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  1. stevinium

    E&B Config disappears

    Did you try running net-7config.exe? It's either in the same folder or in the net-7 folder under program files. And set it to run as admin and set compatability to windows xp service pack 3 At least thats how mine is set and it works
  2. stevinium

    Want to delete Net-7 Account

    Not seeing any way to delete accounts under 'Account/ Account Settings' Correction: Under 'Account / Avatar Settings' you have to change off your main account and delete or move all characters off the account you want to delete first.
  3. stevinium

    Chavez mission

    The lev 52 floats around in the gravity well near the RD base. He has alot of area he covers. He doesn't sit still.
  4. 1. yes and yes 2. no Bonus question. No
  5. stevinium

    How do I get to log into game?

    The game is alive and well. There are tutorials on how to download and install the game on this forum.
  6. stevinium

    Net-7.org needs re-login after few hours

    Same here, have to login daily when before I was logged in for months.
  7. stevinium

    Wasted Triggers !

    No guild has exclusive access to the triggers. Get a group together and go for it. Nobody can stop you from doing a raid.
  8. stevinium

    This Morning 5/26/17. Daughter Graduated

    Congrats to you and your daughter. God Bless. You look good for all you've been through.
  9. stevinium

    AHK And Multiboxing

    Only limited by your computer. And don't leave them unattended.
  10. Welcome Back No need for a disc, just download. Everything was reset for the last time about 3 or 4 yrs ago. Good news no more player wipes.
  11. stevinium

    Can't Alt+tab

    Running in windowed mode works better. To move game windows In windows 7 you hover over the icon on the taskbar and a small view window pops up. Right click in the popup window and select move. A 4-way cross will appear on the top bar of the window. Then start moving with a left click and hold on the cross. If you miss it or need to move it more just repeat.
  12. stevinium

    Game password retrieval?

    You're welcome
  13. stevinium

    Game password retrieval?

    If you can get on the Portal you'll have options to retrieve your passwords under the Account Tab ->>Avatar settings
  14. stevinium

    Game password retrieval?

    Try clicking on Net7 Portal - upper left tab on this page. If you can login to that you'll see all your characters on the left with the login name under each one.
  15. stevinium

    Introduction Movie , Removal .

    when you crash during a raid and want to get back in fast it helps.