there a level requirement for "Solar Energy for Laymen" According to earlier post, the mission giver is Zachariah Garrett (Dahin). My JS (OL 131 33/48/50 with all builds maxxed) has been doing the missions and when she goes to Zach she gets his standard talk tree. "Hello there! I'm embarking on a grand project. Solar power's the way of the future, don't ya think?" Response options are "Not really" and "Yeah! Could be the next step in evolution" to which he responds "Finally! Someone who understands!" and Done shows up, no further progress available.
  10. I've been having the same problems as well. I just assumed it was a problem with my wifi, but seeing others with the problems and knowing they're not on my network, I'm guessing it's something else
  11. During one of the stress tests I had seen a couple "offensive" names similar to a couple of these, may have even been a couple of these. I in-game pm'd someone on the DEV/GM team (I THINK it may have been AFVet, but not sure) making it clear that while I was not offended I could see how someone could be. I was simply told that whoever it was I had PM'd would "look into it" and never heard anymore about it. No official ticket was made at that time
  12. What I've done in the past is 105 Explore jobs from Earth Station to Pluto/Charon, dock at Charon Cloister and buy the only trade goods they have, back to Earth and sell, repeat all
  13. this again? I could be wrong but I believe the last time this came up the DEV/GM team said they will NOT get involved. The "agreement" was set up by 3 player guilds to split the raids giving the public a week for each raid. Last time I saw a thread on this, I gave up on reading the forums for about a month, because it was nothing but this! I seem to remember, however, that even the ADV's hands were tied, though I don't remember if that was because they were in one of the 3 guilds or if the DEV/GM team included the ADV in their non-partiality clause. Point being, I doubt you'll get any assistance from DEV/GM team on this matter, you've stirred a bee's nest, and the next month or so will probably be "It wasn't me" or "why do we even have this agreement" replies. I guess it's time for another month away from here, we'll see
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