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  1. Target's social distancing sign has a totally different meaning for progen EnB'ers...
  2. Pretty sure that only the cargo hauler that spawns from the mission trigger, with your name attached to it, counts for the mission step completion. The problem seems to be if a player logs off, the trigger to spawn the mob times out or never activates. This will probably happen at each step where the player has to destroy a cargo ship. If you think you're going to have to log off, wait, and do it before activating those mission steps - eg - log off during a "talk to Duvet" step instead.
  3. nah i'm now on the 2nd attempt thru the mission. I forfeited and re-acquired. IMO , the trigger is buggy. If a player logs out after step 2, or during step 3, the mob probably will never spawn, or re-spawn. Could end up being the same trigger problem with future steps, so i'm logging out for the night before step 4, talk to Duvet again to aquire the next target.
  4. Warped out, then back, still nothing. Gated, then back. Nothing. logged off then on again, then warped out and back. Nothing. Mined awhile, came back, nothing. This mission trigger is just bugged, and needs to be fixed. It shouldn't require this much work or guesswork on the part of the player.
  5. There's no sparkles to the right/east of the gate, ~30km away.
  6. Did the mission change? Step 2 for me says to travel to Freya and locate the Infinicorp cargo ship near the Centauri gates. Nothing about Inverness yet.
  7. The mission is way too long. It has too many steps, covering too far of a journey, and is quite expensive, also (200-300k credits total parts & bribery costs, at only level 45? way too expensive), for too little reward. The skill is useful, but is meant to obtain at a rather low level, still. You're a non-combat class that's required to do combat in this mission line against higher level mobs to get the parts/heads you need. That's imbalanced & unfair. Also, the skill point investment required afterwards is too steep, through 9 levels of the skill. Ideas above were far better: each skill level gives +2 levels of ammo building.
  8. They may have, because originally with 9 professions, the skill matrix or skill assignment was different. We may never know what was originally intended, because we only got some of their original design documents passed on to us. It's probably not fair at this point, though, to take away skills from some professions in order to rebalance and give to others. WW also intended to ...not force people to group up, per se... but encourage groups and make the game easier when in a group. Your idea about different skills for a TW is great, but WW originally probably wouldn't have given them the perfect combo of Scan + Missile + a "lockdown" skill to make kiting easier against a stationary target. They gave those skills to other professions to encourage grouping. A JE, JW, JT or TE (Scout) will have Scan to help the TW see targets. A PW will use gravity well to slow down the target. A PE may scare the target the other way. A TW could get lucky with a hack and knock out the engines, too. Soloing a target will always be harder. Scouts are going to need some sort of defensive or escape skill, since they won't be a profession that solo's many mobs at any point in their progression. PW and TW are "in it to win it"; no escape needed. JW, JE, JT have cloak and fold. PE have have Scare plus high shield and hull points. TT have befriend and shield recharge. About the only thing a Scout can do if they see red/flashy on the screen and that battle music starts, is to hit warp with high Navigate skill and hope they don't get interrupted. Other classes can do that, too, though, so there's still no unique defensive skill for Scouts. Their hull repair skill is too little, too late, in most combat. If you have to use it, you'd better trigger it as soon as your shields go down, otherwise you're dead before it spins up and completes. It's not really an escape mechanism. The N7 team had/has no "agreement" directly with EA, afaik. The legalities of the EULA/ToS, that long thing we have to agree to the first time we load up, mean basically "we" the players cannot change the actual .exe file in any way. That's a very small part of the game, basically the graphics engine and network code. All the skills and items, and their descriptions, are in the database, just entries in a database table or spreadsheet. We can change all of that all we want, because "we" had to create it all from scratch in the first place and populate that database to give the game's .exe file something to use after it loads us up in-game and connects to a server.
  9. aye, this is why I use the old alpha/beta rational naming convention that is not arbitrary and not ambiguous: TE TW TT PE PW PT JE JW JT ...or, I use only the profession single names such as Scout, Enforcer, Trader, Sentinel, Warrior, Privateer, Explorer, Defender (seriously, wtf do we actually defend?) or Seeker. I never combine those with the race, because they stand alone. It's something I rejected when WW changed to new "profession" names instead of the former race-class names back in the original game, and something I still reject about the game today. I have to.
  10. Good luck and God bless, matey. Hope everything comes out ok.
  11. There might be other long quests, but they occur later in a character's development. The Build Ammo quest is not from the original game. It has been put in so far by one of the amateur volunteer devs in the Net-7.org team. EL by mining vs. exploring navs is not an issue at OL45, nor is any sort of "grinding" at this level. Levels still come fast by a variety of activity and missions. Exploration of navs for EL should occur by choice at one's own pace, not forced because of a "low level" mission. One can think of EnB character development in thirds: 1-50, 51-100, 101-150. Low, mid, high. At high levels is when ELs become a problem, and mining has to be supplemented with job terminals. Original live game had the same problem. I can't agree with this justification for such a long quest at OL45. No, not all quests need to as simple as "here, pay me 5000 creds and take this item to the terminal and analyze it to get your skill"... but they don't need to be this long, either, and force a low level player to pay out about 200k creds to buy L7 parts to build an L4 item at one quest step (one of about 40). aye, but not this long, and Call Forward was a late-game / high level skill. We're looking here at an OL45 early game / low level skill.
