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  1. The lv 15 miner that is "Bonn" and your conversation object, is also not "Dejected" btw - how many experimental laser lenses do we need? Could the in-game mission dialogue specify? thanks in advance
  2. i'm going to do a major brainstretch and try to install Zorin linux OS and get a win7 VM or setup EnB for linux... will certainly post results elsewhere if it works.
  3. What exactly is forcing Net-7 devs to update your cipher suite to keep the newest SSL? Why not keep/support the older SSL protocols, and thus allow WinXP users back in? I know there's probably some .Net dev tools or software you're using for the Net-7 launcher, but original EnB didn't need "new" SSL. Other than being prim and proper with the latest windows developer environments, why would it be "required" to stay current on our SSL? No one is going to hack/cheat on EnB :/ Can we get an estimate of how many XP users we've lost that have never upgraded to Win7 or newer? Maybe it doesn't even matter, but it could be a lot of players. I'm not asking for steam-like metrics, but do devs keep any metrics at all?
  4. I still have an XP desktop, p4, 768mb RDRAM 2ghz, GeForce Ti4400 32mb, and it ran EnB really well at the time, and there's nothing wrong with XP. Micro$oft just wanted to sell more OS and find a way to force people to keep paying them money for an OS that should be free at this point (like Linux OSs). I run 2 virus scanners and a firewall software on it, and it is quite safe and secure. It's quite sad that devs took away the ability to run EnB on XP. I would like to still play on my desktop, and get better fps than my i3-2330 laptop with win7, or even get my kids to play with me, with both comps running.
  5. Whoa, EA nor WW people had anything to do with any of the 3 new start sectors, or 7 new overall sectors. I can promise you, and provide evidence if anyone really cares enough. I designed Equatorial Earth for the TE. A couple others including a girl dev, designed Ganymede for the JT. A guy named Tim... i think, i'm sorry I forget his old EnB avatar, because we're facebook friends, designed the PT sector, Mars Gamma. From scratch, from our own imagination. Every other sector we had to work as a team, from screenshots, from memory, from coordinates in item databases and mob lists and mission descriptions. The girl dev designed Venus. I designed Mercury, but it was changed by someone later on. I designed Neptune, Pluto, Uranus (co-designed with another dev). We had notepad.exe , and a rough database editor and map designer program that we super-duper-amazingly appreciated that was coded by a former dev, and it was hours and hours and maybe hundreds of hours of volunteer effort. Some was lost, some was saved, some was re-done. Point is, it was nothing to do with EA, and it was not easy. Please don't argue guys; it's not worth it, and we don't want to damage any relationships in our small community here. We're all adults, we all love EnB. I'm all in favor of promoting, but we need to do it responsibly, freely, no gimmicks, no giveaways, nothing monetary. No Yogswave either. Tell your friends. The "contract" some talk about above - yes, Mouli, we all effectively signed it by installing EnB on our computers. It's part of the EULA/ToS. We have to accept it to play/install. Laws favor EA. We can't change anything in the actual software of the game as packaged on that installation CD. Everything done by Net-7 devs is database only. Kyp, GL with coding your new tools. I know it's tough, it's volunteer, it takes a long time.
  6. love love love. Ty for the clarifications, Cipher, and grats on your 3D tool work so far. I remember it was rather difficult to figure out everything that was going on in 3DS max, and now I kinda understand why.
  7. if you've got the models in blender, or some other 3D modeling program, then you should be able to load up the original textures on them, and add details to the actual mesh to represent the details on the textures. This could help you in painting or using different colors in your 3D printer? At this point in computing, these EnB models are all very low polycount, and any 3D printer should be able to handle slightly higher polycounts from you just editing the mesh manually.
  8. EnB used 3DS max for 3d models, animations, 3d graphics. Any old 2d graphics program should be able to handle texture making for 3d models, or re-texturing old models with higher quality textures. There's also a set of plugins for 3DS max created for Command & Conquer: Renegade that will work for EnB, because they use the exact same game/gfx engine.
