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  1. ghent96

    Rebooting the economy

    Lquan, but what would you say is the most/more frustrating ores, minerals, or comps to try to find (that are not loot only or non-manuf)? We could start with a few specific suggestions to ask the devs to tweak in terms of spawn frequency... besides just a general "more L9". I know at L1-3 there's usually not too much player building and trade, but ideally we could try to encourage a little bit more of that... across low & all levels.
  2. There's a lot of depressed gamers out there after Battlefront II, Destiny 2, and myriad other failures and disappointments from big titles in gaming ...but that means that the harvest is ripe and ready for recruiting more players to golden oldie games like Earth & Beyond. Let's go visit some forums and do some recruiting. Keep it subtle, tho, right? No actual original posts/topics. Just reply with a link and a little hint to come find us when you see someone else making a post about how they're disappointed or frustrated or have a wish list for a game. We could use some more population here, but don't want a flood.
  3. ghent96

    Rebooting the economy

    That wasn't the consensus in chat, at least not at the time I was on. Also, why are you using alts/mules so much rather than engaging other players in an "online" game? If gas clouds give more than other 'roid types, then maybe they need to be nerfed, and crystal/rock 'roids get an increase to encourage going after them more, and more building items instead of just going after gas to sell.
  4. ghent96

    Rebooting the economy

    Had a nice discussion last night in Market channel that began with simply talking about Raw Boronite (gg Chavez) and turned into the whole EnB economy... or lack thereof right now. We need to find a way to reboot the economy and make it vibrant again, whether we have a few or many players. One point was made that it was currently faster, cheaper/faster to buy comps and dismantle them than trying to find an explorer class or buy ores/minerals. This was very concerning to me. Granted - mining is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it never was or should be, but miners deserve to be able to sell their product and earn a fair coin from it. Likewise, Trader classes must have cheap minerals in plentiful supply in order to make good comps and items at high Quality, thus making it worthwhile to seek out a Trader instead of an NPC vendor. If minerals cost too much, then comps/items will cost too much, and Trader classes fail to sell. Players will just buy from NPC vendors, dismantle, remake. Trader classes have to have cheap starting material, and they can pass on fair prices when they sell. At the end, Warrior classes should be able to buy items for a fair price. All they can do to earn money is sell stacks of combat loot or once in awhile find an Explorer to run cover for while they mine higher level stuff, and hope to earn a tip. This requires that the Explorer class has money to tip... which they need to get fair money for their ores in order to have money to tip a warrior... and full circle now goes the problem. Related, is the issue of 'roid fields. They need to have a good mix of different types of ores in them. (Let me define: ore = raw things that are mined. Mineral = items refined in a station.) Explorer classes need to get a fair result for their work mining. Too few ores in 'roids, and they won't earn enough from an hours' work. Too many and - supply & demand - ores are too cheap and won't earn enough. Also keep in mind, afaik/remember there is no actual L9 roid field, only L8 and each roid field has a chance to spawn +1/-1 level of roids inside it. This is why L9 are so rare. You dn't want something so rare to turn into a pop-rock too often. Consensus in chat was, tho, there's too few ores per 'roid, and too many pop rocks , especially on high level roids. Now, yes, i understand this can sound like a whine, and everyone wants 'more loot' and no pop-rocks, but I propose a modest tweak to the frequencies, as a first attempt. Could we try a +25% increase in ore/roid frequency and -25% decrease in pop-rock frequency. Let's see if this can get the money moving again more quickly. What other suggestions for a vibrant economy do people have?
  5. ghent96

    If I was a CDEV I would build for Christmas ...

    something something Rum something... Yes. I vote yes. *sings Drunken Pirate song*
  6. ghent96

    Tradable items on Blockchain

    Welcome back ole T. Fascinating idea... could eventually lead to some unique player built items. Beyond the 200%, there'd be some procedurally generated unique, super-items that pop very rarely. The simplest thing, however, is dev-made unique items given as rewards for completing certain content in the game. because... I can't code that kind of procedural generation. Anyone else?... Long-term pipe dream, but props & kudos for thinking outside the box, dreaming big. Maybe you'll find an application for this in your own game or game engine someday? Keep working.
  7. ghent96

