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  1. Hmm...since i am trickey, i might have fixed it "some unnatural way".... 😄
  2. Exactly, but we need to wait for Kyp..when he drives home from work
  3. Might take a bit...Kyp needs to check one of the dns servers...
  4. Ya...obv. they got afraid of the new JAVA exploit and patched their service w/o notice.... Check now/again plz:)
  5. Didn't see anything weird but restarted anyway.
  6. Today there are windows patches so it takes a bit longer.
  7. Try this on your console: nslookup net-7.org This would check the domain via the Google DNS server. Just to make sure the DNS record has been updated there. Then do a nslookup net-7.org (no at the end) This would show the DNS request from your condigured DNS server (NIC configf), which could be a local DNS cache (bind server Linux gateway?) or the provider DNS itself (slow updates?).
  8. Should be fixed now, DNS updates could take a few tho...
  9. Looks like Kyp forgot to renew the domain...(why isnt it on auto-renewal anyway....) 🙄 So we have to wait until he gets up, recog. the national catastrophe and initiate the emergency protocol...
  10. Reachable again, fixing things, then restarting
  11. Looks like the hoster has a problem...stay tuned....
  12. Thanks, there was a memory exception -> restarting.
  13. This time it is a windows update....taking care.
  14. I've restarted the server earlier today, so everything should be fine. I was on the road tho, so thats why i didnt post a reply.
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