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  1. Ok, lets see if the fix is sticky or we need to take care next tuesday again after autmatic/spooled server restart...
  2. Ya..its losing DNS connection regulary. Not sure why, checking it now...
  3. Ya...3rd week now, always after restart - but problem is, the NIC goes south...which is based on a deeper problem. Server stays in the unreachable state now so we can investigate. Will inform u if/when/asap...
  4. There were some problems...weird tho. Anyway, fixed (for now).
  5. Correct, i restarted the server earlier but wasnt posting here from phone.
  6. Should be ok again, chinese hackers on the network...
  7. Thanks, DNS Services went south. Restarting
  8. Should be ok again, ive restarted earlier.
  9. Tnx for the replies i received outside this thread, soooo..... question has been answered
  10. I restarted the server 6 hours ago, is it working again for everyone?
  11. That was me, even after reading such comments: and After deciphering what a "respowns" is - and facing even my name being misspelled, i need to rephrase that we are NOT working here being payed employees and that we might spending our time with our families. We do not sit in front of a computer game all time. Also know that I stopped monitoring the server thread a bit ago as you guys didn't stop chatting there - although i asked countless times to stop the chatter in that thread (i got an alert mail each time which was very annoying). That is called "cause and effect" and the server not being restarted for 11 hours now? -> just a consequence. People need to stop complaining about the result of their own actions, esp. the attitude of a few people towards the ones pushing the buttons for you. Just in case you missed it: Ask yourself why there is almost noone left here coding for you or adding content. Ask yourself why almost EVERYBODY of the volunteer Devs left at some point. Many of us (staff) was/were being flamed in the forums, we saw (heavy) badmouthing in the game and we were facing bold behaviour and insolence in the forums over and over again. Sooner or later almost every ex-dev was fed up of this crap and called it.
  12. Do not cross bump threads from other boards here! 🥵 This is the server status thread - and its ONLY for that!
  13. Looks like the net-7.org domain hasn't been renewed. Kyp has been informed, now we need to wait...
  14. Like i said multiple times: This thread is for server status. Not for chatting. Not for babbling. I get a notify mail each time and its annoying to get a mail for postings not being a server status posting. Therefor i unsubscribed from this thread a long time ago. I do monitor the server tho. The result is, that people have to wait way longer for a restart. I gave enough warnings to NOT misuse this thread for chatting but poeple weren't listening. IF you stop chatting/babbling here and start obeying the very meaning of such thread again, i might resubscribe.
  15. Hmm...i was just logging in fine and gating fine, but i saw some other messages. I am restarting the whole server, will take a few.
  16. What is wrong with you and your tone?
  17. Debugger throwed the break point and i can see the code problem. Fixing it now...
  18. We had a Windows update lately, maybe that caused some problems. Anyway, I've put the game-server back into debug mode, watching for crashes now.
  19. Which part of my previous message you do not understand?
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