  9. Lquan, but what would you say is the most/more frustrating ores, minerals, or comps to try to find (that are not loot only or non-manuf)? We could start with a few specific suggestions to ask the devs to tweak in terms of spawn frequency... besides just a general "more L9". I know at L1-3 there's usually not too much player building and trade, but ideally we could try to encourage a little bit more of that... across low & all levels.
  10. There's a lot of depressed gamers out there after Battlefront II, Destiny 2, and myriad other failures and disappointments from big titles in gaming ...but that means that the harvest is ripe and ready for recruiting more players to golden oldie games like Earth & Beyond. Let's go visit some forums and do some recruiting. Keep it subtle, tho, right? No actual original posts/topics. Just reply with a link and a little hint to come find us when you see someone else making a post about how they're disappointed or frustrated or have a wish list for a game. We could use some more population here, but don't want a flood.
  11. That wasn't the consensus in chat, at least not at the time I was on. Also, why are you using alts/mules so much rather than engaging other players in an "online" game? If gas clouds give more than other 'roid types, then maybe they need to be nerfed, and crystal/rock 'roids get an increase to encourage going after them more, and more building items instead of just going after gas to sell.
  12. Had a nice discussion last night in Market channel that began with simply talking about Raw Boronite (gg Chavez) and turned into the whole EnB economy... or lack thereof right now. We need to find a way to reboot the economy and make it vibrant again, whether we have a few or many players. One point was made that it was currently faster, cheaper/faster to buy comps and dismantle them than trying to find an explorer class or buy ores/minerals. This was very concerning to me. Granted - mining is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it never was or should be, but miners deserve to be able to sell their product and earn a fair coin from it. Likewise, Trader classes must have cheap minerals in plentiful supply in order to make good comps and items at high Quality, thus making it worthwhile to seek out a Trader instead of an NPC vendor. If minerals cost too much, then comps/items will cost too much, and Trader classes fail to sell. Players will just buy from NPC vendors, dismantle, remake. Trader classes have to have cheap starting material, and they can pass on fair prices when they sell. At the end, Warrior classes should be able to buy items for a fair price. All they can do to earn money is sell stacks of combat loot or once in awhile find an Explorer to run cover for while they mine higher level stuff, and hope to earn a tip. This requires that the Explorer class has money to tip... which they need to get fair money for their ores in order to have money to tip a warrior... and full circle now goes the problem. Related, is the issue of 'roid fields. They need to have a good mix of different types of ores in them. (Let me define: ore = raw things that are mined. Mineral = items refined in a station.) Explorer classes need to get a fair result for their work mining. Too few ores in 'roids, and they won't earn enough from an hours' work. Too many and - supply & demand - ores are too cheap and won't earn enough. Also keep in mind, afaik/remember there is no actual L9 roid field, only L8 and each roid field has a chance to spawn +1/-1 level of roids inside it. This is why L9 are so rare. You dn't want something so rare to turn into a pop-rock too often. Consensus in chat was, tho, there's too few ores per 'roid, and too many pop rocks , especially on high level roids. Now, yes, i understand this can sound like a whine, and everyone wants 'more loot' and no pop-rocks, but I propose a modest tweak to the frequencies, as a first attempt. Could we try a +25% increase in ore/roid frequency and -25% decrease in pop-rock frequency. Let's see if this can get the money moving again more quickly. What other suggestions for a vibrant economy do people have?
  13. something something Rum something... Yes. I vote yes. *sings Drunken Pirate song*
  14. Welcome back ole T. Fascinating idea... could eventually lead to some unique player built items. Beyond the 200%, there'd be some procedurally generated unique, super-items that pop very rarely. The simplest thing, however, is dev-made unique items given as rewards for completing certain content in the game. because... I can't code that kind of procedural generation. Anyone else?... Long-term pipe dream, but props & kudos for thinking outside the box, dreaming big. Maybe you'll find an application for this in your own game or game engine someday? Keep working.
  15. ...this mission still broken / missing?
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