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  1. I'd guess after 10 years there are those that are tired and sick of keeping it running and are letting it die gracefully. It's been over 2 months now and I think that says a lot. I'm betting the game is over as there seems to be little serious effort in fixing it. I could be wrong but that's my opinion. I hope it does get running again but as I said, 10 years is probably much longer than these people bargained for when they signed on to this project. I'd say they are sick of the obligation and will welcome its end. As I said, my opinion as I see it. I appreciate the 10 years they have invested in it though. It's a great game and I'll definitely miss it
  2. Are the Decayed Heads of any use or serve any purpose ? I done see them on the hand in list or anywhere else. Vendor Fodder ?
  3. Can someone tell me where L1 Needlenose Slingbeam drops. It's the only low level map I'm missing.. just an ocd thing... I would appreciate if someone knows.
  4. I have turned in two tickets and wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why I could not get the Ardus key mission. I learned today from the ADV that there is a Lvl 150 requirement to take it. No where was this relayed that I have seen. I think this requirement should have been made known, at least in the patch notes.
  5. Went to Dahin to give Loremaster the 3rd fragment but she will not talk to me and mission log will not update. I had same problem a few weeks ago on my JD and GM fixed it. Avatar is Markje.
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