  12. We've gotta do something to fix the ridiculous 40-step Build Ammo sprawling galaxy-wide questline. Granted, i'm casual, but also a returning vet and long time fan of the game, and it has literally taken me weeks to do this quest, and I'm still not done. You can acquire the quest at OL 45, but even with a high level JE wormholer to take you around to a few of the locations, you're spending a ridiculously inordinate amount of time on this quest and all of its branches. I admire the creativity of whoever wrote this, but it's entirely imbalanced. Unless you "cheat" and read a wiki beforehand (which I refuse to do for stuff like this - in-game quests for main story and skills should be fairly self-explanatory and either explicitly tell you what to do or at least give hints). In most of this questline, there are no hints, there is combat required which is way over the level of a OL 45 Scout, and way too much travel for just 1 build skill.
  13. How about we help lower level TE's ("Scouts") also, by putting in Build Reactor, Befriend of some type, and getting rid of over half of the ridiculous Build Components mission? These were part of the original plan. We can't just copy other classes in part to make TE PT and JT. They need their own niche. Jenquai - explorers Progen - warriors Terrans - builders/traders Imagine a 3x3 grid of class & race. TE or "Scout" is a Builder/Trader first, explorer second. With the GETCo and Hyperia aspects of their story/lore, they're like a Elon Musk or philanthropist venture capitalist of the future. A builder, dreamer, environmentalist, inventor, tinker, hacker... Each explorer needs to build reactors and to mine resources, refine resources. Explorer classes also tend to be device heavy, so they will need high level devices, and build devices. Every builder/trader needs negotiate and a few build skills. Now we know TT can build everything (except reactors). Is build comps specific to Terrans, or to Traders? Traders. So a TE still might be allocated build ammo/weapons, build reactors, build devices, build shields. They're Terrans... which are techy and into hacking, so I get the hacking, but not as high level as the TW. That's fine. But... remember GETCo - Good Earth Trading Company. Seek Knowledge, not war. They need something environmental - not biorepression as much as a type of Befriend. They need some high level engines, a Terran thing, and some speed. They need to be able to get through grav wells and environmental hazards. In combat they get missiles and beams, leaning more towards missiles, cuz that's a Terran thing. In combat, they don't need to be a lead or main DD or tank, they are medics and support. The Jenqs are there to support psi shields and reactor regen and cloaking. The Progen are there to DD, tank, give crit, take aggro. The Terrans are there to hack, recharge shields, regen hull. The PE may scare away enemies as defense/offense, but the TE (Scout) should take the opposite approach (GETCo tie-in, again). Regen hull, combat medic, very appropriate, and different than the shield regen of a TT. Remember, too, original WW devs shifted a lot of class skills around because they DIDN'T put in the 3 missing classes in original live. There's some skills the original 6 professions weren't treally supposed to have. It's probably not a popular idea, now, but I don't think we should be afraid to play around with that and do some radical things in Sunrise now.
  14. No. I just gotta state the obvious, and go with reason here. We can't have NPCs moving around or dying off in the "Sunrise" of EnB. Back in live, yes, it made sense, because they had an evolving changing storyline that everyone was seeing for the first time, and seasons, and eventually began working towards an "end" once they knew Sunset was coming. Now, however, we have old players, new players, and are already experiencing a much longer lifespan of the game/server than the original had. New players will be lost, confused. We also have a system, thanks to clever dev coding years ago, in the NPC dialogue trees, that can know what part of the storyline a player is in, what they've done, who they've talked to. We can have the "same" NPC in multiple locations. We can make an NPC that used to be responsive and have a dialogue, stop, once you get to a certain part in the storyline. We have abilities now in the database that the original WW devs actually didn't We need to use that.
  15. You have to consider that this game is an emulator. We have to stick within the bounds of the original game. Ideas like this are neat, and yours is well conceived and well meant, but not possible along with all other ideas requiring game code or engine changes. I suggest team work. In original EnB a TW or TT were often the "center" of a combat formation... it wasn't just a spot reserved for a PW to tank and shoot. Missile kiting allowed the whole group to stay at range while TT/JE healed and JW cloaked and folded enemies back away to max range. Use teammates, don't just solo. You are always missing out on very valueable gameplay in EnB by going solo, and will always end up frustrated by something you can't do alone.... at least not as well as you could do in a team. EnB was built around that concept - coop play and teamwork instead of pure PvP all the time. TW missiles need to stay like original - yes, kite long enough, kill anything. The balance here is boredom and the massive cost of ammo. TE (Scouts) however, need a role in combat. Originally, they were supposed to get a befriend or biorepression type skill. The lore is that GetCo/Hyperia are more in tune with nature and conservationism than the other Terran corporations and factions. I've been trying one out for a couple months now, and there's very, very little combat utility.
