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  1. Thanks, there was a memory exception -> restarting.
  2. This time it is a windows update....taking care.
  3. I've restarted the server earlier today, so everything should be fine. I was on the road tho, so thats why i didnt post a reply.
  4. Problem is, that the automatic maint./restart is lately complaining about sporadic hiccups, so we need to restart manually (which i did now).
  5. Hmm...suspicious access in the logs...damn hackers. Restarting anyway.
  6. Ok, lets see if the fix is sticky or we need to take care next tuesday again after autmatic/spooled server restart...
  7. Ya..its losing DNS connection regulary. Not sure why, checking it now...
  8. Ya...3rd week now, always after restart - but problem is, the NIC goes south...which is based on a deeper problem. Server stays in the unreachable state now so we can investigate. Will inform u if/when/asap...
  9. There were some problems...weird tho. Anyway, fixed (for now).
  10. Correct, i restarted the server earlier but wasnt posting here from phone.
  11. Should be ok again, chinese hackers on the network...
  12. Thanks, DNS Services went south. Restarting
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