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  1. not as often as I want but yes.
  2. Really? Lvl 150 is required? After a very long time my JD just made lvl 150. My JE is 58 levels away. Looks like I'll never get there to mine dark matter...lol unless i I retire and spend 8 hours a day playing...hey I kind of like that ideal.
  3. it is..could this have something to do with widows 7 / office 2010 updates??[attachment=2979:Doc3.pdf]
  4. last month I updated WIN7 and MS Office 2010.  NowNET7 doesnt work. The message I get is : LaunshNet7-ERROR Error Checking server staus Details: vaule cant not be null Parameter name: address   I have reinstealled net-7 but can only get V19.9 I have checked the settings on my laopto, which works ok, and everything I think of checking matches. cant work any more un this today but will check back torrom and try anything yoi guys suggest.   TIA
  5. I would like to play all day lond but sometimes my dog needs to go out for a half hour or so...I do agree with what you are saying thou....I docked last nigth and there must of been 20 players standing around in  lobby.  Of coures they could of been planning a raid...b
  6. darn...hope Homles hechmen aren't having there way with my TE...
  7. slooowww plz want to enjoy every race....before the vrix arrive
  8. [sup]Voted this morning in Gilbert Arizona...now drinking and waiting for the results~!~ [/sup]
  9. Make it PVP and I will go back to eve...but that is just me. IMHO you can't work on PVP content and bring ENB back to its glory at the same time.
  10. [quote name='Rossdie' timestamp='1335777574' post='57193'] A question, not to sound like a jerk or anything or unappreciative to what the DEV's are doing here. Why would you not want to add everything in game, as in V'rix, full bogeril, Ard, and all the other stuff from live? To me it would make more sence to do that as bugs most likely will occur when all those things are added later. If they get added now they can be fixed now instead of having to fix them later, for storyline purposes they can be taken back out or the certain sectors can be closed when everything is said and done. This is supposed to be a stress test, correct? [/quote] One thing at a time grasshopper....adding too many things at once would royaly screw everything up...but that is my personnel opinion. As a helicopter mechicanic for most of my live (62 yrs LOL) you take one step at t time. Shotgunning only leads to weeks of rework. And we all know rework takes from profit. ( or in this case game time)
  11. glad I started playing battle pirates....gives me something to do during down times.
  12. [size=5][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][sup]I'm with Paul. I haven't done a fish bowl since live but as a JD/JE I never lasted long. But I did like hunting in DT and Ardus [/sup][/font][/size]
  13. [quote name='Rossdie' timestamp='1334296091' post='56717'] [i]I am with Lot on this, I haven't touched and EA game since they announced sunset and they will never get my money.[/i] [/quote] Nor did I allow my kids to buy EA games...lucky they all moved out within 5 years so they don't hold it against me...though they have laughed and kidded me about it.
  14. LOL sorry for all the drama ... I just want to hunt fishes~! And with a JD JS JE you need lvl 9 beams. never got much fishing during live so was hoping I could get some before the next>>>>>. at 81.35% on my JD so hopfully tonight I will get lvl 9 Beams~!
  15. Starting.....oops offline On line but still stuck / blackholed in Swooping Eagle...
  16. [quote name='Crichton' timestamp='1331338696' post='55246'] The trade and explore xp is rolled over to your non 50 skill. There is some loss (think its around 20% now which just disappears) but the rest will go directly to your CL. If its not doing this bug it. [/quote] 2 points for a lvl 135 combat??????I will never max at that rate~! 59.35 % to 61.35%~?~? each mission??? or am I just crying? So I started new toons...I like leveling new toons...LOLOLOLOL [quote name='Crichton' timestamp='1331338696' post='55246'] The trade and explore xp is rolled over to your non 50 skill. There is some loss (think its around 20% now which just disappears) but the rest will go directly to your CL. If its not doing this bug it. [/quote] SEEMs like it is a hell of lot more then 20%....
  17. Combat 48 59.35 % Explore / trade 100% after missions lvl 135 red dragon combat % 61.35 combat 400? / 625 explore 1000 trade1250 the numbers come fast so I could be off but 2 points in combat for a lvl 135 kill misssion suxz~! And don't even think of grouping~!~!~!
  18. yup Most of AZwoodmanJD skill points for a lvl 135 combat job from F7 went to explore and trade which are all ready maxed out. So it was so painfull to try to level to max combat I just strated Terran toons....please dont tell me this is a bug~!~!
  19. seems if I do combat jobs half goes to explore/trade so I don't get the total experance. At least that is what I was seeing awhile ago. I will log my guys and try it again incase that has changed. (or was i seeing things?) will check it out tonight...thanks for the resopse. (is there spell check on the fourms?)
  20. Everyone that wants a player wipe please delete your worthless toons and start over and leave me alone~!~!
  21. I come back after a months rest to this crap again.... Give it a rest and wait for Beta, then you will get your wipe. And I bet the same ppl will be bitching about that too.
  22. Stupid Norton...works fine on Win 7 but XP says it is a virus ...fixed now.
  23. sorry haven't checked ( but will tonight) can we still block ppl? If so problem solved in my option.
  24. [quote name='Crichton' timestamp='1312412856' post='43950'] I think from the devs that have been working on this project, and it has been several years, is to get the game as close to live as possible. Since almost every player played live most of us are hoping to get back close to that point. Currently there are still a ton of issues and the current state of the game is still considered pre-alpha so there is a long way to go. Also be aware that no new content can be added that doesn't match exactly what your client does. This means that the Devs are limited to what they can do from the server side. That being said there is still whole lot they can do....but changing basic game-play functionality is not going to be one of those items. Now go donate a few bucks, via paypal, so the devs can keep making this emulator better and not be forced to shut it down due to insufficient funds. = ] [/quote] I totaly agree..get close to live and then see what the DEVs can do... Just keep PVP out of it. At least until i die, then i won't care. I donate and am 61 so...
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