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  1. Tried again after the post above and got in. Not sure what is happening but I won't complain.
  2. Just as an update, here is the authlogin.log from the E&B release folder. 20:59:13: Found 1 servers in (localhost.net-7.org) 20:59:13: Trying server: (localhost.net-7.org) 20:59:34: Could not send HTTP request. Last Error : 12029 Description : Error Description Not Found 20:59:34: GetTicketSync(1) failed with IAUTHORIZE_BAD_CONNECTION. User : toovok Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server : localhost.net-7.org Code : INV-300 Text : EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300)
  3. oakman, it seems I have several accounts. I reset one of them and still the same issue. Almost sounds like I'm not hitting the right site?
  4. oakman, If I remember her name correctly, Megan says I'm sorry your login cannot be verified. Woodstock, I added all 3 Net 7 exes and the client to Windows firewall. All exes are set to run as admin and the compatibility levels are set to xp sp2 or 3 as allowed by windows
  5. So coming back after 7 hiatus, i seem to have issues getting into the games. i've been though all the posts and tried the suggestions to no avail. I can now get to the login screen but no further. My forum and net 7 accounts still existed however they are both the same. That's the only thing i can think of. Old story but any thoughts. Running w10 insiders version
  6. Likewise although the client shows 299 players logged in :(
  7. Since this has morphed into an age revelation, who is the oldest player? I'll next 64 next Tuesday. I've been here off and on through all the trials and tribulations the team has gone through so to see it come this far and see a lot of folks come back is a tribute to the team! Thank you all!!!
  8. Bounced router and nothing.  :(
  9. Interesting ....  tried my desktop and I received a couple of updates before the dreaded offline.  :(
  10. Nugpot

    Ho Ho Hoo !

    I think he's a little late in appearing.
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