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  1. ...get rid of it. Easy fix. Original game didn't have one. We'd stack missions for days. You could come back the next day or 5 and finish a far-away mission. Now? ...I don't see the timer, but it seems to be next day, the mission is gone. This especially sucks for casual players. Let's just get rid of the job terminal mission timer. There's no reason for it.
  2. Bug Tracker link at top of forum is not working (again?)
  3. ...can you reproduce it, though? or was this a one-off
  4. Yes, mission text could easily be updated in the database to provide the system and sector information to a new player. The rest, can be found or deduced with the in-game map.
  5. ...missions need to last longer. No time limit specified on the terminal that I could see, but they seem to disappear the next day. Be kind to us filthy casual gamer dads and take off the expiration timer from the job terminal missions.
  6. What do we do if the RD detainee doesn't move out of our cargo and the mission complete when we dock at DCO? ...but, per her taunting from the cargo hold, dropping her off at QAR should definitely be a thing.
  7. Target's social distancing sign has a totally different meaning for progen EnB'ers...
  8. Pretty sure that only the cargo hauler that spawns from the mission trigger, with your name attached to it, counts for the mission step completion. The problem seems to be if a player logs off, the trigger to spawn the mob times out or never activates. This will probably happen at each step where the player has to destroy a cargo ship. If you think you're going to have to log off, wait, and do it before activating those mission steps - eg - log off during a "talk to Duvet" step instead.
  9. nah i'm now on the 2nd attempt thru the mission. I forfeited and re-acquired. IMO , the trigger is buggy. If a player logs out after step 2, or during step 3, the mob probably will never spawn, or re-spawn. Could end up being the same trigger problem with future steps, so i'm logging out for the night before step 4, talk to Duvet again to aquire the next target.
  10. Warped out, then back, still nothing. Gated, then back. Nothing. logged off then on again, then warped out and back. Nothing. Mined awhile, came back, nothing. This mission trigger is just bugged, and needs to be fixed. It shouldn't require this much work or guesswork on the part of the player.
  11. There's no sparkles to the right/east of the gate, ~30km away.
  12. Did the mission change? Step 2 for me says to travel to Freya and locate the Infinicorp cargo ship near the Centauri gates. Nothing about Inverness yet.
  13. The mission is way too long. It has too many steps, covering too far of a journey, and is quite expensive, also (200-300k credits total parts & bribery costs, at only level 45? way too expensive), for too little reward. The skill is useful, but is meant to obtain at a rather low level, still. You're a non-combat class that's required to do combat in this mission line against higher level mobs to get the parts/heads you need. That's imbalanced & unfair. Also, the skill point investment required afterwards is too steep, through 9 levels of the skill. Ideas above were far better: each skill level gives +2 levels of ammo building.
  14. They may have, because originally with 9 professions, the skill matrix or skill assignment was different. We may never know what was originally intended, because we only got some of their original design documents passed on to us. It's probably not fair at this point, though, to take away skills from some professions in order to rebalance and give to others. WW also intended to ...not force people to group up, per se... but encourage groups and make the game easier when in a group. Your idea about different skills for a TW is great, but WW originally probably wouldn't have given them the perfect combo of Scan + Missile + a "lockdown" skill to make kiting easier against a stationary target. They gave those skills to other professions to encourage grouping. A JE, JW, JT or TE (Scout) will have Scan to help the TW see targets. A PW will use gravity well to slow down the target. A PE may scare the target the other way. A TW could get lucky with a hack and knock out the engines, too. Soloing a target will always be harder. Scouts are going to need some sort of defensive or escape skill, since they won't be a profession that solo's many mobs at any point in their progression. PW and TW are "in it to win it"; no escape needed. JW, JE, JT have cloak and fold. PE have have Scare plus high shield and hull points. TT have befriend and shield recharge. About the only thing a Scout can do if they see red/flashy on the screen and that battle music starts, is to hit warp with high Navigate skill and hope they don't get interrupted. Other classes can do that, too, though, so there's still no unique defensive skill for Scouts. Their hull repair skill is too little, too late, in most combat. If you have to use it, you'd better trigger it as soon as your shields go down, otherwise you're dead before it spins up and completes. It's not really an escape mechanism. The N7 team had/has no "agreement" directly with EA, afaik. The legalities of the EULA/ToS, that long thing we have to agree to the first time we load up, mean basically "we" the players cannot change the actual .exe file in any way. That's a very small part of the game, basically the graphics engine and network code. All the skills and items, and their descriptions, are in the database, just entries in a database table or spreadsheet. We can change all of that all we want, because "we" had to create it all from scratch in the first place and populate that database to give the game's .exe file something to use after it loads us up in-game and connects to a server.
  15. aye, this is why I use the old alpha/beta rational naming convention that is not arbitrary and not ambiguous: TE TW TT PE PW PT JE JW JT ...or, I use only the profession single names such as Scout, Enforcer, Trader, Sentinel, Warrior, Privateer, Explorer, Defender (seriously, wtf do we actually defend?) or Seeker. I never combine those with the race, because they stand alone. It's something I rejected when WW changed to new "profession" names instead of the former race-class names back in the original game, and something I still reject about the game today. I have to.
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