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  1. Welcome to life as a progen :D, battle is our way and it's a hard road ahead for you if you are new to the game and have no money saved yet. Might I suggest asking in new player chat for a friendly JE to fly you to your Hull upgrade cloaked or pehaps friends to clear the path for you. I know it's a pain but as with all things progen you sometimes have to think outside the box to get your objective done other than the obvious. Good luck and hope to fight by your side in glorious battle with you soon. PESTILENNCE.
  2. Doing Good my end with lots of RL changes job wise etc lol thank you for asking Tsu , I hope you are all well and things are good your end?
  3. Did I read it right? That the rotation is a thing of the past? It's been over a year since I stopped playing because of the stupid thing and if it's true then it might be time to try the game again and bring PESTILENNCE back to fight for glory and honour. ps Selling Plague Bites for 1 billion credits pst lol
  4. LMFAO 1 down vote for my first post and 2 for my second Grow up guys lmfao bring it on.
  5. I don't feel the need I just wanted to beat all the complaints about it and at least get our names right.
  6. Regardless of where in the rotation the trigger for the troller was, we shot it. The raid was advertised in general and open to all guilds to attend, how much fairer can it be? it went down fast and was a success from all attending guilds etc regardless of the complaints, no the sky did not fall down it,was refreshing to do at a reasonable hour. Any compliants to the devs etc please at least spell my name right. There was also no need for a single person to multibox go figure!
  7. I hate to be negative but I have been about since all we could do was leave the station. Nothing will change when it comes to the rotation. Sad I know and the fact the topic brings the forum to life with the most replies does not matter ( it shows there's a problem ). The only way it will ever change is to get 12 People with big cahonas and just shoot the triggers as intended. Other than that it's a waste of time. On a side note perhaps we could have a gm role created from the 3 time zones that is capable of triggering a PRS raid at least once a week ( even if it's their only role) I feel that would make a huge difference and I would like to volunteer for the European time. Just a suggestion.
  8. The bigger question should be why are you even looking on multiple browser's and devices unless it was to cheat the poll? As for the trolling tbh I can see a few trolls on here and panda is not one of them, his views in this thread are as valid as anyone elses whether you agree with them or not, so why don't you lay off him a little and start acting your ages, it's not kinder garden. If you can't contribute anything constructive in the discussion then move along, there's no need for bullying.
  9. I agree 100% with what you are doing but do you really think this poll is going to make a blind bit of difference regardless of the result? I have my doubts but I will watch with interest and I tip my hat to you for at least trying. Regards PESTILENNCE.
  10. Is this the NOW active biggest 3 guilds in the game you refer too or the has beens that cling onto the past and would rather see the game die than give up their slot? Another answer is just to create a new guild that does not agree with the rotation to get everyone that feels the same in one place and just start playing the game as intended, I am sure they would not find a shortage of people ready to join.
  11. Biggest reason for this game slowly dying due to lack of players is the Rotation, until that changes. Here is a wall start beating your head anytime you feel like it guys, cos nothings going to change. It's reached a point now when I look on the forums ( feel free to see for yoursevles) there are actually more guests and logged in members browsing the forums than are actually playing the game most times, that alone should tell you all you need to know.
  12. You have pretty much hit the nail on the head and why I have stopped logging in to play the game anymore. On a brighter note the wife is now happy that she is no longer a game widow and gets to see and speak to more than just the back of my head these days lmao
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