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  1. So I created a ticket for an issue I thought I was having but I figured out what was wrong, can't seem to figure out how to cancel a ticket? If a GM happens to see this I created a ticket today, 5/18 for Character: Pappyps Feel free to cancel/ignore that ticket.
  2. Yeah my game is freezing every few minutes now and even the website is slow, something's up.
  3. Trying to do the build ammo mission, talking to Dr. B'nzen H'neydoo gave me another mission chain that wants me to build this thing. Step two of that simply says gather the three parts needed to build the Interpolative Gene Mapping apparatus but doesn't tell me what or where they are, so how do I go about getting these three parts?
  4. Anyone have that old trading script that used to be around or any trading script?
  5. Why would someone attack a game played by less than 100 people? I mean I know there are crap people but come on, leave us alone.
  6. crap just got off work was looking forward to hopping in the game
  7. Just curious on the less combat oriented classes, in this case Terran Scout, do people normally level their CL by hunting? Combat missions just don't really seem worth it from an xp per hour standpoint. But if you were to do something like max out Trade to 50 I know that xp then spills over into the other two pools, exploration can easily hit 35 just on full tours and once that's 50 everything would flow to combat. Is that a method people use? So you're effectively doing trade to raise your CL's? Just curious because I'm finding it a bit tedious to do atm. My PW wasn't much of an issue as combat is their thing and while I can kill appropriate level mobs one on one it certainly involves a lot of kiting. I always feel like I'm cheating myself if I fight stuff that only gives me 400xp but maybe per hour it works out the same since you kill them fast? Wondering how most people go about this? My TS is only CL 14, should I just be focusing o CL10's and not try to hunt my own level?
  8. Granted it's been at least two years since I was last playing this game so maybe they upped the difficulty in that time. Presently though aggro seems a lot different than I remember, making combat a bit rough. I'm pulling mobs from all over the place no matter where I go, also seems like signature is not working as even on my JE who has .3 sig if I decloak mobs will come from 10k away to attack me. Hunting areas I used to solo on my PW pretty easily I'm having to run away after a bit now. Were there changes to game difficulty or is it just in my head?
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