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  1. A few month?And you didn't seek help earlier? DOH.... Anyway, reset updates from launcher, there was an update lately. Also make sure, you are running launcher in admin mode.
  2. Restarting soon, it's installing updates as well...so i wait for it to finish.
  3. DEVs are not fiddeling with accounts in any way if it is not your account and that 100% being verified. You cannot believe how many mails/messages we get, saying "this is my toon, my brother changed password blablabla". We always say "if it's your account, you need to restore it by using the available tools we coded for that. If you used an old email you cannot access anymore and forgot your password - you are screwed. Nothing we can do." FYI, VonBon sent me a message lately asking for some guild leader toon fiddeling, taking back an existing guild as leader. I didn't even answered. DEVs are coders, not game masters. Please do not say DEVs would move player accounts in such way, there are people believing such nonsense.
  4. 1.Your mail provider it self could have a leak / security issue. Wouldnt be the first one... 2. Many spam bots are scripting/trying/guessing mail addresses these days I can see this on my domain logs. Sometime they hit an existing address. 3. Net-7 database passwords are encrypted, even if you would break in, no cookie for you. 4. We have very effective security mechanisms, monitors etc. Don't getting into detail but be warned: Don't even try...intrusion monitors would ban your IP immediatly!
  5. IT'S A TRAP!!!
  6. Shakti is the "Pleasure moon"...you know? Pleasure..like ..."knick knack"...cough cough Girls, drinks, music....yadda yadda...you get the idea. NOW(!) a station voice like "someone is waiting for you" makes sense? It's advertising for "papas games" And yes, if you're minor...DON'T GO THERE!
  7. That is the original client behaviour and we cannot change it. Technically: If mob dies, object is destroyed. Corpse is new object and therefore not "tied" to prev. targeted mob. We could add server code which goes like if mob dies and is current target of player within range and mobs kill generated a coprse, auto-target this corpse. Here comes the problem: Many players dot want that. Imagine i assist on a raid and mob is killed, i retarget diff. mob and suddenly (lag) the corpse is becoming my target. NO GO! We would also have to check for many other things, like group members not in range (towed?) or leaving sector etc. This would need a thread-safe coding for such mechanism and i am not positive, we want that in a "high load sector" with on going raids. So nope, not really a chance to change the original behaviour.
  8. @Cipher ...with a new poll too, so we can see what the current problems are.
  9. I unsubscribed from this thread now. As i already said, this is no discussion thread. I came back today and found pages of some made-up-fantasies about server attacks.
  10. There is no DDOS attack. As long as there is no official statement about such actions, you shouldn't make up anything and "sell it as fact". Just because some1 is constantly trying to connect with an old proxy client is not matching the term DDOS.
  11. We have a server status thread already, no need to open another one.
  12. I can see continously attempts of an old proxy client, hammering the server. Maybe a bot...dunno. Last restart from me today as i am leaving town now. So treat the server well...
  13. Restarted. Sorry for inconvinience.
  14. Reminder: This is no discussion thread, it's only (only!) to report a server crash. I am getting contantly "high prio" alerts here.
  15. Hi! I restarted the server, should be ok now.
  16. WTF....asking the worst game studio/publisher on the planet to bring back a game they once shove up our....is there ANY pride left in you guys.../sigh
  17. Nope, that was a different but coincedently and timewise simultaniously attack of the aliens
  18. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  19. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  20. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  21. Sorry folks, i didnt get any notifyer mails (diff. problem, but also fixed now) so i wasnt aware of the problems. Sunrise has been fixed - all is "green" again.
  22. All ships of every guild member - and becomes active with next login of a toon.
  23. Karu, lol - we did the same at the same time. I was just on the DB and changed the values there, reload stuff ingame. I also wanted to check, why the logo value was ZERO (0). But go on...
  24. He did, no dice. I am ingame, was reloading guilds already, also no dice. I wonder if the ini file /client is limited somehow, since we got 208 decals active.
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