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Please do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only.




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Looks like the server needs a nudge again following the weekley restart, its not come back up after 45 minutes, Even the websites offline!


Your intervention would be greatley appreciated by the players.


Many thanks in advance,


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I think we're headed for a server crash, or at least it needs a reboot. Multiple reports in chat that people can't gate, or they have to reload the game between each gate. (including myself)

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Authentication server needs a kick - INV-300 error on login.  Confirmed by multiple users.


Seems to be a Windows Update on Win10 issue.

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5 hours ago, Shadimar said:

INV-300 on Windows 11 clients also, FYI.

Go into Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab,  scroll down to Security and uncheck Check for server certificate revocation. Click apply.  Start the game.   Go back and turn on the Check and apply again so your regular browsing stays safe.   You will need to do this to start the game until the cert is fixed.


It worked for me

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For giggles, I fired up my XP laptop and copied the client over there.  Worked like a champ, however I get INV-300 from 3 different Windows 11 computers and I've tried the Internet Options fix but it doesn't appear to work.  Bummer.

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I'm having no issues on w11.   Trying unchecking local cert on the launcher?   That is working for me

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