  16. no, once again, as many times before, EA will not sell nor open-source EnB, because they still are clinging greedily onto other old, dead, games that use parts of the same code as in EnB: command & conquer generals, Sims, SIms 2, maybe others.
  17. The lv 15 miner that is "Bonn" and your conversation object, is also not "Dejected" btw - how many experimental laser lenses do we need? Could the in-game mission dialogue specify? thanks in advance
  18. i'm going to do a major brainstretch and try to install Zorin linux OS and get a win7 VM or setup EnB for linux... will certainly post results elsewhere if it works.
  19. What exactly is forcing Net-7 devs to update your cipher suite to keep the newest SSL? Why not keep/support the older SSL protocols, and thus allow WinXP users back in? I know there's probably some .Net dev tools or software you're using for the Net-7 launcher, but original EnB didn't need "new" SSL. Other than being prim and proper with the latest windows developer environments, why would it be "required" to stay current on our SSL? No one is going to hack/cheat on EnB :/ Can we get an estimate of how many XP users we've lost that have never upgraded to Win7 or newer? Maybe it doesn't even matter, but it could be a lot of players. I'm not asking for steam-like metrics, but do devs keep any metrics at all?
  20. I still have an XP desktop, p4, 768mb RDRAM 2ghz, GeForce Ti4400 32mb, and it ran EnB really well at the time, and there's nothing wrong with XP. Micro$oft just wanted to sell more OS and find a way to force people to keep paying them money for an OS that should be free at this point (like Linux OSs). I run 2 virus scanners and a firewall software on it, and it is quite safe and secure. It's quite sad that devs took away the ability to run EnB on XP. I would like to still play on my desktop, and get better fps than my i3-2330 laptop with win7, or even get my kids to play with me, with both comps running.
  21. Whoa, EA nor WW people had anything to do with any of the 3 new start sectors, or 7 new overall sectors. I can promise you, and provide evidence if anyone really cares enough. I designed Equatorial Earth for the TE. A couple others including a girl dev, designed Ganymede for the JT. A guy named Tim... i think, i'm sorry I forget his old EnB avatar, because we're facebook friends, designed the PT sector, Mars Gamma. From scratch, from our own imagination. Every other sector we had to work as a team, from screenshots, from memory, from coordinates in item databases and mob lists and mission descriptions. The girl dev designed Venus. I designed Mercury, but it was changed by someone later on. I designed Neptune, Pluto, Uranus (co-designed with another dev). We had notepad.exe , and a rough database editor and map designer program that we super-duper-amazingly appreciated that was coded by a former dev, and it was hours and hours and maybe hundreds of hours of volunteer effort. Some was lost, some was saved, some was re-done. Point is, it was nothing to do with EA, and it was not easy. Please don't argue guys; it's not worth it, and we don't want to damage any relationships in our small community here. We're all adults, we all love EnB. I'm all in favor of promoting, but we need to do it responsibly, freely, no gimmicks, no giveaways, nothing monetary. No Yogswave either. Tell your friends. The "contract" some talk about above - yes, Mouli, we all effectively signed it by installing EnB on our computers. It's part of the EULA/ToS. We have to accept it to play/install. Laws favor EA. We can't change anything in the actual software of the game as packaged on that installation CD. Everything done by Net-7 devs is database only. Kyp, GL with coding your new tools. I know it's tough, it's volunteer, it takes a long time.
  22. love love love. Ty for the clarifications, Cipher, and grats on your 3D tool work so far. I remember it was rather difficult to figure out everything that was going on in 3DS max, and now I kinda understand why.
  23. if you've got the models in blender, or some other 3D modeling program, then you should be able to load up the original textures on them, and add details to the actual mesh to represent the details on the textures. This could help you in painting or using different colors in your 3D printer? At this point in computing, these EnB models are all very low polycount, and any 3D printer should be able to handle slightly higher polycounts from you just editing the mesh manually.
  24. EnB used 3DS max for 3d models, animations, 3d graphics. Any old 2d graphics program should be able to handle texture making for 3d models, or re-texturing old models with higher quality textures. There's also a set of plugins for 3DS max created for Command & Conquer: Renegade that will work for EnB, because they use the exact same game/gfx engine.
  25. Lquan, but what would you say is the most/more frustrating ores, minerals, or comps to try to find (that are not loot only or non-manuf)? We could start with a few specific suggestions to ask the devs to tweak in terms of spawn frequency... besides just a general "more L9". I know at L1-3 there's usually not too much player building and trade, but ideally we could try to encourage a little bit more of that... across low & all levels.
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