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  1. laramie

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Let the man sleep, it will not do any good if his eyes wont open to restart the server. A few hours downtime will do him some good.
  2. laramie

    old 2004 players what was your game names

    Webster  a TE Derf a JE   Them were my names. Ship names were   AT&T for the TE Wraith for the JE
  3. laramie

    Guidelines for Public Raids.

    Seams like this has been given very deep thought, But to tell the truth when I got to the part that listed the "core classes in a raid" I got borred and stopped reading it. It gave me a feeling of, "ok then if your not on a specific list of "friends" your not supposed to be able to even be around when a raid is going on." Im fine with that, just dont expect me not so show up to watch from the sidelines.   Hay, this is a game, some people like using the underdog classes to play, so let them play. This is a game, if you want to roleplay thats all well and good. If not, thats just as good to me. Were all here to have a bit of fun, so let everyone have fun.   This is my personal opinion on it, so...if you don't like it.  Oh well.
  4. I played from the Beta up till it shut down. I still have my original beta cd that i was sent and the original game in its box. After it shut down Westwood sold the game engine to be used in the creation of the sims. I was offered a sub to EVE but took a look and was so dissapointed i turned off my comp and it stayed off till my daughter got old enough to need one for school.   I played on the ORION Server as a TE, using the same name here, Webster The Guild I was in was named " The Silver Guard "
  5. laramie

    Account Issues

    yes, both have been done. Just never got a confirmation e-mail. Just checked my inbox, still no mail.
  6. laramie

    Account Issues

    Waiting on a confirmation e-mail. It has been a while, was wondering how long it would take to get one. Thanks
  7. A great game, I missed it and only today reloaded it, Folks your doing wonders. Remember when you reach the end of your rope...tie a knot in it and you can hang-on a lot longer.
  8. laramie

    Game shutting down when I log in

    Runnin Vista, if i let it update, it stops running, however, i can redownload it and it works, but once you log out, it just does it again and you have to redownload it. It is frustrating to have to redownload every time you want to get in-game. Yes, I have it all set to run as Admin. the client, well I just used my original boxed edition. the net 7 is what it keeps wanting to throw back out.
  9. laramie

    something wrong with login

    It just keeps telling me it is unable to validate my login information.