    The Entire Manifesto

    ...this mission still broken / missing?
  8. ghent96


    Sure, attaching log to my earlier post. Sorry about not attaching earlier. ...And, +GoodHumorBoy, I like Jackie Chan. There's nothing racist at all about it. He embraces his accent and bad english, and comedizes it with great success. Please don't ad hominem or attempt to derail. Skid - speaking out against blatantly wrong things is not "playing chat police". It is merely standing up for what is right, and speaking out against what is wrong. It is called being a decent human being. Do you think people should just stay silent when something wrong is going on? Do you think people should stand and watch while another is beat up or assaulted? By the way, do you have anything against police officers? Re-reading back... skidrow didn't actually say anything wrong, other than standing up for the offenders, and harassing/sassing in general. My apologies, and I corrected the name in my post above. But, I have to add that the following night, Skid and a few of his 'friends' decided they needed to harass me further in chat as revenge for this report. If you're not over 13, technically, you're not supposed to be playing this game ;p If you ARE over 13... then act like it. I'd expect behavior like this on EVE or some CoD game. EnB is too classy for this kind of revenge attitude. Come on guys.
  9. ghent96


    Will try adding to this thread instead of making a new one. Similar deal, but not quite as flamey as the OP Noticed tonight quite a lot of inappropriate chat (racey/sexual, racist jokes, some swearing, using illegal drugs) going on in General, but when porn links started being shared, that's where I jumped in and asked them to stop - reminded them we do sometimes have kids playing. Got sassy attitudes, of course, like these type of people usually tend to give when confronted with their behavior. So... here's the list, below. Asking for a temp ban to start with of 1 week or so, and a warning email from the GM/admins. In a small/tight community like this we can't afford bad seeds like these. Thanks in advance: Skizjd NikolaTesla Jacobypp ~ 05:00 server time or a few before [edit to change a name] chat_bak.log
  10. ghent96

    Minor things I would like to see

    Yeah that was me. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot how I did it... I was just tonight looking through old game assets and mod'ing files that I had made and saved, because all my avatars are actually still set the custom textures, and new tattoos that I had made. In-game, you will see me with the default "WW" westwood missing texture file as my tattoo (unless on the extremely rare chance that someone has my texture pack installed). I'll keep looking, and then write something up for people to use to mod their tattoos. it actually adds new assets in the game and doesn't replace old ones.
  11. #1 thing to know... don't ever leave for that long again ;P haha
  12. ...nope, not without a JE or JW present with you. Terran missile max range was always longer than their sight range, again... like my above post, making it essential to have a teammate around.
  13. You have to consider that this game is an emulator. We have to stick within the bounds of the original game. Ideas like this are neat, and yours is well conceived and well meant, but not possible along with all other ideas requiring game code or engine changes. I suggest team work. In original EnB a TW or TT were often the "center" of a combat formation... it wasn't just a spot reserved for a PW to tank and shoot. Missile kiting allowed the whole group to stay at range while TT/JE healed and JW cloaked and folded enemies back away to max range. Use teammates, don't just solo. You are always missing out on very valueable gameplay in EnB by going solo, and will always end up frustrated by something you can't do alone.... at least not as well as you could do in a team. EnB was built around that concept - coop play and teamwork instead of pure PvP all the time.
  14. ghent96

    website: FAQ link wrong

    A link to a help article under FAQ - gameplay issues - "I have problems installing the game" is wrong and / or gives a 404: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/forum-56/announcement-13-read-first-technical-support-faq-and-common-fixes?/forum-56/announcement-13-read-first-technical-support-faq-and-common-fixes/ Filing a support ticket yielded a response by "Woodstock" to file the bug on the forums instead.
  15. ghent96

    Unplayable lag

    I was on just last night, and had about 20 sec of lag. :/