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  1. Hi! Cert is on my list, i changed it yesterday already (so to say "in advance"...). Lets Encrypt Cert are never valid more/longer than 3 month. It's since 2012 (when they started) like this. There are bots/script from LE which will renew the cert regulary so you dont have to take care at all. In our scenario it is a bit different since we use the wildcard-cert from the webserver also for the game-server since that cert holds the subdomain as well. The renew-automatism is on the webmachine, so we copy the certs manually all 3 month. I could setup an automatic copy-script between the two (totally different IP range and hoster) machines...someday....sometime....when i am bored... And yes, we could split the certs for the subdomain, but this will require other tasks/preps in advance...someday....sometime....when i am bored... Laterz
  2. Freeze...dont move...we are correcting CERTs now...
  3. Oki doki...server should be good again!
  4. Morning! Sorry, wasn't checking this thread lately (hm...i should get notifyer mails...hmmmm). Ok, i take care about the INV-300 and will restart the server anyway (OS patches). Since i cannot give a pre-warning (not able to log in now), i will shutdown the server the hard way...sorry for that !
  5. Heyo! I "THINK"...well.....go for it:) (If it's not disabled on portal itself) Gating Problems: Automatic server restart isn't in place yet, so server might has become instable over the last week(s)...i've restarted a few minutes ago.
  6. I am very sorry and apologize for my horrible lack of common sense and misunderstanding my "duty". I was freightfully bold and visited my very good friends on saturday with my wife. We had a superb day, we were like 100 miles away from any computer and we had a blast sitting around the BBQ watching our 3 yrs. old (grand-) niece becoming such a sweet girl. Now, coming back, i see that you had an aweful, boring day, being very upset about my selfish, egoistic attitude not monitoring "your" server 24/7 and taking care about your personal well-being. You are totally right, we are all have very bad communication skills and totally missed our professional duties. I will reject myself immediatly from any position and suggest that Kyp and David (Net-7 owners, board runners, Admins/CEO) will do the same. I dont have the position to do so, but i simply WILL do so because i totally respect you demanding this. Please forgive me...forgive the whole team and anyone else. Of course you will not have to attend our funerals in the future because we are unworthy, low life forms...
  7. I wasnt aware the server was down? Hmm....i wonder why....anyway, i started it now again.
  8. TS and PS build ammo skill has been fixed. Im restarting server now..
  9. Ok, break line here: ______________________________________________________________________________ We did a rollback to the latest pre-crash database and corrected the errors from b4 - so from this very moment everyone should have back everything now. If not, post here...
  10. Hmm....the turbo kicked in:) Lets see if all data is there, go for it! If anyone is missing something or think something went wrong, post here please.
  11. Heya! Dont need to reload page, will still take a while..its a big big database. It will be still hours....but i will hola when done.
  12. Ok....this is the situation: There was a problem with the database which is the reason for ALL of your problems (missing toons, missing gears, missing life ). Correction: Its NOT the reason for eg. bad reading skills (eg. "do NOT create a toon"). But here is the good news: I have a fixed local copy already up and running with all data corrected...yay Downside: We would need to restore the DB to the state BEFORE we launched the "Beta Sunrise" ago 2 days again - so consider the last two days as "practice steering a space ship".... Good thing: All get back their toons and stuff "pre-crash". Decision: Up to Administration...will report back
  13. Heya! Sorry for being MIA lately, busy with work ... but I jumped back in on the weekend and started to help with server/network stuff. Sunrise is now back to live since yesterday (Sunday) on the very fast, new server. Buuttt.....the Loginserver is limited to the developers still because we need to tie a few lose ends together. It should not take long anymore. Laterz... PS.: The INV-300 is basically the sign for a blocked login server. Technically: The SSL exchange cannot take place due to the closed ports.
  14. I gave the hamster some electroshocks...
  15. That is basically the same problem like "no NAT". VPN lines have their own routing/gateway rules and often UDP forwarding isn't working at all therefor. Just saying in case some1 else suffers from the same config/problem. PS.: You can do gaming over VPN, but it requires further / special configuration and in 99% the standard VPN config won't work at all in such scenario.
  16. Job Terminals are "resorting" their list within minutes. You cannot keep jobs longer in your inventory cuz they could interfere with new Jobs (spawns) in that location. A longer "keep in inventory" time range could lead to a "dead job sector" if i keep enough jobs (with my alts) in my inventory - and suddenly the sector is job-dead... ? Easy solution: Grab new jobs you lazy bum! ?
  17. It MIGHT be that Kyp is doing updates and maintanance (unnanounced tho?). I saw updates running on the console, so maybe send him a PM and check plz, im not on my desktop PC...tnx
  18. Ya, there are a lot of malformed packets firing against the server again ... Restarting.
  19. Normally not/no... Maybe router wasnt setup with NAT and provider changed something on his side and those changes are affecting you now? Or router update was applied?
  20. Changing the item is no solution to the problem -> mule toons at gate, dropping of yadda yadda - thousand ways to overcome such limitations. The remaining part is an unnessecary "harrasment", a "burden" for the casual looter/crafter. Since camping might violate the TOS, report such toons to the GM ingame or via PM, we will take action against such players and warn them. If the player will violate the TOS again, we will ban the account.
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